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Device and method for automatic test and fault diagnosis of plane audio integrated system

ActiveCN102092477AWith fault diagnosis functionReduce labor intensityStructural/machines measurementAircraft maintainanceData informationCapability Maturity Model
The invention relates to a device and method for automatic test and fault diagnosis of a plane audio integrated system, which are used for maintaining the plane audio integrated system of Airbus series and Boeing series. The method comprises the steps of: operating test software by an industrial personal computer to provide a man-machine interaction environment, and carrying out analysis, computation and statistic treatment on acquired data so as to further complete fault diagnosis; compiling a fault diagnosis program according to all circuit diagrams and test point information of the audio integrated system, provided by a CMM (Capability Maturity Model for Software) manual, and clearing up injected data information on faults, excitation, response and the like to form a fault record in a fault dictionary; in the fault diagnosis program, providing the positions of testing points in need of manual measurement and corresponding test information; testing the testing points in need of manual measurement by detection personnel to confirm a fault area, and displaying corresponding diagnosis results. The device and method provided by the invention can commonly meet the requirement of the automatic test for two types of audio integrated systems including the AMU (Audio Management Unit) of Airbus series planes and the REU (Remote Electronic unit) of the Boeing series planes, and are favorable for reducing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel and improving maintenance efficiency.

Testing device and method of ground deformation caused by simulating metro shield tunnel construction

The invention discloses a testing device and a method of ground deformation caused by simulating metro shield tunnel construction, and belongs to the technical field of underground engineering experiments. The overall process that similar materials are used for simulating soil layer structures, a tunnel simulating device is used for simulating tunnel structures, and a ground loss simulation system is used for simulating disturbed soil around a tunnel and ground loss is included. After the installation of the device is completed, the ground loss simulation system is started, an airtight water bag which is filled with water by using a pressure water pump in advance is drained step by step through a drain pipe, and water discharge is accurately controlled through a water stop valve and a measuring tank. Moreover, the water discharge is recorded, the ground loss is simulated, a corresponding stratum is deformed, and then the earth surface subsides, the surface subsidence is accurately measured through a dial indicator, and a measured value is recorded. Stratum loss ratio is calculated out through conversion, and the stratum loss ratio and the subsidence measured value are made into forms and images together, and thereby the relation between the stratum loss ratio under different stratum structures and the surface subsidence can be measured out simply, conveniently and accurately.

Device diagnosis device, freezing cycle device, fluid circuit diagnosis method, device monitoring system, and freezing cycle monitoring system

A failure diagnosis apparatus for a refrigerating cycle had a problem that it has a low precision because the fluid is treated, and it is difficult to detect a foretaste of failure, absorb individual differences of real machine in the failure determination, and determine a cause of failure. Also, no cheap and practical diagnosis apparatus and method are provided. A plurality of instrumentation amounts concerning the refrigerant such as the pressure and temperature of the refrigerating cycle apparatus or other instrumentation amounts are detected, the state quantities such as composite variables are acquired by making the arithmetic operation on these instrumentation amounts, and whether the apparatus is normal or abnormal is judged employing the arithmetic operation results. If learning is made during the normal operation, a current state is judged, and if learning is made by compulsorily performing the abnormal operation, or if the abnormal operating condition is operated during the current operation, a failure foretaste such as a critical operation can be made from a change in the Mahalanobis distance. Thereby, the secure diagnosis can be implemented with a simple constitution.
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