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Collision avoidance system based on detection of obstacles in blind spots of vehicle

The present invention relates to a collision avoidance system based on the detection of obstacles in the blind spots of a vehicle. The collision avoidance system includes turn signal lamp detection means for detecting whether a turn signal lamp of the vehicle is turned on. CCD camera means captures an image for a road environment, and outputs the captured image as road environment data, thus determining whether a current road environment indicates a winding road. Steering angle detection means detects a steering angle of the vehicle and outputs a resulting signal as a steering angle signal. Infrared sensor means transmits or receives infrared light to or from an obstacle present in the blind spot of the vehicle according to the steering angle signal, and outputs an obstacle detection signal. Warning means is configured to provide a warning of possibility of a collision between the obstacle and the vehicle to a driver. Control means automatically drives the warning means when the obstacle detection signal for the blind spot is received from the infrared sensor means in a case where a turn signal lamp is determined to be turned on by the turn signal lamp detection means, or where a lane change is determined to be performed by receiving the road environment data from the CCD camera means and the steering angle signal measured by the steering angle detection means.
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