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Bevel gears are gears where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped. Bevel gears are most often mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well. The pitch surface of bevel gears is a cone.

Four-leg robot mechanism based on bionic design

The invention relates to a four-leg robot mechanism based on a bionic design. The four-leg robot mechanism consists of a body frame and four legs. The body frame consists of a front plate and a rear plate, two sides of the body frame are provided with flexible handles, and the robot mechanism is convenient to convey; each leg comprises a hip, a huckle, a knee and a crural part; the hip realizes two freedom degrees by adopting a differential bevel gear; the hip and the huckle are connected by an expansion sleeve to realize fast and convenient assembly and disassembly; the bevel gear drive motion is adopted by the knee; the crural part comprises a large cylinder, a small cylinder, a conical spring and a force sensor; and the large cylinder and the small cylinder are connected through the conical spring, so that the external impact force generated in the walking process of the robot can be buffered, the force sensor on a sole can acquire ground acting force, and the external environment can be conveniently sensed in real time and the robot can be subjected to balanced control conveniently. Through the bionic design idea, a spinal cord and a flexible foot mechanism of the robot are stimulated and designed, the flexibility of the robot movement is improved, the impact of the ground to the robot is reduced, and the robot mechanism has a compact structure and is convenient to install.

Square tube multiple face synchronous derusting machine

The invention discloses a square tube multiple face synchronous derusting machine. The derusting machine comprises an inverted-U-shaped rack and is characterized in that an upper motor is fixed to the middle of the upper wall of the inverted-U-shaped rack, and an upper horizontal rotating wire brush is fixed to the lower end of a shaft sleeve of a motor spindle, a fixed belt wheel at the upper end of the spindle is connected with driven shafts outside the left wall and the right wall of the inverted-U-shaped rack for transmission, and the middle of the driven shaft on the left and the middle of the driven shaft on the right are respectively meshed with a shaft end bevel gear of a transverse rotating shaft for transmission through a bevel gear; each transverse rotating shaft is provided with a transverse shaft sleeve connected with the transverse rotating shaft in a matched mode through a spline, and an upper perpendicular face rotating wire brush is fixed to the inner end of each transverse shaft sleeve; idler wheels are arranged at the bottom end of the inverted-U-shaped rack; synchronous rotation of the horizontal rotating wire brush and the perpendicular face rotating wire brushes is achieved through one motor, and thus the upper surface and the two side faces of a square tube can be polished and derusted synchronously. Thus, dust on the surface of the square tube can be cleared away fast with the derusting machine, energy is saved, labor efficiency can be improved, and the using effect of the square tube is improved.

Water plant reaping and harvesting ship

The invention provides a water plant reaping and harvesting ship which comprises a hull, a water plant cutting device, a water plant conveying device, a water plant collecting device, auxiliary collecting devices and a power device. The water plant conveying device is arranged on an installing frame of the bow in an inclined mode, the lowest end of the water plant conveying device is connected with the water plant cutting device, and the water plant collecting device is arranged at one side of the highest end. The water plant cutting device comprises a bevel gear drive mechanism, a slider-crank mechanism and a cutter reciprocating mechanism. The water plant conveying device comprises a chain plate, a chain wheel, a chain, and a water plant leakage preventing mechanism arranged on the chain plate. The water plant collecting device comprises a collecting hopper, a collecting box, a guide rail, and a collecting platform arranged on the stern. The auxiliary collecting devices are profiling variable wing eccentric collecting wheels or collecting plates arranged on the bow. The water plant reaping and harvesting ship integrates water plant cutting, conveying and collecting, all the devices are convenient to combine, and easy to disassemble, replace and maintain, connection in the whole harvesting process is close, the mechanical degree is high, and the reaping efficiency is far higher than that of manual salvage.

Suspension cone bucket type semi-solid metal slurry preparation and conveyor device

InactiveCN101391294AFine shear rateReduce shear rateShearing deformationSlurry
Disclosed is a suspending tapered bucket type semisolid metal slurry preparation and conveying apparatus, which belongs to the technique field semisolid metal machining. The apparatus comprises an adjustable speed motor 1, an elevating mechanism 2, an air pipe 3, a connecting device 4, a press-casting machine injection chamber 5, an air port 6, a transmission bevel gear 7, a mandrel 8, a coupling 9, an air pipe 10, a pony ladle 11, an inner tapered bucket 12, an outer tapered bucket 13, a heating and cooling element 14, a flanged disc 15 and the like. When in semisolid metal slurry preparation, according to the shearing deformation principle, the purpose of forming fine and even semisolid metal slurry can be achieved through the intense shearing function when the liquid state metal passes through gaps between the rotating inner tapered bucket and the outer tapered bucket which are inscribed with specific grooves, and the prepared semisolid metal slurry is conveyed to the press-casting machine injection chamber through the connecting device to realize the rheological die-casting molding. The invention has the advantages of: simple and compact equipment structure and light weight; high temperature control precision; convenient and reliable operation, and easy realization from semisolid metal slurry preparation, conveying to die-casting molding; and convenient maintenance and repair and industrialized continuous production.

Two-degree-of-freedom robot wrist

The invention discloses a two-degree-of-freedom robot wrist, which relates to a robot wrist and aims to solve the problems of complex structure, heavy weight, high control difficulty and low integration level existing in the conventional robot wrist. One of two input bases of a torque sensor is connected with a first driven bevel gear of a differential mechanism while the other is sleeved on a driven shaft of the differential mechanism; a support block is arranged on a bracket bottom plate of a support bracket; the differential mechanism is supported by the support block and two support arms of the support bracket; a driving frame is connected with the support bracket through a pre-tightening mechanism; first and second drivers are fixed on the driving frame and have opposite transmission directions; the first and second drivers are in transmission connection with first and second driving half shafts of the differential mechanism through first and second toothed belt transmission mechanisms; first and second position sensors are arranged on the first driving half shaft of the differential mechanism; and a tail end circuit board is fixedly arranged on an output base of the torque sensor. The robot wrist has the advantages of simple structure, light overall weight, easy control, high integration level and wrist pitching and deflection degrees of freedom.

Water surface floating plant fishing device

The invention discloses a water surface floating plant fishing device, which comprises a stander, a power mechanism, a fishing mechanism (1), a cutting mechanism and a compression collecting mechanism. The fishing mechanism (1) is positioned at one end of the stander; the cutting mechanism is positioned in the middle of the stander; the compression collecting mechanism is positioned under the cutting mechanism and fixed at one end of a bottom beam (11) of the stander; and the power mechanism drives the fishing mechanism, the cutting mechanism and the compression collecting mechanism through a chain wheel. The fished aquatic plant is conveyed into a cutting box (9); a bevel gear (16) drives a cutter (4) to do vertical reciprocating motion through a cam shaft (20) to cut the aquatic plant; the cut aquatic plant is compressed through the reciprocating motion of a compression plate (22); and the intermittent motion of a movable bottom plate (39) under the compression box is realized through an incomplete gear (10) so that the compressed aquatic plant falls into a collecting device. The device integrates fishing, cutting, compressing and collecting, replaces manual fishing, is suitable for various water aircrafts, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and convenient use.

Efficient concrete stirring device for civil engineering construction

The invention discloses an efficient concrete stirring device for civil engineering construction. The efficient concrete stirring device for civil engineering construction comprises a bottom plate, wherein a left vertical column and a right vertical column are vertically and fixedly installed on the bottom plate, a top plate is horizontally and fixedly installed at the upper ends of the left vertical column and the right vertical column, a slide plate is horizontally and slidably arranged on a limit hanging frame, a second rack is arranged on the front surface of the slide plate, a horizontalextension plate is horizontally and fixedly installed on the right sidewall of the left vertical column, and a second bevel gear in engagement connection with a first bevel gear and a third bevel gearis rotationally arranged on a support; and a limit sleeve is arranged on the outer sidewall of a gantry stirring frame, and a slide rod is horizontally and slidably arranged on the limit sleeve. Theefficient concrete stirring device for civil engineering construction is ingenious in structure and reasonable in design; the gantry stirring frame drives stirring blades on the inner sidewall of thegantry stirring frame to stir concrete while a stirring shaft drives the stirring blades to carry out rotary stirring on the concrete in a stirring bucket; and moreover, the rotation directions of thegantry stirring frame and the stirring shaft are opposite, so that the stirring efficiency for the concrete is greatly increased, and the mixing effect for the concrete is promoted due to the rotation of the stirring bucket.

Electrical equipment cabinet having convenient movement and heat dissipation functions

Electrical equipment cabinet having convenient movement and heat dissipation functions includes a cabinet body and support legs arranged under the cabinet body, a rotating shaft is arranged on a bottom plate of the cabinet body, the upper end of the rotating shaft is connected with a motor located in the cabinet body at the bottom, the lower end of the rotating shaft is fixedly connected with a first bevel gear, the first bevel gear engages with a second bevel gear, the second bevel gear is fixedly connected with a middle position of a horizontally arranged rotary rod, two ends of the rotary rod are fixedly provided with third bevel gears, the third bevel gears engage with fourth bevel gears, the fourth bevel gears are fixedly arranged on screws, and the top ends of the screws are rotatably connected with the lower end of the cabinet body. The electrical equipment cabinet has the beneficial effects that mutual conversion between a stable state and a moving state of the cabinet body is realized by utilization of transmission of the bevel gears; and through cooling treatment on air, cooling of the inside of the cabinet body is realized, thereby effectively guaranteeing normal work of electrical equipment, and preventing occurrence of a fire disaster.

Extruding granulation device for feed processing

InactiveCN107397052AImprove the efficiency of processing and granulationMix and stirWorking-up animal fodderDrive shaftTransmission belt
The invention discloses an extrusion granulation device for feed processing, which comprises a granulation box, a drive motor is arranged on the top of the granulation box, a transmission shaft is connected to the output shaft of the drive motor, and a coaxial fixed installation is installed on the transmission shaft. The driving pulley and the turntable, the connecting rod is hinged at the side edge of the turntable; the driven pulley is rotated on the granulation box, and the driving belt is wound between the driven pulley and the driving pulley, and the driven pulley is the same The shaft is fixedly installed with a driving bevel gear; the surface of the rotating shaft is provided with a helical blade; the extrusion die is installed horizontally in the granulation box, the horizontal limit sleeve is horizontally installed on the inner wall of the right side of the granulation box, and the left end of the slider is connected with a Several cutting blades are arranged parallel to each other, and the baffle is in contact with the disc cam; the slider drives the cutting blades to cut the feed extruded from the extrusion die, making the feed more refined and uniform, and effectively avoiding feed blockage The extrusion die head greatly improves the efficiency of feed processing and granulation.

Adjustable height table with multiple legs operable by a single crank

An improved elevating table apparatus provides a plurality of at least three telescoping legs that support a table top having an underside and an upper surface that provides a work surface upon which can be placed computers, office equipment and the like. A gear cluster is provided at the top of each leg that includes a plurality of gears, preferably bevel gears, that are engaged during use. Each leg has a hollow interior that holds a generally vertically extending, externally threaded rod, the rod having an upper end portion with a gear that forms a part of the gear cluster and a lower end portion that threadably engages a section of the leg. A single crank provides a drive shaft with a gear that forms a part of one of the gear clusters. A plurality of connecting linkages or connecting rods are provided that connect a center of the gear clusters to each of a pair of side gear clusters. When the single crank is rotated, all of the gear clusters and connecting rods or linkages rotate, each connecting rod or linkage having a gear at a connecting rod or linkage end portion that forms a part of a gear cluster. In this fashion, the crank can be rotated in one rotational direction that extends the length of each of the legs and elevates the table top. When the crank is rotated in an opposite rotational direction, all of the legs shorten in length so that the table top is lowered.
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