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1999 results about "Material flow" patented technology

Material flow is the description of the transportation of raw materials, pre-fabricates, parts, components, integrated objects and final products as a flow of entities. The term applies mainly to advanced modeling of supply chain management.

Method for producing aluminum oxide and co-producing active calcium silicate through high-alumina fly ash

ActiveCN102249253AExtraction is effective and cheapIncrease Al-Si RatioAlkaline-earth metal silicatesAluminium oxide/hydroxide preparationCalcium silicateSodium aluminate
The invention provides a method for producing aluminum oxide and co-producing active calcium silicate through high-alumina fly ash. The method comprises the following steps that: the high-alumina fly ash firstly reacts with a sodium hydroxide solution to carry out pre-desilication to obtain a liquid-phase desiliconized solution and a solid-phase desiliconized fly ash; lime cream is added to the liquid-phase desiliconized solution to carry out a causticization reaction, the resulting solid phase is active calcium silicate which is prepared through carrying out filter pressing, flash evaporation and drying to obtain the finished product; limestone and a sodium carbonate solution are added to the desiliconized fly ash to blend qualified raw slurry, then the blend qualified raw slurry is subjected to baking into the clinker, the liquid phase generated from dissolution of the clinker is a crude solution of sodium aluminate; the crude solution of the sodium aluminate is subjected to processes of first-stage deep desilication, second-stage deep desilication, carbonation, seed precipitation, baking and the like to obtain the metallurgical grade aluminum oxide meeting requirements. According to the present invention, the defects in the prior art are overcome; purposes of less material flow and small amount of slaggling are achieved; energy consumption, material consumption and production cost are relative low; extraction rate of the aluminum oxide is high; the calcium silicate with high added value is co-produced; the method provided by the present invention can be widely applicable for the field of chemical engineering.

Refinement production system and production method based on RFID and bar code fusion

The invention provides a refinement production system and a production method based on RFID and bar code fusion, wherein an RFID electronic tag is bound on the goods in process, the RFID electronic tag or a bar code can be selected randomly to be bound on the components and parts, thus being capable of effectively controlling production cost, being beneficial to carry out real time and effective collection on the information of goods in process and components and parts simultaneously, realizing accurate synchronization of material flow and information flow, and providing a possibility for therealization of refinement production for enterprises. The production method in the invention comprises the following steps: 1) binding the RFID electronic tags on the goods in process which enter a production line, and binding the bar codes or the RFID electronic tags on the components and parts; 2) when the components and parts which are pasted with bar codes or bound with the RFID electronic tags are on the production line, collecting the information of the components and parts to match with the information of the goods in process, and binding the information of components and parts with theinformation of the goods in process after matching successively; and 3) when the products are finally off the line, collecting the RFID electronic tag information which is bound on the goods in process and printing manufacturer certificates and bar codes.

Mill for drying and pulverizing high-moisture and high-viscosity material and application method thereof

ActiveCN107694135ASolve the problem of hanging on the wallSolve the problem of dry millingEvaporator accessoriesGrain treatmentsImpellerEngineering
The invention provides a Yunjie mill. The Yunjie mill adopts a Yunjie mill main engine composed of a shell body, a rotor with a powder mill and a grading function and an inner circulating pipe, so that materials are pulverized and dried at the same time in a high-speed circulating flowing process in an inner circulating channel composed of an inner circulating pipe, a pulverizing impeller, a spacebetween the pulverizing impeller and an inner wall of a barrel body and the like; a wall remaining problem of the inner circulating channel is solved by utilizing an impact effect of a high-speed material flow; the wall remaining problem of an outer circulating channel is solved by controlling the moisture content of materials, discharged by the main engine, through a grading impeller; the defects of equipment in the inventive patent 2015110139212 are overcome and a method and a product of the inventive patent 2015110139212 are economically realized; the invention provides an application method of the Yunjie mill, so that the drying and pulverizing problem of high-moisture and high-viscosity materials including vegetable materials, meat, liquid materials and the like is solved; a solutionwith good economical efficiency is provided for processing feed and preparing a medicine which takes a volatile component as a functional component.

System and method for controlling a power generating system

This invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art by providing a power generating system particularly suitable for field use in remote locations, which is fuel-efficient, relatively quiet, tolerant of dust, capable of operating on low-grade logistics and diesel-like fuels and capable of generating between 500 W and 2 KW of continuous electrical power. This generating system employs a two-cycle MICE generator having a piston that operates within a cylinder, and an interconnected, axially moving piston shaft that oscillates an alternator coil within a magnetic core. The piston shaft is attached to, and resisted by, the free end of a strong spring with a second, opposing end fixed to the MICE casing. To control operation of the MICE generator a clipper circuit is employed with a set threshold to resolve peaks and an adjustable harshness for applying load to the coil based upon an amps/volt harshness setting. The engine can also be controlled dynamically throughout the cycle using the added feedback from the proportional and integral elements of a PID controller in conjunction with an energy dissipating and/or storing circuit to load the coil. The dynamic control can be based on a switching power supply implementation. Various engine operating parameters can be derived from coil voltage, current and resistance, and used to control and/or monitor the engine's performance.

Assembly line production scheduling method and system

The invention discloses an assembly line production scheduling method and system. The method comprises the steps of production scheduling, tracking, feedback and adjustment. According to production scheduling, site configuration and production process information of a product production assembly line is acquired to form an initial allocation recommendation. According to tracking, the production data of the assembly line is acquired in real time, and the processing capacity of each site on the assembly line is analyzed and measured based on dependency. According to feedback, based on the analysis of the processing capacity of each site, specified deliveries completed within specified delivery expectation according to the current production allocation scheme is predicted; a site processing task is coordinated through a feedback control method; a production adjustment recommendation is generated; and feedback control is carried out on assembly line resources and site configuration. According to adjustment, the allocation of production line material flow and process sites is adjusted according to the production adjustment recommendation acquired in the step of feedback. According to the invention, production planning is scientific, and production resource configuration scheduling ensures balance between internal processes and processes.
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