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Portable solar panel with attachment points

InactiveUS20060225781A1High solar efficiencyBatteries circuit arrangementsPV power plantsStrappingEngineering
The present invention discloses a portable solar tarp or a field portable battery charger employing a solar tarp, utilizing flexible solar panels, solar fabric, or solar film. Around the perimeter of the solar tarp is a series of attachment points for straps. The attachment points can be grommets, loops, buckles, hooks, buttons, or grab loops and lines, and to which connected various straps (webbing, line, cord, or cable). The present invention further discloses a versatile, adjustable strapping system utilizing straps, buckles, and hooks. The present invention strapping system can attach almost any object to nearly any other object, such as back packs, luggage, vehicles, boats, permanent and portable shelters and buildings, mechanical equipment, and natural objects such as trees, rocks. The solar panel according to the present invention can have the photovoltaic cells wired individually, or in a single line, because when parts of the photovoltaic system is subjected to shade, or if due to space constraint, parts of the photovoltaic system is covered or folded away, the remaining photovoltaic cells with useable energy are still able to function at peak capacity, since the covered cells will not become an energy drain upon the remaining cells. Further, the photovoltaic system is able to harness all available energy, regardless of the required or desired voltage and/or amperage for the system, thus converting any and all available energy into a useable current to either recharge batteries, or power a load.

Adaptive extraction and diagnosis method for degree features of mechanical fault through stack-type sparse automatic coding depth neural network

The invention relates to an adaptive extraction and diagnosis method for degree features of a mechanical fault through a stack-type sparse automatic coding depth neural network, and belongs to the technical field of mechanical equipment state monitoring and reliability evaluation. The method aims at a problem of intelligent diagnosis of the degree of the mechanical fault, and comprises the steps: carrying out the stacking of sparse automatic coding, adding a classification layer, and constructing the stack-type sparse automatic coding depth neural network which integrates the adaptive learning and extraction of the degree features of the fault and fault recognition; employing the advantage that the sparse automatic coding can automatically learn the internal features of data, and adding noise coding to be integrated in the sparse automatic coding for improving the robustness of feature learning; carrying out the layer-by-layer no-supervision adaptive learning and supervision fine tuning of the original input complex data through multilayer sparse automatic coding, completing the automatic extraction and expression of the degree features of the mechanical fault and achieving the intelligent diagnosis of the degree of the fault. The method is used for the diagnosis of the degree of faults of rolling bearings under different work conditions, and obtains a good effect of feature extraction and diagnosis.

Full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment and processing method thereof

The invention relates to the field of production machining mechanical equipment and discloses full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment. A material slot of a feeding device of the full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment is provided with a shifting mechanism consisting of a shifting fork and a shifting rod. The end of the shifting mechanism, which corresponds to a rear baffle plate of the feeding device, is provided with a leveling mechanism. A feeding bracket at the side of an unloading mechanism, which is correspondingly connected with a tube cutting device, is provided with a clamping mechanism. A lower roller and a side roller which are connected are arranged in the unloading mechanism. A split clamp of the tube cutting device is arranged on a tube cutting bracket through a trapezoid block. A recovery device consists of a recovery mechanism and a return mechanism, wherein the recovery mechanism is arranged at one side of the split clamp in a leveling mode; and the return mechanism is arranged on a recovery bracket at the rear end of the recovery mechanism. A brush wheel is arranged in the return mechanism. A machining method of the equipment comprises the steps of adding, aligning, feeding, cutting and receiving. The full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment is smooth to feed materials and is clear to separate the materials, so that resource waste is avoided, the machining procedures of the engineering are reduced, the cutting quality is improved, both manpower and material resources are saved and the production efficiency is improved.

Cutting trimming device of conveyer belt

The invention relates to mining mechanical equipment, in particular to a conveyor belt cutting and dressing machine, which consists of a pedestal, a drive device, a conveyor belt device, a main tool post, an auxiliary tool post, a carrier roller, a guide wheel, a saddle, a guide groove, a belt hold roller and an electric control box; the drive device consists of an electric motor and a gear box; the conveyor belt device consists of an upright post bracket, a conveyor belt driving roller, a conveyor belt pressing roller and a feed screw nut; the gear box and the conveyor belt driving roller are connected through chains; the front end and the rear end of the drive device are provided with the main tool post and the auxiliary tool post; the tool posts are provided with cutting knives or saw bits driven by a small-power motor; the rear end of the auxiliary tool post is provided with the guide wheel; the rear end of the guide wheel is provided with the carrier roller; the saddle is arranged on the pedestal; the guide groove and the belt hold roller are arranged on the saddle; and a road wheel is arranged at the bottom of the pedestal. The mining mechanical equipment is used for the trimming, the reshaping and the width modification of the conveyor belt, realizes the waste utilization, saves energy resources, reduces the cost and labor intensity, improves the production efficiency, and has a simple structure and convenient operation.

Method and apparatus for machine guidance at a work site

A method and apparatus for providing machine guidance of all types of earthmoving machinery, other heavy equipment, and work site vehicles. The method and apparatus is applicable to any industrial work site such as a construction site, open pit mine, quarry operation, or landfill. The machinery, equipment, or vehicle is not required to be equipped with a positional receiver of any kind. The position of all machinery, equipment, and vehicles is performed by employing an array of 3D laser scanners (or any 3D digital imaging devices) positioned throughout the work site. 3D images of the work site are transmitted from the laser scanners to a remote processing unit via a data link or network. The processing unit analyzes the images and determines the position of the machinery, equipment and vehicles. The positions are transmitted to the machinery, equipment, and vehicles via the data link or network. The current Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the work site is captured and stored in real time in the form of a 3-D digital image, as a by-product of scanning the work site and determining the position of the work site machinery, equipment, and vehicles. The remote processing unit compares the current DTM to the work site's design DTM and transmits the difference to the required machinery, equipment, and vehicles for feedback to their operators in real time.

Ultrasonic cleaner

The invention discloses an ultrasonic cleaner and belongs to the field of mechanical equipment cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner solves the problems that cleaning fluid in an existing ultrasonic cleaner cannot remove impurities in time, and the cleaning fluid is wasted. The ultrasonic cleaner comprises a rack (1), an ultrasonic generator (2), a cleaning tank (3) and ultrasonic vibrators (4). A water circulation device is arranged on the outer side of the cleaning tank (3) and comprises an overflow tank (5) arranged on one side of the cleaning tank (3). The water circulation device further comprises the overflow tank, an oil contamination tank (7), a water storage tank (8), a water pump (9), a filter (10) and a water injection tank (11). The bottom of the water injection tank (11) is communicated with the cleaning tank (3). The bottom of the cleaning tank (3) is an inclined plane. The ultrasonic cleaner integrates the functions of heating, ultrasonic waves, circulating filtration, oil-water separation and article movement, the cleaning speed is high, and the cleaning effect is good; besides, the ultrasonic cleaner is multifunctional, low in energy consumption and capable of prolonging the replacement cycle of the cleaning fluid and reducing environmental pollution, thereby being wide in application range.

Induction method of three-dimensional (3D) online induction system for mechanical equipment dismounting

InactiveCN102789514AAugmented reality inductionImprove high universalityInput/output for user-computer interactionGraph readingInduction motor3d design
The invention discloses an induction method of a three-dimensional (3D) online induction system for mechanical equipment dismounting. The induction system comprise an eyeglass-type augmented reality helmet, a hand position tracking device and a computer, wherein the augmented reality helmet is provided with two display screens and two cameras; and wireless communication can be realized among the augmented reality helmet, the hand position tracking device and the computer. An induction method for realizing the three-dimensional online induction system for mechanical equipment dismounting comprises the following steps of: 1, transforming a virtual assembly model; 2, initializing the induction system; 3, recognizing the dismounting purpose; 4, generating induction information; 5, overlapping the induction information; and 6, repeating the steps 3-5 until the online product induction is finished. The method disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of accurate induction information, strong universal capability and convenience in carrying, and can be used for realizing the 3D online induction driven by requirements of operators, current situations of tasks and dismounting history and realizing the integration of product 3D design and dismounting induction.

Movable arm flow re-generation system with potential energy recovery device for excavator

The invention discloses a movable arm flow re-generation system with a potential energy recovery device for an excavator, and belongs to the technical field of engineering mechanical equipment. The system comprises a movable arm hydraulic cylinder, a three-position four-way servo valve, a controller, an overflow valve, an electromagnetic flow valve, a one-way valve, a variable output pump, an oil tank and an engine; the controller is electrically connected with the servo valve, the electromagnetic flow valve and the variable output pump; the three-position four-way servo valve is sequentially connected with a reversing valve and a hydraulic motor; the hydraulic motor is axially connected with a power generator; an output end of the power generator is electrically connected with a super capacitor; the outlet pressure of the hydraulic motor is controlled by the electromagnetic flow valve through the one-way valve of the motor; the reversing valve is connected with the oil tank; and the controller is electrically connected with the reversing valve, the power generator and the hydraulic motor. By the system, the optimal energy-saving state of the excavator can be realized during the falling of a movable arm, the energy consumption of the hydraulic system is reduced, the utilization ratio of the energy is improved, and the service life of the excavator is prolonged.

Nano hollow silica dioxide micro-sphere/polyurethane composite aqueous paint and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical filed of water paint, which particularly relates to nanometer hollow silica sphere/polyurethane compound water paint and the process for preparation thereof. The water compound paint is chemically compounded by hollow SiO2 sphere, whose dimension is 50-250 nanometers, isocyanate terminated polyurethane prepolymer, catalyst and other auxiliary agents. Indoor temperature storage stability of the compound water paint is excellent, nanometer hollow SiO2 sphere and water polyurethane have excellent compatibility, hardness and compatibility of the water compound coating layer are greatly improved, and fire-resisting property and ultraviolet resistant performance are excellent. The process for preparation of the invention has the advantages of convenient and simple technique, high film coating quality, low production cost and extensive application prospect and the like, which has no pollution to environment, the water paint is a new generation environmental-friendly high-performance chemical product, which can be applied in the fields such as automobile coating, wood coating, construction, office furniture, leather, textile finishing, pigment printing and mechanical equipment.

Nonlinear fault detection method based on semi-supervised manifold learning

The invention relates to a nonlinear fault detection method based on semi-supervised manifold learning, which belongs to the field of electromechanical equipment fault diagnosis. The method comprises the following steps that (1) vibration signal data acquisition and preprocessing are performed on monitored electromechanical equipment, and hybrid-domain feature extraction is performed to obtain an initial sample set which represents an operating state of the equipment; (2) a semi-supervised Laplacian Eigenmap algorithm is adopted to perform manifold feature extraction on an equipment sample, so as to obtain essential manifold features sensitive to faults; and (3) an intelligent diagnosis model based on an LS-SVM (Least Squares-Support Vector Machine) is established in low-dimensional manifold feature space, so as to realize mode recognition and diagnosis decision to the operating state of the equipment faults. By using a semi-supervised manifold learning algorithm adopted by the invention, nonlinear geometric manifold features of a vibration signal sample can be effectively extracted, the fault category of the equipment operating state is judged, and the fault detection pertinence and accuracy are improved. The nonlinear fault detection method can be widely used for fault detection and diagnostic analysis of all kinds of mechanical equipment.

Feeding and transferring mechanism for pipe fittings with end portions closed

The invention discloses a feeding and transferring mechanism for pipe fittings with end portions closed, and belongs to the field of workpiece machining mechanical equipment. A guide pipe through holeis formed in the upper end of a pipe storage hopper of the feeding and transferring mechanism. A lifting push plate is arranged on a push plate sleeve on the lower side of the pipe storage hopper ina sliding manner. A pipe movement guide plate is arranged on a guide pipe support on the lower side of a discharge guide pipe. A clamping rod limiting clamp is arranged at the upper end of a reciprocating swinging rod. A turnover gear is fixedly arranged on the end portion of one side of a fixed rotating shaft. The middle portion of one side of a turnover connection plate is fixedly arranged on the end portion, along the side of the pipe movement guide plate, of the fixed rotating shaft. The two sides of a pipe transferring belt are wound on and connected to pipe transferring rotation rollerson the two sides of a pipe transferring support correspondingly. A pipe transferring motor drives the pipe transferring rotation rollers to rotate. The feeding and transferring mechanism is reasonablein structural design, the pipe fittings can be conveniently and efficiently arranged and fed in an oriented manner one by one, the pipe fittings can be stably and accurately overturned vertically oneby one, and therefore the pipe fittings can be sequentially conveyed through vertical stations, the automation degree of pipe fitting feeding and processing can be improved, and requirements of machining and using can be met.

Remote operation and maintenance system for textile machine, and implementation method for remote operation and maintenance system

PendingCN109246223AResume normal productionRealize remote diagnosisClosed circuit television systemsTransmissionStatistical analysisThe Internet
The invention discloses a remote operation and maintenance system for a textile machine, and an implementation method for the remote operation and maintenance system. The system comprises a textile machine IOT (Internet of Things) sensing system, a data transmission system, a cloud platform system and an operating system. The textile machine IOT sensing system comprises a textile machine device, aPLC controller, an industrial Internet intelligent transmission terminal connected with the PLC controller, a web camera installed on the textile machine device, a detection sensing device installedin textile machine device and a field actuator. The system achieves the real-time condition monitoring service, operation statistical analysis service, fault/abnormal condition alarm service, device failure rate distributed analysis service, online fault diagnosis service, remote maintenance and real-time video surveillance service of the textile machine device. The system realizes remote diagnosis and maintenance of the textile machine through taking the textile machine IOT sensing system and industrial cloud platform as the basis, centralizes and integrates the original piecemeal management,and promotes the whole life cycle management of equipment.

Four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment

ActiveCN103639274ARealize punching workAdapt to punching needsMetal-working feeding devicesPositioning devicesPunchingProgrammable logic controller
The invention relates to four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment and belongs to the field of automatic processing of mechanical equipment. The four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment comprises a machine frame, a feeding/discharging device, a punching device, a punching working platform, a hydraulic power device and a programmable logic controller (PLC) electric cabinet, wherein the hydraulic power device provides power; the PLC electric cabinet controls the procedure processing process; the machine frame is arranged at the lower part of the equipment; the feeding/discharging device is placed on the machine frame; the punching working platform is fixedly connected to the machine frame and is mounted below the feeding/discharging device; the punching device is arranged above the punching working platform. The equipment finishes feeding, positioning, stepping punching and discharging through the PLC electric cabinet and realizes the punching operation on a square pipe. The equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and simple structure, can reduce the labor intensity, can adjust the hole position and quantity according to requirements, and can adapt various punching requirements of the square holes.

Continuous filling mechanism

InactiveCN107055439ASmooth transmissionThe conveyor belt can be moved intermittently according to the needs, and the transmission is smoothLiquid bottlingFilling materialsEngineering
The invention discloses a continuous filling mechanism, which belongs to the field of material filling machinery and equipment. The invention includes a fixed bracket, a transmission bracket, a round can conveyor belt, a rotating circular plate, a slotted rotary plate, a rotating cam, a rotating motor, a lifting sleeve, a lifting guide rod and a filling material tube, and the round can conveyor belt is horizontally arranged on the transmission bracket. On the side, the rotating circular plate is vertically arranged at one end of the rotating shaft, and the card slot rotating plate is vertically arranged on one side of the translation pulley. Between two adjacent rotating arc surfaces, there are drive slots along the radial direction of the card slot rotating plate. The rotating card slot matching the wheel, the rotating motor and the rotating shaft are connected by a transmission belt transmission, the lifting sleeve is slid along the vertical direction and a lifting guide rod is installed, and the filling material tube is vertically set at one end of the filling support plate . The invention has a reasonable structural design, can quickly, efficiently and smoothly fill the round cans one by one continuously, improves the efficiency and quality of filling, and meets the needs of production and use.

Waterborne residual rust antirust coating and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a waterborne residual rust antirust coating and a preparation method thereof. The waterborne residual rust antirust coating is prepared from styrene-acrylic emulsion, water soluble epoxy resin, water soluble acrylic resin, iron oxide red, graphene, zinc oxide, barium sulphate, transforming agents, a transformation accelerator, a levelling agent, a defoaming agent, a dispersing agent, a thickening agent and water. The waterborne residual rust antirust coating contains no organic solvent, is environment-friendly and pollution-free, has the characteristic that bottom and surface are combined and has an excellent physical and chemical antirust and rust transforming function, is applicable to rust protection of the surface of steel with rust, a hard oxidation skin layer or an oil paint film and is also applicable to rust protection of the surface of rust-free steel, the preparation method is simple, construction is easy, two transforming agents are complexed in the waterborne residual rust antirust coating, so that a binding force between the waterborne residual rust antirust coating and rust is increased, the waterborne residual rust antirust coating can be directly brushed and coated on the surface of rusty steel and is applicable to multiple construction ways such as spraying, brushing and showering, the coating cost is low, and the rust protection requirements of urban road facilities, bridges, oil and gas pipelines, engineering mechanical equipment, ships and the like can be met.

Chromium-free self-lubricating passivation solution and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a chromium-free self-lubricating passivation solution and a preparation method thereof. The chromium-free self-lubricating passivation solution is formed by compounding the following compositions in percentage by weight: 8%-12% of water-borne epoxy resin, 0.5%-1% of curing agent, 10%-15% of silane coupling agent, 0.5%-1% of inorganic component, 2%-4% of solid lubricant, 1%-2% of friction modifier, 0.5%-1% of anti-wear agent, 0.5%-1% of anti-sinking agent, and 60%-75% of diluting agent. The inorganic component is one or a combination of Ce(NO3)3 and sodium molybdate, the solid lubricant is one or a combination of two or more of polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene wax, polyethylene, molybdenum disulfide and graphite, the friction modifier is self-synthesized molybdenum dialkyldithiophosphate, the anti-wear agent is one or a combination of nanosilicon dioxide and nano aluminum oxide, the anti-sinking agent is attapulgite, and the diluting agent is a mixture of water and ethanol. A plate product coated with passivation solution has the advantages of being pollution-free, low-friction, anti-oxidized, anti-wear and extreme pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, finger-resistant, having good mechanical performance and the like, and the passivation solution can be directly coated on the surfaces of a zinc-plated plate and parts of certain mechanical equipment for use.
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