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Methods and systems for the rapid detection of concealed objects

The present invention provides for an improved scanning process having a first stage to rapidly identify a threat location and a second stage to accurately identify the nature of the threat. The improved scanning process maintains a high degree of accuracy while still providing an operationally desirable high throughput. The present invention also uses improved processing techniques that enable the substantially automated detection of threats and decrease the dependence on operator accuracy. One embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for identifying an object concealed within a container. It comprises a first stage inspection system having at least two X-ray projection systems to generate a first set of data and a plurality of processors in data communication with the first stage inspection system. The processors process the first set of data to generate at least two images. The two images are used to identify at least one target region from the two images. A second stage inspection system is then used to generate an inspection region which is then positioned relative to the target region and made to at least partially physically coincide with the target region. A second set of data is produced specifically from the inspection region, data which have a high degree of specificity for the material in the inspection region.

Methods and devices for monitoring the integrity of a fluid connection

A surveillance device monitors the integrity of a fluid connection between first and second fluid containing systems based on at least one time-dependent measurement signal from a pressure sensor in the first fluid containing system. The first fluid containing system comprises a first pulse generator, and the second fluid containing system comprises a second pulse generator. The pressure sensor is arranged to detect first pulses originating from the first pulse generator and second pulses originating from the second pulse generator. The integrity of the fluid connection is determined based on the presence of second pulses in the measurement signal. The second pulses may be detected by analysing the measurement signal in the time domain and/or by using timing information indicative of the timing of the second pulses in said at least one measurement signal. The analysis may be based on a parameter value that represents a distribution of signal values within a time window of the measurement signal. The parameter value may be calculated as a statistical dispersion measure of the signal values, or may result from a matching of the signal values within the time window to a predicted temporal signal profile of a second pulse. The fluid connection may be established between a human blood system and an extracorporeal blood flow circuit.
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