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Method and apparatus for differential pressure testing of catalytic reactor tubes

A multi-tube differential pressure (Delta P) testing system for testing catalyst filled tubes of tube and shell type catalytic reactors has at least one mobile test unit for movement on the upper tube sheet of a catalytic reactor. An array of test probes is mounted to the mobile test unit and is selectively positionable in sealed gas pressure communicating engagement within the upper ends of selected reactor tubes. A pressure testing gas delivery system is interconnected with the test probes and selectively communicates pressurized gas to the testing tubes at a blow-down pressure or selected test pressure determined by restricted orifices. A differential pressure measurement system measures the back-pressure resulting from application of test pressure to individual reactor tubes and having a computer receiving electronic back-pressure measurement data and producing an electronic and/or visual record correlated with a reactor tube numerical sequence and identifying the resulting back-pressure of each reactor tube of the multi-tube test. The testing system is capable of selectively electronically counting in normal sequence and in inverted sequence to accommodate test unit orientation and incorporates a separate manually positioned testing wand to accommodate tube positions of the reactor that cannot be readily accessed by one or more of the array of test probes.
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