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In epidemiology, a risk factor is a variable associated with an increased risk of disease or infection. Determinant is often used as a synonym, due to a lack of harmonization across disciplines, in its more widely accepted scientific meaning. Determinant, specific to community health policy, is a health risk that is general, abstract, pertains to inequalities and is difficult for an individual to control. For example, low ingestion of dietary sources of vitamin C is a known risk factor for developing scurvy. Poverty, in the discipline of health policy, is a determinant of an individual's standard of health. The main difference lies in the realm of practice, clinical practice versus public health.

Building construction quality safety online risk assessment system

The invention provides a building construction quality safety online risk assessment system. The system comprises: a project management module, an engineering information module, a risk identification module, a risk assessment module and a dynamic risk assessment module. The project management module is used for information management of a building construction project and a case library. The engineering information module is used for general situation information management of the building construction project. The risk identification module can automatically identify a risk event and a risk factor according to an engineering general situation information system so as to form a risk list and a risk tree. The risk assessment module carries out data reasoning according to comparison of the project general situation information and the similar project information in a database, estimates a risk event generation probability and losses, determines a risk grade, determines an importance degree of the risk factor through a sensitivity analysis and automatically searches the database so as to obtain a pre-control measure and form a risk assessment report. The dynamic risk assessment module is used for risk tracking, monitoring and situation evaluation during an engineering construction process.
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