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Air inlet experimental facility capable of carrying out measurement on the same model and operating method thereof

The invention provides an air inlet experimental facility capable of carrying out measurement on the same model and an operating method thereof, relating to the subsonic velocity and supersonic velocity technical field. The air plane body of the invention is provided with an air inlet, a boundary layer separation channel is arranged on the air plane body close to the air inlet, a built-in case type six component strain balance is arranged on the air plane body at the inner channel of the air inlet, the inner wall of the air plane body at the air plane body measuring section is respectively and uniformly distributed with air inlet exit total pressure measuring rakes and static vents, the front end of the total pressure measuring rake and the static vent are all arranged on the cross section of the air inlet exit and close to the tail part of the air plane body; the tail part exit of the air plane body measuring section is provided with a flow adjusting cone, and the flow adjusting cone is connected with a stepping motor by a drive screw. The experimental technology that air inlet characteristic and resistance measurement can be carried out on the same model of the invention solves the problem that the existing air plane can not acquire the actual resistance of air inlet when in designing process and can be applied to resistance characteristic comparison analysis of different air inlet schemes, thus the actual thrust resistance characteristic of air plane can be obtained.

Scale measuring device for pitching dynamic derivative experiment

The invention provides a scale measuring device for a pitching dynamic derivative experiment. An electric motor is arranged in a motor support rod; a motor output shaft is connected with a transmission shaft via a speed reducer and a shaft coupling; the transmission shaft is rotationally connected with a scale support rod; the rear end of the scale support rod is fixedly connected with the front end of the motor support rod; the front end of the transmission shaft is provided with an eccentric wheel which is provided with a lug; the lug is inserted into a sliding chute of a slide block; upper and lower cross springs of a cross spring scale have a crisscross structure respectively, and the front and rear ends thereof are fixedly connected with a scale frame via a front seat; and central positions of the upper and lower cross springs are provided with supporting cylinders. The scale measuring device for the pitching dynamic derivative experiment is a novel pitching dynamic derivative scale device. A pitching direct derivative of an aerial craft and a rolling crossover derivative induced by yaw oscillation can be measured under a big attack angle by designing a special vibrating mechanism, the cross spring scale and a pitching five-component scale structure. The scale measuring device for the pitching dynamic derivative experiment can meet the requirement of a wind tunnel trial.

Method and system for diagnosing state of gas turbine

An operation monitoring unit 11 for acquiring process data from sensors 10 installed to a gas turbine and operation information of the gas turbine; communication units 12, 14 for transmitting each of said two kinds of data on the gas turbine acquired in the operation monitoring unit 11; an analysis server 16 which calculates values of equivalent operating time using each of the two kinds of data obtained through the communication units 12, 14, the value of equivalent operating time evaluating a degree of damage of a diagnosed position for each of a plurality of degradation-and-damage modes, and calculates a value of whole equivalent operating time by adding the values of equivalent operating time for the individual degradation-and-damage modes; and a facility management unit 15 client-server systemized using the analysis server 16 and a WWW browser 20 or WWW server 19 are provided. By acquiring the above-described two kinds of data relating to the gas turbine during operating the gas turbine into the analysis server 16 through the communication units 12, 14, a highly accurate analysis result of damage condition can be speedy obtained from values of equivalent operating time for a plurality of degradation-and-damage modes. Further, it is also possible to provide convenience that a person in a remote site can speedy and easily view the analysis results using the WWW browser 20 through the client server system.

Direct-cooling freezing wind tunnel realization method and direct-cooling freezing wind tunnel realization system

The invention discloses a freezing wind tunnel realization method. Test airflow in the wind tunnel is directly cooled by low-temperature refrigeration gas, moisture in the humid test gas is condensed into liquid drops, and the low-temperature water mist environment required by a freezing test is obtained. The low-temperature refrigeration gas is simultaneously used for lowering the test model surface temperature so as to obtain different parameter combinations among the test airflow temperature, and the liquid drop particle diameter distribution and the model surface temperature to obtain different ice types on the model. The freezing wind tunnel system for realizing the method comprises a fan, a low-temperature gas sprinkling system and a model cooling system, wherein the low-temperature gas sprinkling system is installed on the upper stream of a wind tunnel test section so as to inject low-temperature gas into the test airflow; and the model cooling system is connected with the test model to enable the test model to obtain lower surface temperature. The direct-cooling freezing wind tunnel realization system is higher in heat exchange efficiency, and is simplified in structure, so that not only can direct-cooling freezing wind tunnel realization system be used for a direct-current wind tunnel and a backflow-type wind tunnel and also can be used for transforming the conventional wind tunnel into the freezing wind tunnel.
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