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Modified atmosphere storage method

The invention discloses a modified atmosphere storage method which includes the steps: (a) a to-be-stored article or the to-be-stored article and a modified atmosphere agent are placed in a modified atmosphere box which comprises a box cover and a box body, wherein the box cover or the box body is provided with a detection valve, and a sealing structure is arranged between the box cover and the box body; (b) the box cover of the modified atmosphere box covers the modified atmosphere box, and the detection valve is turned off; (c) according to requirements, the detection valve of the modified atmosphere box is connected with a detection instrument so that oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, humidity and ethylene concentration in the box body can be detected. A traditional modified atmosphere store system is minimized, the modified atmosphere box is used for storage, application of a modified atmosphere technique can be simple, application ranges are wide, and the modified atmosphere box can be used for storage and maintenance of Chinese herbal medicines, tobaccos, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, tea, dried vegetables and the like, facilitates transportation, and reduces comprehensive maintenance cost of the modified atmosphere store after the controller atmosphere technique is applied.

Controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping bag and sterilized controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping method

The invention provides an air-adjusting fresh keeping bag and a sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method. The air-adjusting fresh keeping bag takes tasteless, odourlessness, innocuous resin material as a substrate which is then added and mixed with functional materials and then blown into a homogenous humidity keeping air-adjusting fresh keeping bag enabling the ozone to pass. The sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method of the invention includes the procedures that: the air-adjusting fresh keeping bag is placed in an ordinary temperature adjustable plant according to the package weight after fruits and vegetables as well as flowers are pretreated; the air-adjusting fresh keeping bag is placed in a ventilated plastic circulating container after being sealed and packaged and then is sent into a sealing house for the ozonic sterilization; the fruits, the vegetables and freshly cut flowers are stored into a refrigerator after the sterilization according to the temperatures required by the storage of the fruits, the vegetables and the freshly cut flowers or is placed into a refrigerator car cabinet for the transportation. The sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method of the invention is small in investment and convenient in operation and combines the ozonic sterilization and the air-adjusting fresh keeping, the sterilization is thorough and the fresh keeping effect is long-lasting.

Constant temperature and humidity storage box of gingers

The invention discloses a constant temperature and humidity storage box of gingers, which belongs to article storage boxes. The structure of the constant temperature and humidity storage box of the gingers comprises a box body, a box door, a refrigerating unit, a control panel, a microcomputer control circuit, an ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, an electric heating pipe and an evaporator, wherein the back part and bottom of the box body are respectively provided with a back part partition board and a bottom partition board; an air inlet fan and an air exhaust fan are respectively arranged at the top of the back part partition board; a ventilating hole is formed on the bottom partition board; a water tank is formed at the lower part of the evaporator; a water tank outer cover is arranged on the outer wall of the box body corresponding to the water tank; a ventilating cover is arranged in the middle of the top of the box body; the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is arranged on the box top in the interior of the box body; a temperature and humidity sensor is arranged on the side wall of the middle part of the box body; and the microcomputer control circuit is electrically connected with the control panel, the temperature and humidity sensor, the refrigerating unit, the air inlet fan, the electric heating pipe, the air exhaust fan, the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and the evaporator respectively. The constant temperature and humidity storage box of the gingers has the characteristics of good ventilating and heat radiation condition and no generation of stuffiness and decayed gingers; and the temperature and humidity as well as plant diseases and insect pests can be effectively controlled.

Box with insert that extends from a side and that divides the box into compartments and methods for forming and using

A box, a blank that can be easily formed into the box via an intermediate box assembly, and methods for generating and using the box allows one to quickly and easily package flowers and accessories for shipment to a consumer without bending, bruising or otherwise damaging the flowers. The box includes an insert that extends from a side of the box and is pivotable into an interior of the box. The insert includes a divider that extends from the insert and can be attached to a side after the flowers have been placed in the interior to extend between two sides and divide the interior into two compartments. One compartment contains the flower portion of the flowers while the other compartment contains the stem portion of the flowers and the accessories. The blanks allow one to quickly and easily generate the boxes and ensure that the box generated will have an insert to protect the flowers during shipment. The intermediate box assembly can be generated by the manufacturer of the blank and easily shipped to or stored by a florist. Then, to ship flowers to a customer, the florist can quickly and easily generate the box from the intermediate box assembly and place the flowers into the box without bending, bruising or otherwise damaging the flowers.

Insulated box for cold-chain transportation in field of medicine

InactiveCN102602602AConvenient for short distanceEasy to transport in small batchesLiving organism packagingShock-sensitive articlesCold chainWear resistant
The invention discloses an insulated box belonging to the field of transportation and storage of pharmaceutical materials, and particularly relates to a constant low temperature box, which can be used for refrigerated preservation of vaccines, antibodies, cells and the like in the field of medicine and comprises a box body, a box cover and a refrigerating device area. The interior temperature of the box can be constantly maintained at 0-4 DEG C by the aid of the refrigerating device area. Both the box body and the box cover are closed via seal strips and hook-loop fasteners, and a combination lock is arranged on the box body. The inner wall and the outer wall of each of the box body and the box cover are made of wear-resistant anticorrosion materials, so that sterilization is convenient. Insulating material is sandwiched between the inner wall and the outer wall of each of the box body and the box cover. A thermodetector capable of displaying the interior temperature on the box body or on the box cover is disposed inside the box body. The box cover is provided with a handle, and the box body is provided with handles on two sides. In addition, the transport box can be further provided with an alarm for detecting temperature, and the alarm is capable of warning when the interior temperature is higher than or lower than an insulation range (0-4 DEG C).
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