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Self-ligating bracket for use in orthodontics

ActiveUS20080113311A1Easy to openAcceptably attractive appearanceArch wiresBracketsOrthodontic ligatureEngineering
The self-ligating bracket for use in orthodontics comprises
a base; an occlusal wall and a gingival wall extending from the base and having at least one ligature wing; a slot separating the occlusal wall and the gingival wall; a slide retained in a guide provided in the occlusal and/or gingival wall and arranged for being displaced between a closed position, in which the slide bridges the slot, and an open position in which the slot is open in the labial direction; means capable of retaining the slide in both its closed and open position; at least one recess in which a spring is seated and which is arranged in the gingival or occlusal wall of the bracket and is provided with an opening that faces the slide and from which a spring projects; a first stop on the slide which abuts against the at least one spring in the open position of the slide; a projection is which provided on the slide and which is so arranged that during displacement of the slide to its closed position it will abut against the spring before it reaches its closed position; space on both sides of the projection which accommodates the spring that projects from the recess which expands toward its opening facing the slide so that the spring can bent in the two directions of displacement of the slide; a second stop that abuts the slide in its closed position, once its projection has overcome the at least one spring.
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