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Battery powered stair-climbing wheelchair

A self-propelled battery-powered wheelchair replaces an ordinary wheelchair and provides improved access to homes. The wheelchair includes stair climbing, slope climbing, and reclining while requiring only minimal driver skill and strength. Operation on level ground is similar to the operation of a conventional wheelchair. Support for normal operation is provided by a rear caster and wheels on the front corners. Its compact width and length enable negotiating narrow doorways and turning in small spaces. To ensure stability on stairs, moveable skids are mounted to the four corners of the wheelchair. Parallelogram linkages move the front skids down and forward during climbing. Another parallelogram linkage moves the caster and rear skids up and at an angle during climbing. The wheelchair is steerable on stairs as needed to align with the stair path and accommodate slightly spiraling stairs. The wheelchair accommodates stair steps of different riser heights and tread lengths. A pair of spoked or spider wheels with small wheels at the ends of the spokes are rotably mounted to the sides of the wheelchair. The spider wheels engage the stairs to propel and stabilize the wheelchair during climbing of stairs. Methods are provided to monitor and control the pitch attitude of the wheelchair and nearness of wheelchair supporting components to the stairs. Motion and control are provided by electric motors, sensors, a computer, and driver inputs. Propulsion power for conventional level operation, slope climbing, and stair climbing operation is transmitted through the same motors and wheels.

Sight tracing method and disabled assisting system using the same

The invention discloses a view line tracking method and an assistant system for the handicapped by using the method. The method comprises the steps of image pretreatment, the orientation of a human eye area by utilizing Harr features, blinking recognition, the inspection and judgment of LED reflecting lightspot in pupils, the accurate position of pupil centre, the calculation of view line direction and so on. The system comprises an embedded-like platform, a camera, a display screen and four LED and wheelchair running control modules which are installed at the four corners of the display screen and arranged into a rectangular. The system is an embedded-type system, which carries out blinking inspection, the inspection of the reflecting lightspots against infrared light sources on corneas, the accurate position of the pupil centers and the judgment of view line directions by the camera and a processor, tracks the view line of human eyes and, meanwhile, carries out the recognition of the status of the human eyes by judging the view line directions of the human eyes when gazing on the screen, thus realizing the functions of wheelchair control, music play control, text reading and webpage rolling. The invention is convenient for use and has high accuracy, thereby being capable of bringing great convenience for the lives of the handicapped.
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