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The human eye is an organ that reacts to light and allows vision. Rod and cone cells in the retina allow conscious light perception and vision including color differentiation and the perception of depth. The human eye can differentiate between about 10 million colors and is possibly capable of detecting a single photon. The eye is part of the sensory nervous system.

Human-computer interaction device and method adopting eye tracking in video monitoring

The invention belongs to the technical field of video monitoring and in particular relates to a human-computer interaction device and a human-computer interaction method adopting human-eye tracking in the video monitoring. The device comprises a non-invasive facial eye image video acquisition unit, a monitoring screen, an eye tracking image processing module and a human-computer interaction interface control module, wherein the monitoring screen is provided with infrared reference light sources around; and the eye tracking image processing module separates out binocular sub-images of a left eye and a right eye from a captured facial image, identifies the two sub-images respectively and estimates the position of a human eye staring position corresponding to the monitoring screen. The invention also provides an efficient human-computer interaction way according to eye tracking characteristics. The unified human-computer interaction way disclosed by the invention can be used for selecting a function menu by using eyes, switching monitoring video contents, regulating the focus shooting vision angle of a remote monitoring camera and the like to improve the efficiency of operating videomonitoring equipment and a video monitoring system.

Sight tracing method and disabled assisting system using the same

The invention discloses a view line tracking method and an assistant system for the handicapped by using the method. The method comprises the steps of image pretreatment, the orientation of a human eye area by utilizing Harr features, blinking recognition, the inspection and judgment of LED reflecting lightspot in pupils, the accurate position of pupil centre, the calculation of view line direction and so on. The system comprises an embedded-like platform, a camera, a display screen and four LED and wheelchair running control modules which are installed at the four corners of the display screen and arranged into a rectangular. The system is an embedded-type system, which carries out blinking inspection, the inspection of the reflecting lightspots against infrared light sources on corneas, the accurate position of the pupil centers and the judgment of view line directions by the camera and a processor, tracks the view line of human eyes and, meanwhile, carries out the recognition of the status of the human eyes by judging the view line directions of the human eyes when gazing on the screen, thus realizing the functions of wheelchair control, music play control, text reading and webpage rolling. The invention is convenient for use and has high accuracy, thereby being capable of bringing great convenience for the lives of the handicapped.

Man-machine interaction method and system based on sight judgment

The invention relates to the technical field of man-machine interaction and provides a man-machine interaction method based on sight judgment, to realize the operation on an electronic device by a user. The method comprises the following steps of: obtaining a facial image through a camera, carrying out human eye area detection on the image, and positioning a pupil center according to the detected human eye area; calculating a corresponding relationship between an image coordinate and an electronic device screen coordinate system; tracking the position of the pupil center, and calculating a view point coordinate of the human eye on an electronic device screen according to the corresponding relationship; and detecting an eye blinking action or an eye closure action, and issuing corresponding control orders to the electronic device according to the detected eye blinking action or the eye closure action. The invention further provides a man-machine interaction system based on sight judgment. With the adoption of the man-machine interaction method, the stable sight focus judgment on the electronic device is realized through the camera, and control orders are issued through eye blinking or eye closure, so that the operation on the electronic device by the user becomes simple and convenient.

Method and system for communication and information synchronization among equipments

The invention provides a method and system for communication and information synchronization among equipments. The method comprises the following steps that: a server generates a unique identification ID according to a request sent by first equipment and attribute information of the first equipment, generating corresponding two-dimensional codes according to the unique identification ID, and carrying out relevance storage on the ID and the corresponding two-dimensional codes; the server returns the two-dimensional codes to the first equipment; and after second equipment scans the two-dimensional codes received by the server from the first equipment, the server receives a request sent by the second equipment and receives the request of the second equipment and executes corresponding operations after determining that the second equipment owns the unique identification ID of the first equipment. The method and system disclosed by the invention break through a mode that account numbers and passwords are needed in cross-platform information synchronization, establish relationship among multiple equipments by the two-dimensional codes which are unavailable to read by human eyes and ensure that the safety and convenience of information synchronization are greatly improved.
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