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INPUT CONTROLS Definition. INPUT CONTROLS are computer controls designed to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are properly authorized before processed by the computer, accurately converted to machine readable form and recorded in the computer, that data files and transactions are not lost, added, duplicated or improperly changed,...

Switched constant current driving and control circuit

The driving and control device according to the present invention provides a desired switched current to a load including a string of one or more electronic devices, and comprises one or more voltage conversion means, one or more dimming control means, one or more feedback means and one or more sensing means. The voltage conversion means may be a DC-to-DC converter for example and based on an input control signal converts the magnitude of the voltage from the power supply to another magnitude that is desired at the high side of the load. The dimming control means may comprise a switch such as a FET, BJT, relay, or any other type of switching device, for example, and provides control for activation and deactivation of the load. The feedback means is coupled to the voltage conversion means and a current sensing means and provides a feedback signal to the voltage conversion means that is indicative of the voltage drop across the current sensing means which thus represents the current flowing through the load. The current sensing means may comprise a fixed resistor, variable resistor, inductor, or some other element which has a predictable voltage-current relationship and thus will provide a measurement of the current flowing through the load based on a collected voltage signal. Based on the feedback signal received, the voltage conversion means can subsequently adjust its output voltage such that a constant switched current is provided to the load.

Wearable hypermedium system

A wearable hypermedium information retrieval system for displaying predetermined digitized data, having a computer having an I / O port; a large capacity information storage and retrieval device interfaced with the I / O port adapted to receive a memory medium containing the predetermined digitized data, the storage and retrieval device being adapted to access the data on the memory medium and to provide the data to the I / O port means, the predetermined digitized data being further organized in a hypermedium format for hypermedium access and retrieval; a virtually hands-free command control device presenting no interference to ordinary use of the hands of the user to provide input commands from the user to the computer via the I / O port means; and a headset adapted to be worn by the user and a head mounted image display supported by the headset having a virtual image display having an eye-piece adapted to be positioned in front of one eve of the user and to display video display information from the computer. Also added are an audio output having an earphone, and a real-time text to speech conversion module adapted to receive speech data from the computer and to provide audio input to a sound transducer in the earphone. Also, the storage and retrieval portion provides read / write capability for the data; and the virtual hands-free command controller has a voice recognition and decoding module for receiving decoding and providing for storage for voice-provided data. The system can be part of a network, can have at least one PCMCIA card slot, interfaces with other devices (like bar code readers, measuring tools, and IEEE cables), provides global positioning information, and includes retinal input control. Importantly, the hypermedium format involves hypertext, hyperpix, and combinations of the two to provide information in a logical, intuitive, computer-accessible format for access by users who understand information more graphically than verbally.
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