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Protective cover for baby seats

A protective cover (10) is disclosed that can be interchanged among a variety of baby seats. It includes a canopy (11) and a sealing element (22) that can interchangeably and flexibly seal around a variety of baby seats. It may also contain a removable hood (20) that may shield a portion of an insect resistant mesh (15) so that a side mesh (15b) remains open for air and viewing of the occupant under the protective cover (10). Furthermore, the hood (20) may be attached at an approximate midpoint (26) of the canopy (11) to allow versatility in deploying the hood in a rearward direction and fastening the hood with attachment element (38). Likewise, the hood (20) may be folded in a forward direction and attached with attachment element (38) to a forward contour of a baby seat. The protective cover may include a protective foot shield (14) located under the hood (20) that may protect, for instance, feet of an occupant from a stinger or biting proboscis of a flying insect when the feet may touch the inside surfaces of the cover. Another feature of the present invention may include the ability of the present invention to be folded to a reduced state for easy storage and held in the reduced state by an integral restraining element which could be the hood (20). Another feature could be an inclement weather filtering configuration of mesh that could be located on the side to filter light, for instance, to a reduced level for the occupant's comfort.

Virtual key based on Bluetooth communication as well as anti-theft lock system and application method thereof

The invention relates to a virtual key based on Bluetooth communication as well as an anti-theft lock system and an application method thereof. The system comprises a lock node, a user node, a server and the virtual key, wherein the virtual key is generated on the server and is saved in the server, and a user can download the virtual key through a communication network; when the user wants to open a gate, unlocking requests are sent to a gate lock, a car lock and the like with Bluetooth modules, and the virtual key is downloaded; the lock node can verify the legality of the virtual key through inspecting the virtual key so as to unlock for the current user; an unlocking message can be generated during each-time unlocking, is transmitted back to the server through Bluetooth after being processed by a corresponding algorithm and is saved in the virtual key to generate a new virtual key. The virtual key provided by the invention can be used in intelligent buildings in modern wisdom cities, can also be used in bicycles, drawers and the like, has the biggest advantages that the keeping of the key is simplified, and the use efficiency of the key is improved, and has the characteristics of high in safety and convenient to use.

Intracorneal lens placement method and apparatus

InactiveUS7207998B2Minimal disturbance of setupEasy to keepEye surgerySurgeryRefractive indexEngineering
A method and apparatus for correcting vision, including a corneal-pocket keratome device to create a corneal pocket and a lens to be inserted and retained in the corneal pocket to effect correction. The corneal-pocket keratome includes a drive unit having cutting head elements which contact the subject eye during corneal pocket formation. The cutting head elements may be removeable and may be disposable. The cutting head elements include a corneal restraint device, which may be a positioning ring to position an eyeball with the cornea protruding through the ring; a keratome blade assembly with a corneal-pocket blade; and may also include an applanation shoe surface to restrain the cornea, in addition or instead of the positioning ring. The applanation shoe may be pivotable away from the surgical area. The corneal-pocket blade may include a guide which travels with the blade. The blade assembly oscillates laterally while extending forward into the cornea to form the pocket, and the amplitude of the lateral oscillation is preferably increased as the blade goes beyond an opening incision into the cornea. Lenses for this invention preferably include a feature to impede accidental lens movement after the lens is disposed within the corneal pocket, which may be a swelling after insertion or a circumferential irregularity. Lenses may be of Fresnel or non-Fresnel type, and may employ annular changes in the index of refraction of the lens material, as well as changes in refractive shape which may be annular or not, to effect variations in focal length for relieving presbyopia, astigmatism, and combinations of those as well as myopia and hyperopia. Drive control and vacuum for the positioning ring are provided under user command by a control unit having user inputs.

Preparation method of tobacco extract granules

The invention relates to a preparation method of tobacco extract granules, which comprises the following steps: firstly taking and cutting up tobacco leaves and/or tobacco stalks, taking water or ethanol or ethyl ether as a solvent for extraction, settling and filtering to obtain tobacco extract, then concentrating to the relative density of 1.00-1.30, and controlling the temperature to 20-40 DEGC to obtain tobacco extract concentrate or tobacco extractum; and including beta-cyclodextrin and flavouring essence for tobacco according to the mass ratio of 1-3:1 with the inclusion time of 1/5-3 hours to obtain a flavouring essence and beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound, and then spray drying the flavouring essence for tobacco and beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound and the tobacco extractconcentrate together to obtain tobacco spray dried powder; or directly spray drying the tobacco extractum to obtain the tobacco spray dried powder; and then adding excipient material to the tobacco spray dried powder for dry method or wet method granulation to obtain the tobacco extract granules. The tobacco extract granules obtained in the method disclosed by the invention are applied to cigarettes to improve the tar and harm reduction effect of the cigarettes, and can be used for aroma compensation, the utilization rate of waste tobacco leaf raw material is improved, and the cost of the cigarettes is reduced.

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image speckle reduction method based on sparse representation

The invention discloses an SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image speckle reduction method based on sparse representation, which mainly solves the problems of incomplete detail information and unsmooth homogeneous regions for SAR image speckle reduction in the prior art. The method comprises the following steps of: carrying out logarithmic transformation on an original SAR image Y; carrying out overlapping blocking on an image Y' subjected to logarithmic transformation; taking the own information of the image blocks as control factors and carrying out sparse representation on the control factors; carrying out dictionary learning by adopting an approximate KSVD (K Singular Value Decomposition) algorithm to obtain a self-adaptive dictionary and updated sparse representation coefficients; obtaining an image W by adopting the self-adaptive dictionary and the updated sparse representation coefficients, and carrying out exponential transformation on the image W to obtain an image R; and carrying out nonlinear anisotropic diffusion on a difference image V obtained from the original SAR image Y and the image R subjected to the exponential transformation, thereby obtaining a final speckle-reduced image. The method disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the homogeneous regions of speckle reduction results are smooth, point targets are clear and visible, and edge information iskept complete and the like, besides, the method is suitable for a preprocessing process of SAR image understanding.
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