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Wind turbine yawing system, wind turbine and yawing process

A yawing system for a wind turbine, the wind turbine comprising a tower fixed to the ground and a frame (1) housing an electric power generator, the tower and the frame (1) being joined by the yawing system which allows the orientation of the frame (1) with respect to the tower according to the direction of the wind. The yawing system comprises:
    • a gear ring (2) fixed to the tower, the gear ring having a sliding track (3) on which the frame (1) rests and slides in its yawing movement,
    • at least one geared motor fixed to the frame (1), meshed with the gear ring (2) through a gear wheel,
    • at least one active braking module (5), and
    • at least one passive braking module (6).
The invention further comprises a sliding track (3) and a friction track on the gear ring, this friction track (10) being different from the sliding track (3), and the active braking modules (5) and passive braking modules (6) comprising a friction plate (11) acting on the friction track (10) of the ring. The frame (1) rests on the gear ring (2) by means of horizontal plates (8) and radial plates (9) made of a sliding material, and are kept in their position by separating parts (7). Furthermore, the gear ring (2) is divided into gear-toothed circular segments to favor its repair. Other aspects are a wind turbine with the previous yawing system and a yawing process of a turbine by means of the previous yawing system.

Ball and socket joint with pivoting angle sensor for detecting the relative angular position of the joint housing and the ball pivot

A ball and socket joint (1) is provided with a pivoting angle sensor (9) for detecting the relative angular position of the joint housing (4) and the ball pivot (3). The pivoting angle α of the joint ball (2) is detected by a measuring means comprising a magnet (8) and a magnetic field sensor (9). The position and the size of the magnet (8) as well as the position and the size of the recess of the joint ball (2) are selected for each type of ball and socket joint from one series such that when the particular nominal pivoting angle αm of the ball and socket joint (1) is reached, the angle κ of the magnetic field lines (12) passing through the magnetic field sensor (9) approximately equals a constant κm, which applies to the entire series. As a result, one and the same magnetic field sensor (9) can be used within the entire series of ball and socket joints for a plurality of types and it can be arranged in one and the same sensor housing (7) as well as at one and the same location at the ball and socket joint (1) for a plurality of types. Among other things, considerable cost savings are achieved because of the resulting reduction in the number of parts and the simplification of the design of the series of ball and socket joints.

Motor-driven wheel drive device

The invention provides a motor-driven wheel drive device in which the durability of a wheel bearing is increased, the weight and size thereof are reduced, and the disassembly and reassembly thereof is taken into account. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] This motor-driven wheel drive device comprises a drive part (4) having an electric motor (M) driving a planetary speed reduction gear (2) installed in the wheel bearing (1) and a rotating member (17). The wheel bearing (1) further comprises a hub wheel (6) on which an inside rolling surface (6a) is formed, an inner ring (7) press-fitted to the hub wheel, an outer member (8) in which double rows of outside rolling surfaces (8a) are formed, and rolling elements (9). The planetary speed reduction gear (2) further comprises a sun gear (3) formed in a rotating member (17), a plurality of planetary gears (12) disposed between the outer member (8) and the sun gear (3), and carrier pins (14) pivotally supporting these planetary gears on a connection shaft (13). The drive part (4) further comprises the electric motor (M) releasably disposed on the outer member (8) and the rotating member (17). The connection shaft (13) is connected to the hub wheel (6) through a serration, and the rotation of the electric motor (M) is transmitted to the hub wheel (6) through the rotating member (17) and the planetary speed reduction gear (2).

Compact turbocharger

The use of anti-friction ball bearings in a unique arrangement does not require the use of lubricating oil from the internal combustion engine lubricating system and permits close coupling of the bearings and a compact turbocharger. A turbocharger bearing housing forms a coolant jacket with an inner bearing engaging portion that has two bearing engagement surfaces engaged with the outer races of two anti-friction bearings whose inner races carry rotating shaft, turbine and compressor of the turbocharger. The anti-friction bearings are, preferably, angular contact ball bearings, and the two bearing engagement surfaces of the bearing housing are closely spaced, providing a turbocharger shaft of minimal length and substantially reducing the thermal expansion of the shaft. The coolant jacket protects the anti-friction bearings from exposure to the extreme heat of the exhaust gas driven turbine, notwithstanding their increased proximity due to the shortened turbocharger shaft. In addition, an external motor-generator may be carried by the compact turbocharger, and its motor may be connected to the turbocharger rotor assembly by a permanent, solid connector and stay connected throughout the entire operating range of the turbocharger. In such assembly, the electronic motor-generator control is mounted on the motor housing and energizes the motor from battery power during the engine acceleration period up to approximately the torque peak speed; thereafter, the control changes to a generator mode when excess energy is available in the engine exhaust gas.
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