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Water-replenishing repairing cosmetic as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a water-replenishing repairing cosmetic as well as a preparation method and application thereof. In the invention, a skin water-replenishing repairing cosmetic with an excellent effect is prepared by combining traditional cosmetic effective raw materials with genetic engineering product biotic factors and adopting a vacuum freeze-drying technique. The cosmetic disclosed bythe invention comprises water-replenishing repairing freeze-dried powder and water-replenishing repairing base liquid, wherein the freeze-dried powder comprises the following main components: grape seed extract, hydrolyzed red alga extract, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, recombinant human keratinocyte growth factor, recombinant human epidermal cell growth factor and micromolecular heparin sodium; and the base liquid comprises the following main components: hyaluronic acid (HA) with molecular weight of 1500000-2500000, methyl propanediol, honey extract, PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) sodium, dissolved proteinase, 1,2-hexylene glycol, oat beta-glucan, soybean isoflavone and the like. The water-replenishing repairing cosmetic disclosed by the invention can be used for daily skin nursing, can also be used through introduction by virtue of ultrasonic and other methods, and has the beautifying effects of replenishing skin water, repairing damaged cells caused by water deficiency and enhancing skin elasticity.

Strawberry preservative containing functional amino acids

The invention provides a strawberry preservative containing functional amino acids. The strawberry preservative is characterized in that the strawberry preservative comprises 0.2-0.5g/L of gamma-aminobutyric acid, 0.3-0.5g/L of arginine, 5.0-10.0g/L of ascorbic acid, 7.5-10.0g/L of calcium chloride, 5.0-10.0g/L of acetic acid, 10.0g/L of chitosan, and the balance distilled water. The preparation method of the strawberry preservative comprises the following steps: dissolving ascorbic acid and acetic acid in distilled water, adding chitosan to the obtained solution, dissolving, uniformly mixing, and sequentially adding gamma-aminobutyric acid, arginine and calcium chloride. The strawberry preservative can substantially reduce the rotting rate of fruits and prolong the storage period and the shelf life of strawberries when the strawberry preservative is used for the preservation and fresh keeping treatment of the strawberries. Additionally, the ingredients of the preservative contain a proper amount of a food additive and are rich in the functional amino acids which comprise arginine and gamma-aminobutyric acid and have nutrition and healthcare effects on human bodies, so there is no toxicity residual, and the nutrition and healthcare effects of fruits and vegetables to the human bodies can be enhanced, thereby the preservative accords with the current preservative development direction and has a good exploitation application potential.

Method for preparing antioxidant soldering powder

The invention relates to a method for preparing antioxidant soldering powder, comprising the following steps: adding soldering powder to solution containing 5-25 percent by weight of active agent and 2-20 percent by weight of coating agent; stirring the active agent, the coating agent and the soldering powder at the temperature of 30-80 DEG lower than the soldering powder melting point so that the soldering powder suspending in the solution for 10-90 min; and filtering the solution, eluting the solution with solvent and drying the solution in vacuum to obtain the antioxidant soldering powder. The invention is suitable for coating the alloy soldering powder such as SnPb soldering powder, SnPbAg soldering powder, SnPbBi soldering powder, SnBi soldering powder, SnCu soldering powder, SnBiCu soldering powder, SnAg soldering powder, SnAgCu soldering powder and SnZn soldering powder of any particle size and is particularly suitable for coating the alloy soldering power of small particle size or the alloy soldering power which is easily oxidized. The soldering powder is coated by removing an oxidation layer on the surface of the soldering powder, thus the effect of coating the soldering power with the coating agent is improved, the shelf life of the soldering powder is prolonged, the requirements for the package, the storage and the transportation of the soldering powder are lowered, the cost is saved and the waste of the resources is reduced.

Three classifications whole blood quality control substance simulant and method for making same

ActiveCN101285841AExtended shelf lifeGood quality control effectBiological testingGroup A - bloodSilver carp
The invention relates to a method for preparing three-classification whole blood control substance simulacrum and a blood type detection reagent box made by the method. The method comprises the preparation of red blood cell simulacrum, white blood cell simulacrum and blood platelet simulacrum. The concentration of the prepared red blood cell simulacrum, white blood cell simulacrum and blood platelet simulacrum is adjusted to ensure that cell particle is suspended in cell suspension and is used as monomial substance control substance, thereby forming whole blood control substance. The invention aims to solve the source of various cells and provides a method for preparing three-classification whole blood control substance. The invention adopts fish blood to simulate human white blood cell and blood platelet, and waste red blood cell of a livestock red blood cell plasma-mixing station to simulate human red blood cell, thereby simulating the practical histogram distribution of human blood sample; moreover, the cell suspension adopting the formula of the invention has longer storage life; in addition, the method can carry out simulation operation when adopting the red blood cells of silver carp, grass carp, common carp and crocodile, etc. during experiment, and can obtain excellent quality-control effect through fixative treatment.

4% functional non-antibiotic piglet premix

The invention belongs to the field of feed premixes and relates to a 4% functional non-antibiotic piglet premix. According to a formula, the premix is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 10-20 parts of astragalus membranaceus, 10-20 parts of coptis chinensis, 8-12 parts of pulsatilla chinensis regel, 0.3-2 parts of mannan oligosaccharide, 0.15-3 parts of chitosan oligosaccharide, 1.5 parts of table salt, 2.5 parts of baking soda, 2.5 parts of lysine, 2.5 parts of methionine, 1 part of threonine, 1.25 parts of ethoxyquinoline 30, 2.5-12.5 parts of yeast nucleotide, 3 parts of an acidifying agent, 0.2 part of a sweetening agent, 2.75 parts of mountain flour, 2.5 parts of calcium hydrogen phosphate, 0.25-1.5 parts of sodium glutamate, 0.25 part of high-temperature-resisting phytase 5000, 0.2 part of a mildew preventive, 0.25-1.5 parts of a compound micro-ecological preparation, 12.5 parts of a microelement additive, 2.5 parts of a vitamin additive and 5-20 parts of zeolite powder. The functional nonreactive piglet premix provided by the invention has the advantages that the immunity of piglets is enhanced, the disease occurrence rate is reduced, the diarrhea of the piglets is reduced, the feed intake and the daily gain of the piglets are increased, the survival rate of the piglets is high, the growth speed is high and the like.

Process for battery powdery ring inverted insertion into steel case and its device for entering ring

The invention relates to a technique for reversely inserting a battery powder ring into a steel shell and ring entering devices thereof. In the ring entering devices side by side, a first powder ring is pressed into an inverted steel shell according to the inverted battery steel shell and a ring inserting part is imported in the shell assembly work position from bottom to top; the battery steel shell quits from a shell quitting work position; a second and a third powder rings are pressed into a second and a third ring entering devices side by side; the battery steel shell full of ring powder is transferred to the next process of sealing; the processes are carried out in turn. Two sides of a transmission vertical shaft in the ring entering device are installed on a stander through a bearing and a bearing cover; an inserted part assembly of the steel shell, an upper shell feeding turntable, a lower ring feeding turntable, a lower inserted ring part assembly and a transmission gear are fixedly installed on the transmission vertical shaft in turn; an upper cylindrical guiding cam and a lower cylindrical guiding cam are fixed installed on the stander. The invention adopts the technique of pressing ring from bottom to top, prevents the rudimental powder from dropping into the inner side of the battery steel shell, avoids weak points like alkaline climb, short circuit, liquid leaking and prolongs the storage life of the battery largely.
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