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Agricultural engineering is the engineering agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering combines the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, Food science and chemical engineering principles with a knowledge of agricultural principles according to technological principles. A key goal of this discipline is to improve the efficacy and sustainability of agricultural practices. One of the leading organizations in this industry is the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

Irrigation controller water management with temperature budgeting

ActiveUS7266428B2Easy and less-expensive to installEasy and less-expensive to and and maintainSelf-acting watering devicesClimate change adaptationAgricultural engineeringControl theory
The present invention provides methods for water conservation with AC, DC, or ambient light powered irrigation controllers without the use of complex ET (evapotranspiration) data or ET related service fees. Programming may consist of the operator entering a preliminary irrigation schedule, and entering the local zip code. The controller then periodically calculates a water budget by comparing current (non ET) local geo-environmental data with stored local geo-environmental data, and then modifies the preliminary schedule using the water budget. A number of embodiments are possible: stand-alone controllers with a temperature sensor attached directly to the microprocessor within that controller, or as a centrally placed CBM (Central Broadcast Module) which calculates a water budget percentage which is transmitted to one or more field controllers by wired or wireless means. Alternately, a TBM (Temperature Budget Module) that is separate from the controller is connected between the controller outputs and the valves, or mounted at the valves themselves. The TBM periodically calculates the ,water budget, monitors the controller outputs and adjusts the irrigation schedule based upon the water budget ratio. Because of its flexible capabilities with AC, DC, solar, or ambient light powered controllers, as a centrally broadcast water budget ratio in a wired or wireless configuration, or as an add-on to existing controllers or valves, its programming simplicity and close approximation to ET without its complications and cost, the present invention has the potential to save more water and minimize runoff than currently available ET methods.

Spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges

The invention discloses a spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges, which is based on a tractor. A hydraulic mechanism and a linking spin milling drill bit device or a cultivation component is arranged on a rear frame of the tractor; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with one or more drill bit shafts; spiral hinges are arranged on the drill bit shafts and provided with apical teeth; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with a device for preventing a straw from being wound; the hydraulic mechanism drives a spin milling drill bit to move up and down; and a gearbox drives the spin milling drill bit by a connecting rod and a gear. According to the spin milling type multifunctional machine, the drill bit enters intosoil and then vertically cuts, spin mills and crushes the soil and ensures that the soil is automatically suspended to form the ridges; the soil crushing section of the crushed ridge is T-shaped; thelower part of the compacted soil on the ground is in a U-shaped groove, so that the whole layer of the soil is in a loosing state during cultivation; and in addition, the invention plays roles of covering and replacing the soil, increases an active layer, improves the capabilities of preserving moisture and fertility and the permeability of the soil, benefits the utilization of deep growing of the crop root system to water and fertilizer, relatively reduces pests and weeds and ensures that the crop is easy to obtain high and stable yield.

Poria cocos dicing machine

The invention relates to the field of agricultural machinery, in particular to a poria cocos dicing machine. The poria cocos dicing machine comprises a machine frame, a hopper, a collection box, a transmission device, a squeezing and pushing device, a slicing device, a partition device and a dicing device. An upper installation platform and a lower installation platform are respectively arranged on the machine frame, the hopper is located on the lower right side of the upper installation platform, and the collection box is located under the hopper; the transmission device is located between the upper installation platform and the lower installation platform; the squeezing and pushing device is located behind the upper installation platform and used for pushing poria cocos onto the slicing device; the slicing device is located in front of the squeezing and pushing device and can slice the poria cocos; the partition device is located in the middle of the upper installation platform and can arrange the sliced poria cocos onto a conveying belt uniformly; the dicing device is located right in front of the partition device and can rapidly dice the sliced poria cocos which is well arranged. The poria cocos dicing machine can achieves the function that the poria cocos is sliced firstly and then diced, and solve the problems that as for conventional manual dicing, labor intensity is high and dicing efficiency is low.

Organic fertilizer with livestock and poultry manure and preparation method thereof

The invention provides an organic fertilizer with livestock and poultry manure and a preparation method thereof. The organic fertilizer comprises cow manure, edible mushroom dregs, pig manure, chicken manure, maize straw powder and an Em (effective microorganisms) stock solution. The specific formula of the organic fertilizer comprises 19.7 percent of edible mushroom dregs, 10 percent of pig manure, 10 percent of chicken manure, 20 percent of maize straw powder, 0.3 percent of Em stock solution, and the balance of cow manure. The preparation method of the organic fertilizer is characterized in that a production technology of the organic fertilizer with the livestock and poultry manure mainly adopts a shallow pool type fermentation technology, namely the cow manure, the pig manure, the chicken manure, the edible mushroom dregs, the maize straw powder and the Em stock solution are poured into a mixer in proportion and are evenly mixed and stirred, the evenly mixed and stirred materials are sent into a shallow layer pool type fermentation pool, and the organic fertilizer fermentation environment temperature is controlled to be above 15 DEG C. Firstly, various raw materials including the livestock and poultry manure, the edible mushroom dregs, the straw powder and a fermentation bactericide are mixed, and then the mixed materials are put into a mixing and stirring machine to be evenly stirred, are sent into the material fermentation pool to be fermented for 8 days and are discharged from the pool to enter a secondary aerobic fermentation procedure. The organic fertilizer has the advantages of low cost and high yield and can improve the quality of crops.
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