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Surgical stapler anvil with nested staple forming pockets

InactiveUS6953138B1Increased lateral widthLittle lateral spaceSuture equipmentsStapling toolsMirror imageBiomedical engineering
A surgical stapler anvil provides an expanded leg-receiving target area for a staple forming pocket in a compact staggered array by narrowing the lateral width of the leg-clinching portion of a laterally adjacent pocket. Advantageously, the lateral spacing between adjacent rows of staple forming pockets can remain small, while the leg-receiving target area for laterally adjacent rows of pockets is significantly expanded. The staple forming pockets include two mirror image leg-forming cups. The cups are longitudinally aligned with their respective ascending leg clinching portions adjoining in the center of the pocket. Laterally spaced guide surfaces extend upwardly and outwardly from the clinching surface at the bottom of the cup to define an expanded leg-receiving target area at the distal ends of the pocket. Substantially planar laterally outward portions of the guide surface intersect with the guide surface of a laterally adjacent pocket to form a non-linear ridge.

Method and apparatus for optimization of wireless multipoint electromagnetic communication networks

Exploiting the substantive reciprocity of internode channel responses through dynamic, adaptive modification of receive and transmit weights, enables locally enabled global optimization of a multipoint, wireless electromagnetic communications network of communication nodes. Each diversity-channel-capable node uses computationally efficient exploitation of pilot tone data and diversity-adaptive signal processing of the weightings and the signal to further convey optimization and channel information which promote local and thereby network-global efficiency. The preferred embodiment performs complex digital signal manipulation that includes a linear combining and linear distribution of the transmit and receive weights, the generation of piloting signals containing origination and destination node information, as well as interference-avoiding pseudorandom delay timing, and both symbol and multitione encoding, to gain the benefit of substantive orthogonality at the physical level without requiring actual substantive orthogonality at the physical level.

Lighting assemblies and components for lighting assemblies

A lighting assembly, comprising a light engine assembly and a room-side element. The room-side element is in contact with the light engine assembly. The light engine assembly comprises at least one trim element and a light engine. The trim element defines a trim element internal space. The light engine comprises at least one solid state light emitter, and is positioned within the trim element internal space. Also, a lighting assembly, comprising a light engine assembly and means for dissipating heat from the light engine assembly.

Aerial farm robot system for crop dusting, planting, fertilizing and other field jobs

Modern farming is currently being done by powerful ground equipment or aircraft that weigh several tons and treat uniformly tens of hectares per hour. Automated farming can use small, agile, lightweight, energy-efficient automated robotic equipment that flies to do the same job, even able to farm on a plant-by-plant basis, allowing for new ways of farming. Automated farming uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are equipped with detachable implements and reservoirs and that we call “aerial farm robots.” Automated farming uses high-precision GPS and other precision positioning and vision technology to autonomously and precisely perform crop dusting, planting, fertilizing and other field related farming or husbandry tasks. The subsystems for the control, refill, recharge and communication subsystems of the aerial farm robots are part of the overall automated farming system, and can autonomously handle most of the husbandry tasks on a farm.

Systems and methods for electrosurgical treatment of obstructive sleep disorders

The present invention provides systems and methods for selectively applying electrical energy to a target location within the head and neck of a patient's body, particularly including tissue in the ear, nose and throat. The present invention applies high frequency (RF) electrical energy to one or more electrode terminals in the presence of electrically conductive fluid to remove and / or modify the structure of tissue structures. The present invention is particularly useful for treating sleep obstructive disorders, such as sleep apnea and snoring.

Method and apparatus for executing a function within a composite icon and operating an object thereby

The present invention is directed to explaining functions with a rich graphical expression even when the number of kinds of functions required for a software increases.More particularly, a plurality of function areas 201-223 are defined in a composite icon area of the present invention. An appearance image is associated to each function area and, when a mouse pointer comes across a function area, appearance images associated to that function area are displayed as appearance images of a composite icon. A function is also associated to each function area and, when a mouse is clicked on a function area, a function which is associated to that function area is executed. The set of the function area may be changed by changing the size of a composite icon, an operation to switch the group of functions, or selection of an object to be operated upon.

Measurement methods and apparatus

A measurement device is provided that allows for determining distance, range and bearing of a target of interest. The distance, range and bearing to the target of interest are determined relative to the position of the measurement device and are stored in memory. The device is further operative to translate these relative positions of the target to an absolute position at the time of measurement, or, when the position of the measurement device becomes known. The absolute position of the measurement device may be determined utilizing GPS technologies or through the measurement of geophysical reference points. Measurement of the relative location of target(s) of interest is performed utilizing an electronic range finding device and elevation and heading sensors. The resulting information is stored in memory for conversions to vector information that may be utilized to generate, for instance, topographical images.

Touch sensor, display with touch sensor, and method for generating position data

ActiveUS20040217945A1Not deteriorate display performanceEffectively downsizedCathode-ray tube indicatorsNon-linear opticsElectricityVoltage
A display device with a touch sensor according to the present invention includes an active matrix substrate 4A and a transparent counter electrode 7. On a first surface of the active matrix substrate, multiple pixel electrodes are arranged in matrix. The transparent counter electrode is opposed to the first surface of the active matrix substrate. The display device further includes a first circuit, a second circuit and a switching circuit. The first circuit supplies a voltage or a current to the transparent counter electrode for display purposes. The second circuit detects currents flowing from a number of points on the transparent counter electrode. And the switching circuit selectively connects electrically one of the first and second circuits to the transparent counter electrode.
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Single Axis Solar Tracking System

A solar tracking system with a torque tube supporting solar panels. Columns support the system and have bearings for rotation of the torque tube. A drive is coupled to the torque tube and is driven by a gearbox, such as a worm gear assembly, for rotating the array of solar panels to follow the sun's diurnal motion. The array can rotate in an opposite direction, or backtrack, to prevent shadowing from one module row to another. Multiple gearboxes can be mechanically linked by drive shafts and driven by a single motor. The drive shafts may incorporate universal joints for uneven terrain or staggered configurations. Harmonic dampers can be affixed to the solar panels to decouple wind forces which allows the use of larger solar panels.
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