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Continuous large-power turbine fracturing equipment

The invention discloses continuous large-power turbine fracturing equipment. The large-power turbine fracturing equipment comprises a turbine engine, a reduction box, a transmission shaft and a plunger pump, wherein the turbine engine and the reduction box are arranged on the same straight line; the reduction box is connected to the plunger pump through a transmission shaft; and an angle of the transmission shaft ranges from 2 degrees to 4 degrees. The continuous large-power turbine fracturing equipment has the beneficial effects that: a chassis T1 material is selected, so that a stable working platform is provided for the equipment; the turbine engine and the reduction box are on the same straight line, the transmission shaft is arranged between the reduction box and the plunger pump, andthe angle of the transmission shaft ranges from 2 degrees to 4 degrees, so that stable and efficient transmission of the turbine engine is guaranteed, and a fault occurrence rate is reduced; a lubricating system driven by an auxiliary power system guarantees that the turbine engine, the reduction box and the plunger pump work under a proper environment; dual lubricating systems guarantee that theplunger pump realizes continuous operation under power of 5000 HP or higher; and the technical means finally can meet continuous large-power operation requirements of the fracturing equipment.

Motor vehicle comprising a drive train having a multiple clutch drive

The invention relates to measures for controlling or reducing drag torque occurring in a multi-plate clutch device (202) due to temperature-related increased viscosity of an operating fluid which is supplied to the plates in operation. The aim of the invention is to enable a motor vehicle to be started or operated even at low temperatures. According to one aspect of the invention, a motor vehicle comprising a drive train is especially provided. Said drive train comprises a drive unit (238), gearbox (330) having a first gearbox input shaft and a second gearbox input shaft, and a clutch (202) having a first clutch device which is associated with the first gearbox input shaft, and a second clutch device which is associated with the second gearbox input shaft, for transferring torque between the drive unit and the gearbox. Said clutch devices are embodied in the form of plate clutches to which an operating fluid can be supplied, especially a cooling oil in order to operate the same. Said gearbox (330) is associated with an actuator device and a control device (316) for controlling the actuator device, the arrangement of which enables the gears associated with the first and second gearbox input shafts to be engaged and disengaged. According to the invention, the control device (316) is designed in such a way that at least one gear is automatically engaged by means of the actuator device (236), as a result of the clutch release of the vehicle.
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