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System and method employing short range communications for interactively coordinating unloading operations between a harvester and a grain transport

ActiveUS20100070145A1Effectively and advantageously communicateSpread widelyAnalogue computers for trafficMowersOperational systemTelecommunications link
A system, and method of use thereof, that employs short distance communications signals, thereby limiting and localizing the dissemination area for such signals, for interactively coordinating crop material transfer operations between a harvester and a grain transport, including the automated conduct of an unloading operation, including commencement of the actual unloading of the grain through continuation of such unloading to termination of such unloading, which system and method of the present invention employs operating systems in the harvester and grain transport that so operate to become electronically linked to one another to thereafter operate in unison with one another to effect and control the conduct of the crop material transfer operation between the harvester and grain transport, with each of such operating systems having associated therewith a short range communications system for the transmission and receipt at close range of electronic data signals, such operating systems, when appropriately electronically linked to one another, being operable in conjunction with one another to exchange information, to maintain a communications link therebetween, and to automatedly coordinate and effect various activities of the harvester and grain transport as a crop material transfer operation is effected and proceeds.

Electrode rod for spark deposition, process for the production thereof, and process for covering with superabrasive-containing layer

An aspect of this invention is an electrode rod for spark alloying, comprising a compact of a first powder of a first component which comprises a metal selected from a group of Fe, Co, Ni, metals of 4a, 5a and 6a of the periodic table and Si, and a second powder of a second component which is capable of self-propagating high temperature synthesis to form with said first component carbide, nitride, boride, silicide or intermetallic compound, said first and second powders being mixed intimately with each other and formed into an axial rod. Another aspect is a method for the production of the electrospark alloying rod, comprising: mixing intimately a first powder of first component and a second powder of second component, said first component comprising at least one selected from Fe, Co, Ni, metals of groups 4a, 5a and 6a, Sn, Zn, Pb, Al and Cu, said second component comprising materials capable of SHS process to form a refractory (or intermetallic) compound, compressing said mixture, followed or not by further firing, and thereby forming an axial body with a bulk density 0.50 to 0.86 time the theoretical values for the corresponding substances. Still another aspect is a method for the deposition of a coating on a work by causing and holding an electric spark between said electrode rod and work, whereby transferring the materials of said first and second components to the surface of said work, and depositing thereon as a layer or more layers of such compound.
Owner:2 KANAGAWA +3

Comprehensive treatment method for wastewater of livestock and poultry cultivation

Disclosed is a comprehensive treatment method of livestock and poultry breeding wastewater, which adopts the following three steps that: firstly, an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket treater (3) is used for anaerobic biological treatment and killing bacteria and viruses. Secondly, an improved moving bed biomembrane treater (6) is used for aerobic biological treatment, a longitudinal clapboard (12) is added into the treater (6) to partition the treater into an aerobic zone (13) and a solid-liquid separation zone (10), an air pump (7) is used for increasing oxygen while guiding the sewage, and a simultaneous nitrification and denitrification method is used to remove total nitrogen (TN) and decompose organics under the action of microorganisms. Thirdly, a chemical reaction method is adopted to remove P and N in the sewage, after the former two steps of treatment, mass P and N with a certain amount still exist in the sewage, liquid magnesium oxide is again added for generating magnesium ammonium phosphate precipitates, and the supernatant is discharged when reaching the standards. The method has advantages of speediness, land saving, energy saving, complete material transfer, small influence under external conditions and good purification effects when treating wastewater.

Integrated rotor assembly center

The invention provides an integrated rotor assembly center. The integrated rotor assembly center aims to solve the problems of existing split type rotor assembly equipment. The integrated rotor assembly center comprises a rotor core storing and feeding mechanism, a rotor spindle storing, checking, feeding and assembling mechanism, a core thickness checking mechanism, a spindle pressing mechanism, a core wire duct mid-splitting mechanism, an end cover storing, feeding, positioning and pressing mechanism, a rotor commutator storing, feeding, positioning, pressing and assembling mechanism, a bottom cover storing, feeding, positioning and pressing mechanism, a station connection and material transfer manipulator, a station connection and finished product collection manipulator and a collection conveying belt, wherein all the units are sequentially installed on a machine table according to procedures and all located in a protective cover installed on the machine table. According to the assembly center, all the procedures of rotor assembly are integrated, the structure is compact, the occupied area is small, the production efficiency and quality are high, and the integrated rotor assembly center has great significance for creating first-class rotor production enterprises.

On-line material logistic warehouse

InactiveCN101758985ANeat and orderlyAccurately control the quantity of entry and exitStorage devicesFully automaticMaterial transfer
The invention provides an on-line material logistic warehouse which comprises a warehouse and a horizontal rail arranged in the warehouse. The on-line material logistic warehouse is characterized in that the warehouse also comprises a mobile access device connected with the slide block on the horizontal rail and driven by a power machine, a material transferring device arranged at the entrance/exit of the warehouse and connected with an external conveyor, and a coordinate grabbing device arranged at the other end of the external conveyor. Cargo conveyed from different height and different directions can be positioned on the external conveyor outside the warehouse through the coordinate grabbing device, conveyed onto the material transferring device at the warehouse door through the external conveyor, and finally laid on shelves with different height and different distance through the mobile access device, so as to complete fully automatic warehousing and shelfing of the cargo; in reverse, fully automatic off shelfing and ex-warehousing of the cargo are completed. Therefore, the working efficiency is improved, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and fully automatic on-line ex-warehousing and warehousing of the materials can be completely realized.
Owner:昆明元亨物流自动化有限公司 +1

Hot in-place recycling ultrathin overlaying machine of bituminous pavement and construction method thereof

InactiveCN102011362ARestoration of slip resistanceGood lookingIn situ pavingsRoads maintainenceTraffic noiseScreed
The invention provides a hot in-place recycling ultrathin overlaying machine of a bituminous pavement and a construction method thereof. The hot in-place recycling ultrathin overlaying machine of the bituminous pavement comprises an automobile chassis, an integral power device, an electric control system, a diesel tank, a receiving and transporting device, a material transfer hopper, a horizontal transporting device, a heating device, a hydraulic system, a recycling agent spraying system, a harrowing device, a distributing spiral device, a paving screed device, a cab, and an electric control operating floor, wherein the automobile chassis is a special automobile chassis. The hot in-place recycling ultrathin overlaying machine of the bituminous pavement finishes the continuous overlay repair work of the pavement through a series of processes such as receiving the materials, feeding the materials quantitatively, transporting the materials horizontally, spraying the recycling agent, harrowing, heating, distributing and paving the materials, ironing, and grinding and the like, and has the advantage of carrying out one-time maintenance on the defects such as loose, shallow vertical and horizontal cracks, track, slight crack, bituminous aging, pavement seepage and the like of a functional layer of the pavement. By adopting the invention, the antiskid resistance of the pavement is restored, the profile of the pavement is corrected, the appearance and the evenness of the pavement are improved, the pavement strength of the pavement is increased, the traffic noise is reduced, and the service life of the pavement is prolonged.

Sectional high-performance strontium ferrite presintering equipment and presintering method thereof

The invention discloses sectional high-performance strontium ferrite presintering equipment and a presintering method thereof and belongs to the technical field of magnetic materials. The equipment is formed by a presintering kiln, a heating system, a variable frequency induced-draft control device and a material transferring device; a hydraulic feed mechanism of the material transferring device is mounted outside the inlet end of a kiln body; guide rails are mounted in parallel in the presintering kiln; pushing plates are arranged on the guide rails; the hydraulic feed mechanism is in contact with the pushing plates; the heating system comprises heating elements, a temperature control instrument and thermocouples; the heating elements, the thermocouples and the temperature control instrument are electrically connected; the heating elements and the thermocouples are respectively mounted in one third to four ninth section, four ninth to five ninth section and two third to seven ninth section of the kiln body; an air duct of the variable frequency induced-draft control device is formed in one side of the bottom of the presintering kiln; air pipes are communicated with the air duct and arranged below the pushing plates; an air inlet of a variable frequency induced draft fan is formed above presintering kiln and close to the outlet end; an air outlet is connected with the air duct. The sectional high-performance strontium ferrite presintering equipment is convenient to use, not only ensures the temperature in a low temperature region, but also ensures the sufficient oxidoreduction atmosphere in the kiln and saves energy.

Graphene nano-silver antibacterial coating and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the field of chemical coatings, and particularly relates to a graphene nano-silver antibacterial coating and a preparation method thereof. The graphene nano-silver antibacterial coating comprises water, cellulose, a wetting agent, an antifreezing agent, a thickening agent, a defoaming agent, titanium dioxide slurry, filler slurry, a multifunctional amine auxiliary, emulsion, a sterilizing agent, a coalescing agent, a flatting agent, a formaldehyde-resistant auxiliary, and a silver-bearing antibacterial agent, and the silver-bearing antibacterial agent is graphene nano-silver dispersion liquid. According to the graphene nano-silver antibacterial coating and the preparation method thereof, a traditional formula is improved, the specially-made graphene nano-silver dispersion liquid is added to the formula, and the antibacterial effect is achieved. Nano silver can further destroy a microorganism electron transmission system, a respiratory system and a material transfer system. When the activity of thalli is lost, the nano silver can be dissociated out of the thalli and repeatedly conducts sterilization activities, and therefore the long-acting antibacterial function of the coating can be maintained. The nano silver can exert the lasting antibacterial effect by slowly releasing Ag<+>.

Horizontal molding method and apparatus of interior material of vehicle

The present invention relates to a horizontal molding method and apparatus of an interior material of a vehicle. The horizontal molding apparatus includes a preheating means for preheating a skin material; a transfer unit formed to be movable and including fixing units for vertically attaching or detaching the preheated skin material on or from the transfer unit; a first mold disposed perpendicularly to a ground surface and including suction units for vacuum-sucking and fixing edges of the skin material transferred by the transfer unit, a base member having an embossed pattern to be printed on the skin material, fixing members for sealing an internal space between the skin material and the base member by clamping the edges of the skin material, and vacuum holes for vacuum-sucking the skin material onto the base member; a second mold disposed in parallel with the first mold and on which a base material is injected; and a mold moving means for horizontally moving one of the first and second molds and combining or separating the first and second molds to or from each other. According to the present invention, a skin material and a base material may be integrally molded by using horizontally moving molds, the skin material expanded in a preheating or heating process may be prevented from sagging downward due to its weight, and the skin material may be completely sealed so as not to be folded or wrinkled.
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