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Cells of which genome is modified

InactiveUS20040110704A1Raise the ratioDecreased and deleted activityAntibacterial agentsAntipyreticGlycosideN-Acetylglucosamine
A cell in which genome is modified so as to have a more decreased or deleted activity of an enzyme relating to modification of a sugar chain in which 1-position of fucose is bound to 6-position of N-acetylglucosamine in the reducing end through alpha-bond in a complex N-glycoside-linked sugar chain than its parent cell, and a process for producing an antibody composition using the cell.

L-ribo-LNA analogues

Provided are L-ribo bicyclic nucleotide compounds as well as syntheses of such compounds. The nucleoside compounds of the invention are useful in forming oligonucleotides that can produce nucleobase specific duplexes with complementary single stranded and double stranded nucleic acids.

Use of chimeric nucleases to stimulate gene targeting

Gene targeting is a technique to introduce genetic change into one or more specific locations in the genome of a cell. For example, gene targeting can introduce genetic change by modifying, repairing, attenuating or inactivating a target gene or other chromosomal DNA. In one aspect, this disclosure relates to methods and compositions for gene targeting with high efficiency in a cell. This disclosure also relates to methods of treating or preventing a genetic disease in an individual in need thereof. Further disclosed are chimeric nucleases and vectors encoding chimeric nucleases.

Compositions of pd-1 antagonists and methods of use

Methods of treating cancer and infectious diseases utilizing a treatment regimen comprising administering a compound that reduces inhibitory signal transduction in T cells, in combination with a potentiating agent, such as cyclophosphamide, to produce potent T cell mediated responses, are described. Compositions comprising the PD-1 antagonists and potentiating agents useful in the methods of the invention are also disclosed.

1-Amino-alkylcyclohexane NMDA receptor antagonists

Certain 1-aminoalkylcyclohexanes are systemically-active uncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonists having rapid blocking / unblocking kinetics and strong voltage-dependency and are therefore useful in the alleviation of conditions resulting from disturbances of glutamatergic transmission giving them a wide range of utility in the treatment of CNS disorders involving the same, as well as in non-NMDA indications, due to their immunomodulatory, antimalarial, anti-Borna virus, and anti-Hepatitis C activities and utilities. Pharmaceutical compositions thereof and a method-of-treating conditions which are alleviated by the employment of an NMDA receptor antagonist, as well as the aforementioned non-NMDA indications, and a method for the preparation of the active 1-aminoalkylcyclohexane compounds involved.

Delivery and formulation of engineered nucleic acids

ActiveUS20120251618A1Improve the level ofIncrease in level of polypeptideNervous disorderAntipyreticNucleic acidProtein expression
Provided are formulations, compositions and methods for delivering biological moieties such as modified nucleic acids into cells to modulate protein expression. Such compositions and methods include the delivery of biological moieties, and are useful for production of proteins.

Isoindole-imide compounds, compositions, and uses thereof

The invention relates to isoindole-imide compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, solvates, clathrates, enantiomers, diastereomers, racemates, or mixtures of stereoisomers thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these isoindole-imide compounds, and methods for reducing the level of cytokines and their precursors in mammals. In particular, the invention pertains to isoindole-imide compounds that are potent inhibitors of the production of TNF-alpha in mammals. The isoindole-imides described herein are useful for treating or preventing diseases or disorders in mammals, for example, cancers, such as solid tumors and blood-born tumors; heart disease, such as congestive heart failure; osteoporosis; and genetic, inflammatory; allergic; and autoimmune diseases.
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