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System for optimal energy harvesting and storage from an electromechanical transducer

A device for collection of energy from mechanical disturbances and distribution of that energy to an electrical load. A transducer converts mechanical energy in the form of forces and displacements into electrical energy in the form of charge pulses. The charge pulses are rectified into a Direct Current (DC) power signal and accumulated and stored in an input storage element. A controlled conversion circuit assures that the voltage on the storage element is maintained within a predetermined optimal range for energy harvesting from the transducer, avoiding the application of peak voltages. The controlled conversion circuit can be hard wired and/or controllably adjustable to match a given disturbance characteristic. Only when the voltage is within the optimal range for a given type of disturbance will the controlled conversion circuit enable a DC/DC converter to further convert the stored energy to a voltage that is coupled to an output storage element. This technique optimizes power conversion by controlling the high voltage to low version conversion process by, for example, sensing the disturbance with external sensor or internal voltage of the system, and then using this information about the disturbance to control how and when the electrical conversion process will occur.

Infrared detector with micro-bridge structure and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to an infrared detector with a micro-bridge structure, which belongs to the technical field of micro-electromechanics, and comprises a silicon substrate as a read-out circuit of the infrared detector; a metal reflecting layer deposited on the silicon substrate; a dielectric layer which is deposited in a groove of the metal reflecting layer and has the height being consistentwith that of the metal reflecting layer; a sacrifice layer and a first release protection layer used as protection of release of the sacrifice layer which are deposited on the dielectric layer and the metal reflecting layer and form through holes by lithography and etching; a copper or tungsten pier which is deposited in the through hole of the sacrifice layer; a metal electrode deposited on the copper or tungsten pier and the first release protection layer; and a sensitive material detecting layer which is deposited on the metal electrode and the first release protection layer. A Cu-column micro-bridge structure is manufactured by using the damascene process, and a flat micro-bridge plane is manufactured by introducing the chemical mechanical polishing process (CMP), thereby being conductive to the follow-up process and improving the performances.
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