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Quantitative chronological medical infusion device

InactiveUS20060079831A1Reduce riskReduced glucose levelMedical devicesIntravenous devicesLine sensorHigh rate
The present invention is a medical infusion and aspiration system delivering precisely timed and accurately calculated, adjusted pulsated delivery in high rates of flow delivering an effective profile of pulses tailored to provide momentary spikes of levels of freely available medicines based upon the uptake of the medicine and optimally on real time measurements of the medicine or response of the patient, termed Quantitative Chronological Delivery. The system comprises any pumping mechanism, and optimally a pumping mechanism, and a cassette or cartridge having a reservoir area where the plunger rotates as it advances in reference to the cartridge to provide additional accuracy and overcome the forces of inertia and slip-stick as well as eliminate backlash. Optimally, the systems incorporates an encoded area and an opening for connection to an infusion tube with an in-line sensor area where sampling probes are located. The infusion is adjusted in both amount and duration between pulses to provide quantitatively controlled, chronologically optimized infusion. A motor causes bi-directional pumping to allow for samples to be presented to the sensor area. The system accuracy allows for more concentrated medicines, as a sealed container can eliminate the need for diluting or withdrawing medicine to load a reservoir, and achieves extraordinary accuracy without error correcting software or expensive volumetric measurement and control systems.

Mobile phone near field communication system and method based on visible light

The invention provides a mobile phone near field communication system and method based on visible light. The mobile phone near field communication system and method based on the visible light are used for short distance wireless communication. According to the mobile phone near field communication system, a transmitting terminal is arranged on a mobile device provided with a light-emitting screen and a light sensor, and comprises an encoding module and a rate adaptive mechanism module; a receiving terminal is provided with an LED and comprises a light sensor array, a signal conditioning module, a decoding module and a feedback module. The encoding module encodes data into a brightness level sequence and sends the brightness level sequence out through light signals; the receiving terminal collects the light signals to conduct signal conditioning and decoding so as to obtain decoded data; the feedback module is used for feeding back a signal of data blocks which need retransmission and a signal of adjustment of brightness level numbers to the transmitting terminal; the transmitting terminal controls the retransmission of the data blocks and the adjustment of the brightness level numbers through the rate adaptive mechanism module. The mobile phone near field communication system and method based on the visible light are low in cost, easy to use, safer, free of addition of extra hardware, and capable of achieving the near field communication functions such as mobile payment, equipment matching and data exchange between mobile phones.

Data center dynamic environment monitoring system and method on basis of IOT (Internet Of Things) technology

The invention discloses a data center dynamic environment monitoring system and a data center dynamic environment monitoring method on the basis of an IOT (Internet Of Things) technology. The system comprises a plurality of acquisition objects, a wireless sensor, a wireless base station, a wired data acquisition object, a wired communication network and a background; and the background is used for implementing the asset management, the monitoring management, the connection management, the planning management and the visiting and inspection management of a data center in a three-dimensional effect mode, implementing the visibility, intuition and application easiness of the infrastructure management of a data center, simultaneously processing acquired data related to a dynamic environment of the data center, implementing the centralization showing of management information and alarm information, implementing the alarm linkage, improving the timeliness and the effectiveness of information inquiry, processing and interaction, improving the operation and maintenance efficiency of the data center and finally implementing the operation and maintenance targets of macroscopically completely mastering and microcosmically accurately positioning of the data center by a three-dimensional virtual reality technology.
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