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Fiber Products, Prepregs, Composites and Method of Producing Same

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The present invention is to provide methods to increase composite interlaminate strength and interface strength, and make 3D fibers products, prepregs and composites, by using trans-interface and/or trans-fiber products such as trans-plies, strands and/or yarns fastening components selected from the group comprising of hooks and loops (velcro), hooks and hooks, zipper heads, fish hook shape hooks, staples, arrow heads, forks and mushroom heads. One ply of fibers has one or multiple of the above fasteners on at least one side. Lay-up the plies with said fastening components on its one or two sides to obtain a 3D fiber products with those fastening components locked together. The plies can be separated if need re-lay-up. A thread or a yarn have the fastening components around 0-360 degree on its surface. Lay the threads together or intercross each other to get a 3D fiber products. In those 3D fiber products, two parts of the fastening components lock each other if they meet and engage. A 3D composite can be made using the 3D fiber products.
One fiber ply with the fasteners on its at least one side, is impregnated or protruded with matrix materials, a piece of the prepreg with the fasteners prepreg with the fasteners are made. Lay and press the prepreg together fastening components will lock each other if they meet and engage. In most of production processes, the matrix materials might soften and meld, and the fastening components will further interlock each other. So a 3D composite structure is made by the said 3D prepregs. Those fastening components may stay just partially or fully in matrix at matrix surface. The fastening components increase the interface strength when two matrix materials meet just by crossing interface even if they are not locked and without fiber products in matrix.

Vehicular suspension arm

A vehicular suspension arm is provided in which an arm main body (1) includes a main plate (2) press-formed as a main part of the arm main body and having a short cylindrical part (EB) provided integrally with one end by flanging, and a reinforcing plate (H) superimposed on one of upper and lower faces of the main plate (2) and reinforcing the main plate (2). The reinforcing plate (H) has an eye-shaped head part (Ha) formed in an annular shape and arranged coaxially with the short cylindrical part (EB), and a tail part (Hb) extending integrally from the eye-shaped head part (Ha) along the longitudinal direction of the main plate (2), is formed from a single plate material that is thicker than the main plate (2), and has at least the tail part (Hb) welded to the main plate (2). A bush press-fit portion (P1) is formed from an inner peripheral face of the eye-shaped head part (Ha) and an inner peripheral face of the short cylindrical part (EB). This ensures that the cross-sectional shape of a transition section from the bush press-fit portion to the plate-type arm main body is adequate, thus enabling the rigidity and strength required for the transition section to be easily guaranteed and, furthermore, it becomes possible to meet a requirement for increasing the strength of the arm without specially increasing the space around the outer periphery of the bush press-fit portion.
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