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Integrated thermal cycling system of electric vehicle

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The invention relates to the field of heat management of electric vehicles, and in particular to an integrated thermal cycling system of an electric vehicle. The integrated thermal cycling system of the electric vehicle comprises a motor system heat dissipation device, a motor, a motor controller, an air-conditioning system, a first water pump, an air heater, a water cooling jacket, a battery pack, a heater, a battery pack heat dissipation device, a second water pump, a heat exchanger and an evaporator; and a refrigerant pipeline and a water pipeline are connected onto the heat exchanger, the water cooling jacket is installed on the battery pack, and the motor system heat dissipation device, the first water pump, the motor controller and a motor are sequentially and circularly connected with each other according to the circulating water flowing direction, so that a motor cooling cycling circuit is formed. When the environment temperature is low, the battery pack is preheated and heated and an air conditioner in the vehicle is warmed up before the electric vehicle is started, when the environment temperature is high, the battery pack is cooled, a cab is refrigerated and the motor and the motor controller are cooled, accordingly, high requirements on the self operating temperatures of the motor system and a battery are satisfied, so that the service lives and efficiency of the motor system and the battery are increased.
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