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Method of supporting a pair of eyeglasses

A holder for eyeglasses, which may include corrective lenses, sunglasses, or the like. The preferred embodiment of the present invention contemplates a holder having a generally rectilinear body structure having a longitudinal axis, a length, front, back, and first and second side walls, a top and a bottom, and a conduit formed therethrough for the passage of the eyeglass's earpiece shaft therethrough. To facilitate a secure storage of the glasses, the end of the temple bar which engages the frame at the endpiece engages an open area formed in the front face of the holder body which terminates in sloped fashion to a point situated generally at the longitudinal axis, the open face configured to engage a wide variety of configuration temple bars. In use, the holder is situated such that its longitudinal axis is in a generally vertically aligned fashion, and is adhered, via adhesive strip, for example, to a generally vertically situated support surface, which may include a computer monitor, vehicle dashboard or other like surface. The user then deposits the free end of one of the temple bar of the eyeglasses to be stored into the conduit formed in the holder, allowing the distal end of the temple bar to fold about the open face formed at the front of the holder, and allowing the sloped contour of the open face, with gravity, to urge the supported eyeglasses to migrate to the generally longitudinal center of the support, thereby securely supporting same.
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