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Coaxial cable connector with replaceable compression ring

A male compression-type coaxial cable connector having an adapter nut attached to a leading end of a tubular connector body portion. The connector body portion has a first axial conduit with a barbed ferrule coaxially mounted therein. The connector further comprises a compression sleeve having a second axial conduit slidingly disposed over a trailing end of the tubular connector body portion. A deformable compression ring is removably disposed within the second axial conduit. In use, the prepared end of the coaxial cable is inserted through the compression sleeve and compression ring and advanced into the connector body conduit until it can be advanced no further. Subsequent advancement of the compression sleeve over the connector body portion, with the assistance of a compression tool, forces the deformable trailing end of the compression ring radially inward to compress the cable jacket and braid thereby providing secure attachment of the connector to the cable. The compression ring is removable and can be replaced with another compression ring having a different inner diameter to accommodate a variety of coaxial cables. The construction permits the compression sleeve to be easily removed for replacing the compression ring and easily reinstalled over the connector body after ring replacement.
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