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Power-driven system of aerial vehicle

The invention relates to a power driven system of the aircraft, which is characterized in that the power driven system comprises a power supply, a motor and a bearing support. The motor is vertically arranged in the bearing support by a bearing. Both the stator and the rotor of the motor are extending upwards and are respectively provided with propellers. The upper ends of the stator and the rotor where the propellers are arranged are coaxially sleeved, and the lower end of the rotor is fixed with a rotary disc after stretching out of the bearing support, an electromagnet with the magnetic pole part near the rotary disc is fixed-arranged outside the bearing support. When the motor is electrified, both the rotor and the stator drive the propellers to rotate to acquire power at the same time, and the power is transmitted to the frame by the bearing support to drive the aircraft to rise or advance. Meanwhile the electromagnetic moment between the electromagnet and the rotary disc is used to counteract the friction torque, and control the size of the electromagnetic moment to achieve the turning of the aircraft. The power driven system has the advantages of solving the problem of anti-torque of the propeller, satisfying the design requirements of miniature, simplification and lightness of the aircraft, and being beneficial to the popularization and manufacturing of the aircraft.

Train brake lining with adjuster

The invention discloses a train brake lining with an adjuster, comprising an installation plate, an adjuster, friction blocks and a spring retainer ring, wherein the adjuster comprise an installation lug boss and an adjuster positioning convex pin, a tail connection shaft for the friction blocks passes through a through hole on the adjuster and a friction block installation hole on the installation plate, and the end part of the tail connection shaft is elastically connected with the installation plate through the spring retainer ring; in the friction blocks, first friction blocks are hexagon bodies, second friction bodies are pentagon bodies, one face of five side faces of each second friction block, facing the outside of the installation plate, is a cambered face, the second friction blocks are arranged along the periphery of the front side of the installation plate and surround the first friction blocks in the middle, or the second friction blocks are distributed along the inner and outer arc edges of the front side of the installation plate in two rows and sandwich the first friction blocks. The train brake lining with the adjuster can improve an effective friction area during working and effectively decrease the occurrence of the phenomena of cracking, falling, defecting, performance declination and the like of the friction blocks, and has strong heat dissipation capability.
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