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Electrical equipment cabinet having convenient movement and heat dissipation functions

Electrical equipment cabinet having convenient movement and heat dissipation functions includes a cabinet body and support legs arranged under the cabinet body, a rotating shaft is arranged on a bottom plate of the cabinet body, the upper end of the rotating shaft is connected with a motor located in the cabinet body at the bottom, the lower end of the rotating shaft is fixedly connected with a first bevel gear, the first bevel gear engages with a second bevel gear, the second bevel gear is fixedly connected with a middle position of a horizontally arranged rotary rod, two ends of the rotary rod are fixedly provided with third bevel gears, the third bevel gears engage with fourth bevel gears, the fourth bevel gears are fixedly arranged on screws, and the top ends of the screws are rotatably connected with the lower end of the cabinet body. The electrical equipment cabinet has the beneficial effects that mutual conversion between a stable state and a moving state of the cabinet body is realized by utilization of transmission of the bevel gears; and through cooling treatment on air, cooling of the inside of the cabinet body is realized, thereby effectively guaranteeing normal work of electrical equipment, and preventing occurrence of a fire disaster.

Metallic structure improvement for manufacturing electrical cabinets/panels

IMPROVEMENT TO THE METALLIC STRUCTURE FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRICAL PANELS/CABINETS, enclosing a structure of metallic cross sections (5), with the device for supporting the parts making up the external walls from folded sheets, as well as constituting the device for supporting and mounting the doors with its respective hinges and other accessories, such as: the upper (6) and lower enclosure with the base (7) and other components, being that, still, same structure, although, on the inside, also configures the necessary mounts for distributing and assembling the different electrical and electronic components and devices; in the first construction version, the said structure (5) presented semi-assembled, where four of its uprights or four of its cross sections (P1) are completely free while all the other cross sections are rigidly integrated into two equal rectangular frames (8) which form the two opposite sides of the said structure (5) and therefore at the corner point of the junction of each rectangular frame (8) there is a complementary device (9) cooperating for the interlinking at 90° between two adjacent cross sections (P2) and (P3) of each frame (8), as also this selfsame device presents the mechanism so that the extremities of the other cross sections (P1) may be coupled between the corners of the rectangular frames (8), thus forming the structure (5).
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