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Portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot

The invention relates to an external skeleton assisting robot, in particular to a portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot. The problems that an existing lower limb external skeleton assisting robot worn on the human body is poor in assisting effect so that the loading capacity of the human body can be reduced, the wearing comfort for the human body is poor, the universality is poor, and the field environmental suitability is poor are solved. The portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot comprises the upper body back, the left leg and the right leg, and the left leg and the right leg respectively comprise a hip driving system, a thigh driving system and a shank wearing system. A hip joint energy-storage mechanism comprises a connecting base, a stretching rod, a second spring and a stopping sheet, and a first bevel gear is meshed with a second bevel gear. Each hip driving system comprises a second motor with a coder, a second reducer, a third bevel gear, a fourth bevel gear, a thigh connecting rod, a knee joint support, a knee joint connecting plate, an angle sensor, a series connection elastic combination body, a knee joint gearbox body, a knee joint shaft and an end cover. The portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot is suitable for being worn outdoors for walking assisting.

High-temperature resistant vibration tool for horizontal well

The invention relates to a high-temperature resistant vibration tool for a horizontal well. The high-temperature resistant vibration tool for the horizontal well comprises a shell assembly and a vibration assembly arranged in the shell assembly and is characterized in that the shell assembly comprises an upper joint, an upper joint sleeve, a connection sleeve, a cover and a lower joint which sleeve from top to bottom in sequence; the vibration assembly comprises an upper end turbine, an eccentric shaft and a lower end turbine which are connected in sequence from top to bottom; the vibration assembly is arranged in the shell assembly by an upper end bearing and a lower end bearing; the upper end bearing and the lower end bearing respectively sleeve two end shafts of the eccentric shaft; an upper thrust ring and a lower thrust ring are respectively arranged at two ends of the vibration assembly and are respectively arranged in the upper joint sleeve and the lower joint; a channel for allowing fluid to flow is arranged in each of the shell assembly and the vibration assembly. The high-temperature resistant vibration tool for the horizontal well has the beneficial effects that the work reliability and high temperature resistance of the tool are improved, the deepening depth is increased, and enough drilling and pressing effects are applied.

Ink sheet cartridge

An ink sheet cartridge provided with a bobbin case easy to assemble and disassemble, formed with no protrusion on the outer surface thereof and capable of inhibiting the number of components from increase is obtained. This ink sheet cartridge is provided with a pawl and a receiving portion on upper and lower components respectively. The pawl is provided with a projecting engaging portion, and the receiving portion is provided with a groove engaging with the engaging portion. The groove has a guide for guiding the engaging portion and a stop portion fixing the engaging portion.

Multifunctional automatic climbing device

The invention relates to a multifunctional automatic climbing device, particularly to an automatic climbing device which is suitable for a variable diameter fan tower barrel and can carry various working equipment. The multifunctional automatic climbing device is composed of a guide rail, an upper clamp, a lower clamp, a connecting platform and a power hydraulic cylinder. The lower clamp is fixedly connected to the bottom of the guide rail; the upper clamp is slidingly mounted on the upper part of the guide rail and can be vertically moved along the guide rail by effect of the power hydraulic cylinder; the connecting platform for connecting other working equipment is mounted on the top of the guide rail; the upper and lower clamps have two-layer structures; each layer is equipped with four fingers; and the upper clamp is installed with a control box and a hydraulic box. The multifunctional automatic climbing device can be connected with other working equipment to realize repairing and detection of a wind power generator, for example, the multifunctional automatic climbing device is connected with a lifting device to finish lifting and repairing of parts in a cabin and is connected with an annular platform to realize repairing and maintenance of outer surfaces of the tower barrel and blades. The multifunctional automatic climbing device has the characteristics of no height and region limitation, high automation level, ground remote control, and the like.

Dismountable locking mechanism of drawer slide rail and side plate

The invention relates to a dismountable locking mechanism of a drawer slide rail and a side plate. The dismountable locking mechanism comprises a side plate, a bottom plate and a slide rail assembly used for opening and closing a drawer, wherein a front connecting element for connecting a front panel and a back connecting element for connecting a rear back plate are arranged on the side plate, a groove position for accommodating the bottom plate is arranged in the side plate, the bottom plate is arranged on the groove position and acts on a movable slide rail of the slide rail assembly, a dismountable locking mechanism is arranged between the side plate and the movable side rail, and the movable side rail is detachably connected with the side plate through the locking mechanism. The dismountable locking mechanism has the advantages that the groove position used for fixing the bottom plate is arranged in the side plate, the bottom plate directly acts on the movable slide rail after the assembly is completed, the drawer stress is more uniform, the work loss of each component is smaller, the service life is longer, the inner wall of the side plate is vertical, the thickness of the side plate is effectively reduced, the use space of the drawer is increased, in addition, the side plate and the movable side rail are detachably connected through the dismountable locking mechanism, the dismounting and the mounting of the side plate and the movable slide rail are fast and convenient, the manufacture and maintenance cost is low, the integral design of the drawer is favorably realized, and the drawer is tidier and more attractive.

Modular hydraulic-drive four-leg robot with variable leg shape structures

The invention discloses a hydraulic-drive four-leg robot. The modular hydraulic-drive four-leg robot has the advantages that the hydraulic-drive four-leg robot is good in dynamic balance and high in topographical adaptability, loading capacity and cost performance, and is in a modular and bionic structural design, four leg shapes can be switched over by means of quickly assembling and disassembling subassemblies, the modular hydraulic-drive four-leg robot is multipurpose, and merits and shortcomings of various leg shapes are verified by experiments at a physical prototype stage; each single leg is provided with two leg sections, has three degrees of freedom and comprises a hip joint and thigh assembly, a knee joint and shank assembly and a side sway assembly; a side sway and connecting block combining form is adopted for each thigh portion according to a bionic principle, so that sufficient rigidity and strength are guaranteed, the hydraulic-drive four-leg robot can bear a load stably while the weight of the robot is reduced to the greatest extent, and sufficient activity space for hydraulic cylinders is guaranteed; shank portions comprise foot-end rubber pads and passive retractable bidirectional spring shock absorption mechanisms, and instant impact force generated when the robot is in contact with the ground can be effectively buffered and absorbed under multiple shock absorption actions; problems of limited service lives of components and vulnerability of electronic elements such as foot-end force sensors due to the fact that impact force disappears and springs are rebounded quickly when an existing robot leaves the ground can be solved by the aid of the bidirectional spring mechanisms.

Steering gear of unmanned vehicle and control method thereof

The invention discloses a steering gear of an unmanned vehicle and a control method thereof, wherein the steering gear is characterized by comprising a motor, a worm gear and a worm, an electromagnetic clutch and an encoder, wherein the motor is a steering drive mechanism; the worm gear and the worm are meshed with each other, and the worm is directly coupled with the output shaft of the motor; the electromagnetic clutch is fixedly coupled with the drive end of the electromagnetic clutch; and the encoder is fixedly coupled with a steering column of a steering wheel by the driven end of the electromagnetic clutch and is connected onto the output shaft of the rear end of the motor. The invention can realize the automatic steering control of the unmanned vehicle, can be freely switched between two modes of unmanned driving and manual driving the switching of which are not interfered with each other, and has compact structure, low cost, higher transmission efficiency, higher intelligent degree of vehicle automatic steering; and both the structure and the appearance of the original vehicle are not damaged, and the steering gear is easy to be assembled and dismantled and is applicable to other occasions with high automatic rotation requirements.

Baking pan capable of efficiently saving energy

InactiveCN106343895AEvenly heatedHard on the outside and soft on the insideRoasters/grillsEngineeringThermal radiation
Provided is a baking pan capable of efficiently saving energy. The baking pan mainly comprises a large body, an upper cover, heaters, a pan body, a food rolling device, an air inlet hole and a cooling fan. The heaters comprise the upper heater and the lower heater, and the baking pan is characterized in that the large body is used for containing the pan body (3), the food rolling device (11) and the lower heater (44), and the large body (1) provides a conduction heating heat source for the bottom of food; the upper cover (2) provides a heat radiation or illumination radiation heat source for the upper surface of the food; the upper cover (2) and the large body (1) are closed to form a stereoscopic heating cavity (55) with the upper portion providing heat radiation or illumination radiation and the bottom providing conduction heating; the cooling fan is used for carrying out constant-temperature heating on the interior of the stereoscopic heating cavity (55) or carrying out relative cooling heating on the interior of the stereoscopic heating cavity (55), and the cooling fan is arranged outside the stereoscopic heating cavity (55); the food rolling device (11) is used for overturning the food, so that the food is evenly heated and stereoscopically heated. The baking pan has the advantages of being good in cooking effect, easy to mount and demount, easy to clean and wide in application range.

Intelligent photovoltaic array washing car

The invention provides an intelligent photovoltaic array washing car used for washing photovoltaic arrays of a large-scale ground photovoltaic power station. A washing head supporting and locating unit and a power unit are arranged on the head portion and the tail portion of a crawler base respectively, a water storage unit is arranged adjacent to the power unit, and a washing head unit is provided with range finder sensors used for measuring the distance between the washing head unit and solar cell panels; the washing head supporting and locating unit comprises a movable base capable of rotating and transversely moving and a working arm set provided with a main arm and an end arm, wherein the main arm and the end arm can pitch respectively; a water pump of a water supply unit is driven by a hydraulic motor; a computer is used as a control kernel of a main control module of an operation control unit; a pair of proportional directional valves of the hydraulic control unit controls two base crawler traveling motors, and other directional valves are electromagnetic directional valves controlled by the main control module. According to the intelligent photovoltaic array washing car, the position and the posture of the washing head unit relative to photovoltaic array panels and the position and the posture of a car body relative to the photovoltaic arrays can be automatically controlled, and the intelligent photovoltaic array washing car is intelligent, efficient, flexible in operation, high in adaptability, easy and convenient to operate, concise in structure and good in washing effect.

High-altitude long-span overhanging corridor type reinforced concrete structure and construction method

The invention relates to a high-altitude long-span overhanging corridor type reinforced concrete structure and a construction method, wherein the corridor part is a stiff beam structure; with own bearing capacity of a profile steel, a beam template supporting system is a hung template supporting system in such a manner of fixing a square steel by means of a U-shaped screw and a nut; a floorslab is a self-supporting steel bar truss template which is welded to a pre-embedded steel plate on the stiff beam by means of a pin; and a steel platform is arranged on a corresponding floor at the lower part of the corridor as an operating and safety protection platform for template support construction. The high-altitude long-span overhanging corridor type reinforced concrete structure and the construction method have the advantages that: the template supporting construction method, according to which the operating platform is built from H-steel or profile steel beams, the stiff beam is hung and is self-supported and the floorslab is self-supported, is employed, so that the problem of difficult template supporting of the high-altitude long-span overhanging corridor structure, the revolving materials are greatly saved, the construction cost is reduced, the construction progress is accelerated and the safety is ensured; and the steel plate is pre-embedded on the stiff beam, so that the floor bearing plate is effectively connected with the stiff beam and the floor bearing plate and the stiff beam are capable of acting together to ensure the safety of the structure.

Medical kiosk and method of use

A medical kiosk having a modular configuration and designed to provide tele-med services to a user. The medical kiosk includes first and second front panels, first and second rear panels, an interior chamber, a chamber access opening, and a user video conferencing system in the interior chamber. The user video conferencing system is designed to enable the user in the interior chamber to have a real-time or near real-time tele-conference with a medical provider located remotely from the medical kiosk.

Space frame support structure employing weld-free, single-cast structural connectors for highway signs

A space frame support structure for highway signs comprises upper and lower chord members; a plurality of weld-free, single-cast connectors attached to and spaced along the respective length of the chord members; a plurality of diagonal members disposed between the upper and lower chord members in a series of “V”-shaped configuration connected end-to-end, each diagonal member forming a leg of a respective “V”. Each leg including a bottom end portion and a top end portion. The bottom end portion is attached to a respective connector attached to the lower chord member. The top end portion is connected to another connector attached to the upper chord member. A plurality of pins are carried by each connector to secure each connector to the upper or lower chord member and to the respective bottom or top end portions of the diagonal members.

Suppressor for attachment to firearm barrel

A suppressor mechanism has an elongate tubular housing containing baffles and into which is assembled a suppressor mount body having spaced thread sections and spaced tapered gas seal surfaces. An adapter / muzzle brake member defines an internally threaded section that establishes threaded connection with the reduced diameter externally threaded section of a typical firearm barrel that is prepared for attachment of a suppressor thereto. The suppressor mount body and the muzzle brake / adapter member each define spaced threaded sections that establish threaded connection and promote enhanced structural integrity. The spaced internal tapered surfaces of the suppressor mount body and the spaced external tapered surfaces of the muzzle brake / adapter member establish spaced internal cartridge gas seals that prevent high pressure hot cartridge gas and gunpowder residue from coming into contact with and potentially fouling the thread connections of the suppressor mount body and the muzzle brake / adapter member.

Ball bed high-temperature gascooled reactor online reloading system

The invention relates to a sphere-bed high-temperature gas-cooled online refueling system, which belongs to the reactor engineering technology area. The states system includes four function subsystem that new fuel loading system, reactor core fuel cycle main system, spent fuel removing system, reactor core evacuation and re-loading system; which is composed of the charging hole (1), the cross ball counter (2), the isolation ball valve (3), the emptying chute (10), the dumping device (11), the broken spherical tank (12), the divider (40) and so on. The end of the charging hole (1) connects the across ball counter (2), the end of the cross ball counter (2) connects the isolation ball valve (3),the end of isolation ball valve (3) connects the divider (40). The end of the divider (40) divides into two ways, each way connects a suit of the isolation ball valve (5). The invention saves the cost; guarantees the integrality of the fuel component in the entire reactor core loading process; can enhances the fuel simplification and the broken ball separation speed and the reliability, saves the cabin space; effectively control the transportation of the fuel element in system pipeline.

Tunnel arch installation vehicle

The invention discloses a tunnel arch center installation operation vehicle. The tunnel arch center installation operation vehicle comprises a machine frame, a travelling mechanism, a traction mechanism, an arch center lifting device for lifting tunnel arch centers which are arranged on the rear part of the machine frame and are needed to be installed one by one, and an arch center transferring mechanism for transferring the arch centers which are lifted by the arch center lifting device one by one through alignment and adjustment; the arch center transferring mechanism comprises a translating trolley which can move forward and backward on the upper part of the machine frame, a lifting mechanism for stably lifting the tunnel arch centers, and a left and right movement mechanism for driving the lifting mechanism to synchronously move left and right; and the translating trolley, the left and right movement mechanism, and the lifting mechanism align and adjust the tunnel arch centers front and back, right and left and up and down respectively. The tunnel arch center installation operation vehicle has a reasonable design, is convenient to assemble, and easy and convenient to operate, safe and reliable in working performance, and good in a using effect, and can solve the problems of large working difficulty in movement and accurate positioning of steel arch centers after lifting during the installation of the conventional steel arch centers, low installation efficiency, large labor intensity and the like.
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