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Multi-plane dust removing device

InactiveCN102319627AIntelligent responseElectric supply techniquesControl signalPulse parameter
The invention relates to a multi-plane dust removing device comprising a plurality of parallel electrodes attached to each plane needing dust removal and dust monitoring controllers arranged on or near the planes needing dust removal, wherein the electrodes and the dust monitoring controllers corresponding to the multiple planes needing dust removal are respectively cascaded in sequence, the cascaded electrodes are connected with a pulse generator, the pulse generator is electrically connected to a power supply, the pulse generator is further electrically connected with an intelligent controller, the intelligent controller is electrically connected with the cascaded dust monitoring controllers, the dust monitoring controllers are used for feeding dust status signals of the planes needing dust removal back to the intelligent controller, and the intelligent controller is used for outputting a first control signal to the pulse generator. The intelligent controller is used for automatically calculating pulse parameters according to the feedback results of the dust monitoring controllers and further outputting the signal to the pulse generator, and the pulse generator is used for applying different pulse signals to the electrodes on all the planes to generate a varying electromagnetic field so that various types of dust on all the planes can be removed.

Telligent dry separator (TDS)

InactiveCN105499154AReduce in quantityLess-associative articulation pointSortingDust controlElectric control
The invention discloses a telligent dry separator (TDS). The telligent dry separator is characterized in that an intelligent identification method is adopted for establishing corresponding analysis models according to different characteristics of coal quality, through big data analysis, digitalized identification is conducted on coal and gangue, and finally the gangue is discharged through an intelligent execution system. The telligent dry separator (TDS) comprises four major systems, namely a feeding system, a material distribution system, an identification device and an execution mechanism, and three auxiliary systems, namely an air supplying system, a dedusting system and an electric control system. By means of the telligent dry separator (TDS), separation precision can be improved, the lower separation limit can be further lowered, and a condition is created for achieving the effect that all block raw materials ranging from 3mm to 300 mm adopt the intelligent dry separation process. Compared with traditional cleaning equipment, the telligent dry separator (TDS) has the advantages that on the aspect of construction investment, a system can be simplified, investment can be reduced, and the construction period can be shortened; on the aspect of separation effects, precision can be guaranteed, the heat value can be raised, and no coal slime is generated; on the aspect of production cost, consumption can be lowered, maintenance can be reduced, and manual work can be decreased.

A control method for a dust removal device of an outdoor unit heat exchanger of an air conditioner

The invention relates to a method for controlling a dust removal device of a heat exchanger of an outdoor machine of an air conditioner. The dust removal device comprises a fan and control equipment, wherein the control equipment comprises a timer, a receiver, a judger and an actuator; and the control equipment controls the fan to reversely rotate for dust removal. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps that: when the air conditioner normally operates, the receiver continuously receives operating parameter information which is fed back by the air conditioner and transmits the operating parameter information to the judger; the judger judges the operating parameter information; when the judger determines that the operating parameter information meets a preset dust removal mode operating condition, the air conditioner operates for dust removal; the actuator controls a compressor of the air conditioner to stop operating; the timer clears the accumulated operating time of the air conditioner and the continuous operating time of the compressor; the actuator controls the fan to stop, the timer starts timing, and when time is equal to first time T1, the judger determines that the fan is in a static state; the actuator controls the fan to start and rotate in the opposite direction relative to the normal operation direction; the timer re-starts timing, and when the time is equal to second time T2, the actuator controls the fan to stop; the timer re-starts timing, and when the time is equal to third time T3, the judger determines that the fan is in the static state; and the air conditioner quits a dust removal mode, starts to normally operate or is directly powered off. By the method, the normal operation of the air conditioner is not influenced, the air conditioner can automatically remove dust, and the service life of the air conditioner can be prolonged.

Improved textile machine with dust removal function

The invention discloses an improved textile machine with a dust removal function, which comprises a machine frame, wherein a dust removal box is fixedly connected to the side wall at the upper end ofthe machine frame, a first filter screen and a second filter screen are symmetrically connected to the inner wall of the dust removal box in a sliding manner, and a shaking device for shaking the first filter screen and the second filter screen is mounted in the dust removal box. By the arrangement of a connecting rod which is connected to the inner wall of the dust removal box in a rotary manner,the rotation of the connecting rod enables bristles on the side wall of a transverse plate to clean the first filter screen, due to the arrangement of magnetic semi-discs and magnets, the first filter screen can reciprocate and shake when the connecting rod rotates, so that the cleaning of the first filter screen is accelerated; and by the arrangement of arc-shaped blocks attached to glass blocks, static electricity is generated by friction between the glass blocks and the arc-shaped blocks when the connecting rod rotates, and fine dust escaping from mesh holes of the first filter screen is cleaned, so that the fine dust is prevented from floating into the air to affect the working environment of workers and cause harm to the health of the workers.

Fabric surface dust removal device

The invention relates to a fabric surface dust removal device, which belongs to the technical field of fabric dust removal facilities and comprises a machine frame, a box body of a dust removal box, a first hair brush roller, a second hair brush roller, a motive power transmission mechanism, a first dust collection bucket and a second dust collection bucket, wherein a first cloth guide roller and a second cloth guide roller are arranged on the top of the machine frame, the top of the box body of the dust removal box is provided with a dust removal fabric guide-out roller, the bottom of the box body of the dust removal box is provided with a fabric guide-in roller, in addition, a cloth guide groove is formed in the center of the box body of the dust removal box, the first hair brush roller and the second hair brush roller are arranged in a box body cavity of the box body of the dust removal box, the same ends of a first hair brush roller shaft of the first hair brush roller and a second hair brush roller shaft of the second hair brush roller extend to a position outside the box body cavity and are connected with the motive power transmission mechanism, the motive power transmission mechanism is fixed on the box body of the dust removal box, a first dust suction pipe is connected onto the first dust collection bucket, a second dust suction pipe is connected onto the second dust suction bucket, and both the first dust suction pipe and the second dust suction pipe are connected with a negative pressure dust removal mechanism. The fabric surface dust removal device has the advantages that the dust removal effects on both sides of the fabric can be ensured without generating the secondary pollution of dust, and the fabric can smoothly enter the subsequent work procedures in a stable state.

Deep recycling process and system for oily sludge

The invention discloses a deep recycling process for oily sludge. The process comprises the following steps: feeding oily sludge and a tempering agent into a tempering tank and uniformly stirring by using a heating device arranged in the tempering tank to realize oil-water-sludge three phase separation; separating an oil-water mixed solution into oil contents and water contents; feeding oily sludge into a vacuum dehydration machine; feeding the dehydrated oil sludge into a dry distillation furnace and performing dried distillation; purifying the dry distilled gas and feeding the purified dry distilled gas into a dry distilled furnace combustion chamber to be used as fuels; carbonizing the surplus sludge into biological carbon; cooling the biological carbon by a cooling device, wherein the cooled biological carbon can be used as a soil conditioner; performing the treatment on the dry distillation furnace flue gas to produce steam through an afterheat boiler to ensure that the steam is used for heating the tempering tank; and performing desulfuration and dust removal on the flue gas recycled by the afterheat to ensure that the flue gas meets the discharge standard. The invention also discloses a corresponding system which consists of the tempering tank, a mixed solution centrifugal separator, a vacuum dehydrator, a condenser, a spiral conveyor, a dry distilled furnace, a cooler and a dry distilled gas purification device. According to the deep recycling process and the deep recycling system, the pollution treatment is realized, and precious resources are recycled, so that the recycling for resources is realized.

A wet orifice eddy current collection and control device and method

A wet orifice vortex collection and dust control device and method are applicable to the prevention and control of dust produced by various boreholes in underground coal mines through compressed air and slag discharge. The wet orifice vortex collection and control device consists of a dust collector front cover, a dust collector rear cover, a drilling casing, a centralized slag discharge pipe, a vortex dust discharge pipe, a Venturi jet ejector and a high-pressure water nozzle; In the wet orifice vortex collection and dust control method, firstly, a drilling rig constructs a shallow hole on the wall of the coal rock mass and inserts the drilling casing, the wet orifice vortex collection and dust control device is suspended and fixed through the suspension ring, and the high-pressure water nozzle is turned on. And maintain the normal operation of the spray during the drilling process, insert the drill pipe through the drill pipe entrance and implement the drilling. The invention has compact structure and convenient operation, which is beneficial to the centralized collection and regular discharge of drilling slag, avoids the escape of dust-laden air from the entrance of the drill pipe, realizes two purifications of dust-laden air, and improves the dust removal efficiency.

Organic waste gas treatment device and method

The invention relates to the technical field of waste gas treatment and particularly relates to an organic waste gas treatment device and method. The organic waste gas treatment device is characterized by being provided with a dust removing chamber, a cooling treatment mechanism, a photo-catalytic oxidation mechanism, a biochemical spraying and filtering mechanism, a demisting mechanism and an adsorption mechanism, which are connected in sequence, wherein the biochemical spraying and filtering mechanism comprises a chemical washing device used for spraying and washing organic waste gas by a chemical medicament, a biological washing device used for spraying and washing the organic waste gas by a biological medicament, and a biological filter used for filtering the organic waste gas, which are connected in sequence; the photo-catalytic oxidation mechanism comprises a corrugated flow guide plate for controlling a flow state of the gas, a photo-catalytic oxidation device and a filter; the corrugated flow guide plate, the photo-catalytic oxidation device and the filter are connected in sequence; the corrugated flow guide plate is arranged between a gas inlet pipeline and the photo-catalytic oxidation device. The organic waste gas treatment device and method have the remarkable advantages of low system energy consumption, high treatment efficiency, stability in work and the like.

Waste gas treatment device for industrial furnace

The invention discloses a waste gas treatment device for an industrial furnace. The waste gas treatment device comprises a liquid filter housing, an industrial furnace waste gas pipe and a secondary filter unit. One end of the industrial furnace waste gas pipe is fixedly connected to a gas inlet pipe which is communicated with the industrial furnace waste gas pipe. A filtrate layer is arranged inside the inner chamber of the liquid filter housing. The bottom of the gas inlet pipe successively penetrates through the liquid filter housing and the filtrate layer from top to bottom and extends to the inside of the filtrate layer. One side at the top of the inner wall of the liquid filter housing, far from the gas inlet pipe, is provided with a gas outlet pipe. With the arrangement of the liquid filter housing, the secondary filter unit, the gas inlet pipe, the filtrate layer, the gas outlet pipe and a transmission pipe, the effect of waste gas treatment is achieved. Through a sodium hydroxide solution, sulfur dioxide in waste gas from an industrial furnace is effectively eliminated. The effect of smoke prevention and dust control is ideal, and severe atmospheric pollution caused by waste gas from industrial furnaces is avoided. Therefore, the health of human body is protected, and the device is more environment-friendly.

Device for eliminating haze and atmospheric pollutant

The invention discloses a device for eliminating haze and atmospheric pollutants. Appropriately preheated atmosphere with pollutants flows through a capillary tube array and is introduced into a liquid adsorbent, the pollutants in the atmosphere inside formed bubbles are adsorbed or dissolved by the surface of the liquid inside the bubble, and then atmosphere purification is achieved. The purification is applicable to atmospheric suspended grains of various diameters, and pm2.5 purification can be thoroughly achieved. To enhance the purification effect and the use convenience, the device is provided with function components such as a stirring rod with a bubble cutting steel wire and a spiral belt, and a waste liquid sucking chamber. The device can be separately used and can be also used with other devises in series. The device can be mounted on various carrying tools such as a vehicle, and due to the position change, the haze cleaning places can be changed at appropriate time, and the movement airflow of the carrying tool can be used as the power for eliminating the haze. The device can be used for purifying air at fixed points. When the device is used together with dust cleaning equipment, pm2.5 purification in polluted enterprises can be achieved. With special liquid adsorbent, the device can be used in special purification and professional equipment.
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