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Cleaning reminding method and system of filter screen of air conditioner

The invention belongs to the field of air conditioners, and particularly relates to a cleaning reminding method and system of a filter screen of an air conditioner. According to the cleaning reminding method and system of the filter screen of the air conditioner, it is considered that when the concentration of dust in air is different, the dirty degrees of the filter screen in the running process of the air conditioner are different, the current dust concentration value A is acquired once every a preset time frame ti, then the coefficients Xi corresponding to the dust concentration values A are acquired, and the value of a cumulative running parameter TB is obtained by calculating the value of each Xi*ti; when the cumulative running parameter TB reaches or exceeds the preset value, reminding information for cleaning the filter screen is controlled to be sent out. According to the cleaning reminding method and system of the filter screen of the air conditioner, the influence of air quality of the dirty degree to the filter screen of the air conditioner is comprehensively considered, a user is accurately reminded to clean the filter screen in time, the refrigeration effect is prevented from being reduced, bacterium breeding can be effectively reduced, and human health is facilitated better.

Compound microbial agent for degrading antibiotic and pesticide residues as well as preparation and application thereof

The invention relates to a compound microbial agent for degrading antibiotic and pesticide residues as well as preparation and application thereof, and belongs to the field of biotechnology and environmental protection. Multi-thallus compound microbial powder is prepared from the compound microbial agent according to the weight percentage of living microbes to the total amount of compound microbial powder as follows: 10%-15% of bacillus subtilis, 10%-15% of aspergillus niger, 10%-15% of bacillus mucilaginosus, 10%-15% of enterococcus faecalis, 8%-12% of bacillus licheniformis, 8%-12% of bacillus megaterium, 8%-12% of pseudomonas fluorescens, 5%-8% of lactobacillus plantarum, 5%-8% of bacillus polymyxin and 6%-8% of streptococcus thermophiles. The compound microbial agent has the effects of degrading antibiotic and pesticide residues, fermenting and composting organic matter, acting as functional fertilizer and repairing the environment, and can solve the problems of secondary pollution caused by antibiotic residues in culture feces and resource utilization of organic waste and realizes biodegradation of the antibiotic and pesticide residues in soil when applied to the agricultural ecological environment, thereby being of great value and practical significance in restoration of agricultural ecological environment and protection of human health.

Low cost and high efficient soundproof material and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to a low cost and high efficient soundproof material and a manufacturing method thereof, relates to the field of soundproof materials, solves the problems that in the prior art, soundproof materials do not have a prominent soundproofing effect, generate harmful gas, which can harm the human health, and have a high cost; and provides a low cost and high efficient soundproof material. The soundproof material comprises thermoplastic resin and an inorganic filling material, wherein the surface of the inorganic filling material has been processed by a coupling agent processing liquid, the inorganic filling material accounts for 15 to 80 wt% of the total weight of the soundproof material, and the balance being thermoplastic resin. In the soundproof material, the connections among the particles are abnormal, thus the internal friction of the incident sound waves is increased by the structure of the soundproof material, and a relaxation effect is generated to absorb the sound waves. Filling materials with different particle sizes are corresponding to waves in different wavelengths or frequencies, so the soundproof material can reduce sounds in different frequencies. Moreover the soundproof material has a good soundproof effect and is suitable for being promoted and used.

Nontoxic, odorless and recoverable environmentally-friendly polyurethane foaming material and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102229709ANo chemical reactions involvedHuge energy savingCoatingsEnvironmental resistanceHuman health
The invention discloses a nontoxic, odorless and recoverable environmentally-friendly polyurethane foaming material and a preparation method thereof. The foaming material is characterized in that a raw material of polyurethane is adopted and is directly subjected to a physical gas foaming in the presence of a physical gas foaming agent to prepare the foaming material. The foaming material has a foaming density of 0.08-0.80 g/cm<3>, a foaming ratio of 1.5-15 times, a average pore diameter of 10-100 [mu]m, uniform distribution of cells, wherein diameter deviations of 95% of the cells do not exceed 10% of the average pore diameter. In addition, the foaming material has no surface structure and can be the foaming material with any shape. The foaming material has an adjustable softness and hardness and excellent performance, and can be widely applicable for the fields of packaging, human protector, shoe product, automobile inner garnish, amortization cushion, building energy conservation, acoustic insulating material and the like. According to the present invention, the following problems that: harmful gas is discharged during the production process of the polyurethane foaming material, and monomer residues are harmful to human health and cause environmental pollution, are thoroughly solved from the source, such that a practicable development approach is provided for green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction of the foaming material.

Preparation method of micro-emulsion absorption liquid used for processing organic exhaust gas

The invention relates to a preparation method of an organic exhaust gas micro-emulsion absorption liquid, and a method for applying the micro-emulsion absorption liquid for cleaning industrial organic exhaust gas comprising benzene, toluene, xylene, and the like. The invention belongs to the technical field of atmosphere pollution control. The absorption liquid is prepared from the components of, by mass, 80-90% of water, 0.5-3% of a surfactant, 7-19.5% of a coupling agent, and 0.02-0.06% of an auxiliary agent. The surfactant is sufficiently mixed with water, such that a surfactant solution is obtained; the auxiliary agent is dissolved in water, such that an auxiliary agent solution is obtained; the two solutions are combined and uniformly mixed; and the coupling agent is added, and the obtained solution is stirred, such that the organic exhaust gas micro-emulsion absorption liquid is obtained. The organic exhaust gas micro-emulsion absorption liquid is suitable to be used for controlling exhaust gas containing benzene-series volatiles, and has the advantages of convenient raw material source, low cost, mild and stable property, low toxicity, environment-friendliness, no absorption tower corrosion or blocking phenomena, no severe influence to human health, high removal rate to organic exhaust gas, no need of pretreatment upon exhaust gas, and low investment and running cost. Saturated absorption liquid and absorbed organics can be recycled, such that waste can be turned useful.

Water quality model based regional environment risk assessment method

The invention provides a water quality model based regional environment risk assessment method. The water quality model based regional environment risk assessment method includes five steps of establishing a regional environment risk source information database, and utilizing a Monte Carlo algorithm to simulate discharge of risk source pollutants; selecting a water quality model, and constructing a water quality model which meets characteristics of an assessment region source intensity water quality response relationship; calculating vulnerability indexes of risk receptors by using a fuzzy integral method with the risk assessment goal of influence on water ecology, human health and social economy; utilizing the water quality model to predict the distribution of regional pollutant concentration under all possible source intensity situations, and analyzing dangerousness of risk sources; characterizing regional environment risks with a risk curve under the synthesis of dangerousness of the risk sources and vulnerability indexes of the receptors. According to the risk curve, regional environment risk assessment can be performed, high-risk regions, and key risk sources and vulnerary receptors are identified, so that a reference is provided for planning a targeted region risk prevention and control scheme.

Technique for producing Jinhuaqianliang tea (flower coil tea)

The technology for producing golden flower Qianliang tea (Hua-juan tea) is characterized in that the technology comprises the process steps as follow: plucking criteria-water removing in high temperature-rolling and shaping-pile-fermentation-dry and adding incense-stems picking and sieving-matching and pile-classificaition and weighting-steam softening-moisture detection-adpressing and sizing-premilary test and baking-cultivating golden flower-aerationagitation. The technology is an improved deep processing technology. The processes of the pile-fermentation and the cultivating golden flower ensure that the appearance of the products is ooiu colour, the interior is brown, and even distributed beneficial organism (namely, golden flower)-eurotium cristatum is clearly saw, the shangse is bright red, the taste is pure and aromatic, and the flower is aromatic, and has the health care functions of promoting sleeping, invigorating stomach and promoting digestion, relaxing bowel, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva, antidiabetics, lowering blood pressure, curing bloated, cuing laxness, etc. The technology fully actives microelements such as vitamins contained in tea, mineral composition, 18 amino acid, protein, glucide, folic acid, catchol which are beneficial to human health and easily absorbed, and the cultivation of golden flower has substantial transformation on tea polyphenols, caffeine, and theophylline that are transferred into elements that are beneficial to human health, all ages, expand market, have high cultural value, provide collection opportunity for black tea lovers.

Wrist watch device with intelligent health monitoring and alarming system and method thereof

The invention relates to the field of human health influence factor detection instruments, in particular to a wrist watch device with an intelligent health monitoring and alarming system and a method thereof. The wrist watch device comprises a wrist watch shell and a watch strap. A circuit of the intelligent health monitoring and alarming system is arranged in the cavity of the wrist watch shell, a display screen and an environment temperature infrared sensor are arranged on the face of the shell, an LED blood flow velocity acceleration sensor, an infrared body temperature sensor and a humidity sensor are equidistantly arranged in the middle of the bottom of the shell, and connection watch strap lugs are arranged on the left side and the right side of the shell. Wire connection terminals are arranged on the connection watch strap lugs. Ceramic pressure sensors are adopted as pulse sensors, installed at the contact portion of the bottom of the watch strap and the wrist of the human body and equidistantly arranged on the bottom of the watch strap in the vertical direction. Keys are arranged on the upper side of the shell. The wrist watch device with the intelligent health monitoring and alarming system and the method thereof have the advantages that the sensors and a single-chip microcomputer control the circuit to monitor various health indexes of users in real time, results are displayed through the display screen, and information is fed back to the users.
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