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Gesture recognition method based on acceleration sensor

The invention discloses a gesture recognition method based on an acceleration sensor. The gesture recognition method based on an acceleration sensor comprises the following steps: automatically collecting gesture acceleration data, preprocessing, calculating the similarity of all gesture sample data so as to obtain a similarity matrix, extracting a gesture template, constructing a gesture dictionary by utilizing the gesture template, and carrying out sparse reconstruction and gesture classification on the gesture sample data to be recognized by adopting an MSAMP (modified sparsity algorithm adaptive matching pursuit) algorithm. According to the invention, the compressed sensing technique and a traditional DTW (dynamic time warping) algorithm are combined, and the adaptability of the gesture recognition to different gesture habits is improved, and by adopting multiple preprocessing methods, the practicability of the gesture recognition method is improved. Additionally, the invention also discloses an automatic collecting algorithm of the gesture acceleration data; the additional operation of traditional gesture collection is eliminated; the user experience is improved; according to the invention, a special sensor is not required, the gesture recognition method based on the acceleration sensor can be used for terminals carried with the acceleration sensor; the hardware adaptability is favorable, and the practicability of the recognition method is enhanced. The coordinate system is uniform, and can be adaptive to different multiple gesture habits.

Cooking utensil

The invention provides a cooking utensil. The cooking utensil comprises an outer pot, a temperature controller, an elastic part and a heating disc. Guide holes are formed in the outer pot, the temperature controller is put in the outer pot, supporting legs are arranged at the bottom of a shell of the temperature controller, and the supporting legs penetrate through the guide holes. The elastic part is arranged between the shell and the outer pot, and the upper end and the lower end of the elastic part abut against the shell and the inner bottom wall of the outer pot respectively. The heating disc is arranged in the outer pot and covers the temperature controller, a receding hole is formed in the heating disc, and the top of the temperature controller can protrude out of the receding hole.The supporting legs make contact with the guide holes tangentially, and the sizes of the cross sections of the guide holes are larger than those of the cross sections of the supporting legs. Accordingto the cooking utensil, the supporting legs make contact with the guide holes tangentially, and the sizes of the cross sections of the guide holes are larger than those of the cross sections of the supporting legs, it is effectively avoided that a main temperature controller greatly rubs with an outer pot in the moving process, so that the main temperature controller is jammed, thus, the problemof jamming of the temperature controller is conveniently and effectively solved, and the cooking utensil is simple in structure and beneficial for popularization.
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