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System and methods for recognizing sound and music signals in high noise and distortion

A method for recognizing an audio sample locates an audio file that most closely matches the audio sample from a database indexing a large set of original recordings. Each indexed audio file is represented in the database index by a set of landmark timepoints and associated fingerprints. Landmarks occur at reproducible locations within the file, while fingerprints represent features of the signal at or near the landmark timepoints. To perform recognition, landmarks and fingerprints are computed for the unknown sample and used to retrieve matching fingerprints from the database. For each file containing matching fingerprints, the landmarks are compared with landmarks of the sample at which the same fingerprints were computed. If a large number of corresponding landmarks are linearly related, i.e., if equivalent fingerprints of the sample and retrieved file have the same time evolution, then the file is identified with the sample. The method can be used for any type of sound or music, and is particularly effective for audio signals subject to linear and nonlinear distortion such as background noise, compression artifacts, or transmission dropouts. The sample can be identified in a time proportional to the logarithm of the number of entries in the database; given sufficient computational power, recognition can be performed in nearly real time as the sound is being sampled.

Poly zinc finger proteins with improved linkers

InactiveUS6903185B2High levelEnhance affinity and specificityPeptide/protein ingredientsHydrolasesAmino terminalChemistry
Chimeric proteins, and methods for their production and use are disclosed. The chimeric proteins comprise a flexible linker between two zinc finger DNA-binding domains, wherein the linker comprises eight or more amino acids between the second conserved histidine residue of the carboxy-terminal zinc finger of the first domain and the first conserved cysteine residue of the amino-terminal zinc finger of the second domain.

Fc-erythropoietin fusion protein with improved pharmacokinetics

The present invention provides Fc-erythropoietin (“Fc-EPO”) fusion proteins with improved pharmacokinetics. Nucleic acids, cells, and methods relating to the production and practice of the invention are also provided.

Production of Heteromultimeric Proteins

ActiveUS20110287009A1Reduction in yieldDecreased/elimination of effector functionAntipyreticAnalgesicsEpitopeBiochemistry
Described herein are methods for the efficient production of antibodies and other multimeric protein complexes (collectively referred to herein as heteromultimeric proteins) capable of specifically binding to more than one target. The targets may be, for example, different epitopes on a single molecule or located on different molecules. The methods combine efficient, high gene expression level, appropriate assembly, and ease of purification for the heteromultimeric proteins. The invention also provides methods of using these heteromultimeric proteins, and compositions, kits and articles of manufacture comprising these antibodies.

Single-primer nucleic acid amplification methods

The present invention is directed to novel methods of synthesizing multiple copies of a target nucleic acid sequence which are autocatalytic (i.e., able to cycle automatically without the need to modify reaction conditions such as temperature, pH, or ionic strength and using the product of one cycle in the next one). In particular, the present invention discloses a method of nucleic acid amplification which is robust and efficient, while reducing the appearance of side-products. The method uses only one primer, the “priming oligonucleotide,” a promoter oligonucleotide modified to prevent polymerase extension from its 3′-terminus and, optionally, a means for terminating a primer extension reaction, to amplify RNA or DNA molecules in vitro, while reducing or substantially eliminating the formation of side-products. The method of the present invention minimizes or substantially eliminates the emergence of side-products, thus providing a high level of specificity. Furthermore, the appearance of side-products can complicate the analysis of the amplification reaction by various molecular detection techniques. The present invention minimizes or substantially eliminates this problem, thus providing an enhanced level of sensitivity.

Process and system for integrating information from disparate databases for purposes of predicting consumer behavior

A process and system for integrating information stored in at least two disparate databases. The stored information includes consumer transactional information. According to the process and system, at least one qualitative variable which is common to each database is identified, and then transformed into one or more quantitative variables. The consumer transactional information in each database is then converted into converted information in terms of the quantitative variables. Thereafter, an integrated database is formed for predicting consumer behavior by combining the converted information from the disparate databases.

Electroporation to interrupt blood flow

A method for disrupting blood flow to undesirable tissue such as cells of a cancerous or non-cancerous tumor is disclosed. It involves the placement of electrodes into or near the vicinity of vessels supplying blood to the undesirable tissue and through the application of electrical pulses causing blood flow disruption. The electric pulses irreversibly permeate the cell membranes, thereby invoking cell death. The irreversibly permeabilized cells are left in situ and are removed by the body immune system. The process may further comprise monitoring blood flow and / or infusion of a material such as a chemotherapeutic agent or marker into the blood.

Secure, networked and wireless access, storage and retrival system and method utilizing tags and modular nodes

A system apparatus and method of monitoring in a secured fashion the access, storage and retrieval of information, using a networked modular wireless device. The system may include a network of wireless, Wi-Fi devices (or any other wireless communication mechanism such as GPRS, GSM, iDen), or Nodes, each one of them possibly controlling the access to a medically sensitive object, such as a drawer (or cabinet) or to a medical device, or to another information source, item of equipment, drug, etc as well as tracking via RFid readers the access to the records or information contained in it. In the case of a physical file, each file has an RFid tag on it that is being read when removed or returned to the cabinet. Access to the cabinet and physical records, or to the medical device is monitored by reading the RFiD identity card of personnel accessing the cabinet or medical devices. In addition to controlling the access to the cabinet or medical device by controlling the cabinet lock (or in the case of a small medical device, the lock of an IV, injection device, specimen collection unit, or of a large medical device such as a defibrillator), the node can alert electronically by sending a message to the controlling unit, or by sending a physical alert (such as an alarm signal), when unauthorized personnel is attempting to access the cabinet, the files or devices. The system is useful in the context of monitoring the information contained in physical files, such as medical information, and can be used for access to medical devices, in order to better monitor the authorization rights of personnel participating in processes such as drug delivery or specimen collection. A control unit monitors activity at a plurality of nodes, and assists in storing the list of authorized personnel and files, and can store electronically captured information regarding the physical files (for example, the reason for accessing the file and reasons for changes in it) or medical device. The system can communicate with other information management systems.
Owner:G D H

Monodisperse core/shell and other complex structured nanocrystals and methods of preparing the same

The present invention provides new compositions containing naearly monodisperse colloidal core / shell semiconductor nanocrystals with high photoluminescence quantum yields (PL QY), as well as other complex structured semiconductor nanocrystals. This invention also provides new synthetic methods for preparing these nanocrystals, and new devices comprising these compositions. In addition to core / shell semiconductor nanocrystals, this patent application also provides complex semiconductor nanostructures, quantum shells, quantum wells, doped nanocrystals, and other multiple-shelled semiconductor nanocrystals.

Enhanced capacity and purification of antibodies by mixed mode chromatography in the presence of aqueous-soluble nonionic organic polymers

ActiveUS20080177048A1High level of productivityEnhance binding capacityComponent separationSolid sorbent liquid separationChemistryWater soluble
This invention relates to the use of mixed mode chromatography for purification of at least one intact non-aggregated antibody from a mixture containing intact non-aggregated antibodies and undesirable materials, including fragmented or aggregated antibodies, host cell proteins, DNA, endotoxin, and / or virus. This invention further relates to the integration of such a method into a multi-step procedure with other fractionation methods for purification of antibodies suitable for in vivo applications.

System and method for utilizing audio beaconing in audience measurement

An audio beacon system, apparatus and method for collecting information on a panelist's exposure to media. An audio beacon is configured as on-device encoding technology that is operative in a panelist's processing device (e.g., cell phone, PDA, PC) to enable the device to encode and / or process media data and acoustically transmit it for a predetermined period of time. The acoustically transmitted data is received and processed by a portable audience measurement device, such as Arbitron's Personal People Meter™ (“PPM”), or other specially equipped portable device to enable audience measurement systems to achieve higher levels of detail on panel member activity and greater association of measurement devices to their respective panelists.

Controlled electroporation and mass transfer across cell membranes

Electroporation is performed in a controlled manner in either individual or multiple biological cells or biological tissue by monitoring the electrical impedance, defined herein as the ratio of current to voltage in the electroporation cell. The impedance detects the onset of electroporation in the biological cell(s), and this information is used to control the intensity and duration of the voltage to assure that electroporation has occurred without destroying the cell(s). This is applicable to electroporation in general. In addition, a particular method and apparatus are disclosed in which electroporation and / or mass transfer across a cell membrane are accomplished by securing a cell across an opening in a barrier between two chambers such that the cell closes the opening. The barrier is either electrically insulating, impermeable to the solute, or both, depending on whether pore formation, diffusive transport of the solute across the membrane, or both are sought. Electroporation is achieved by applying a voltage between the two chambers, and diffusive transport is achieved either by a difference in solute concentration between the liquids surrounding the cell and the cell interior or by a differential in concentration between the two chambers themselves. Electric current and diffusive transport are restricted to a flow path that passes through the opening.

White and colored organic electroluminescent devices using single emitting material by novel color change technique

An organic electroluminescent device such as a light-emitting diode is disclosed, in which the emission layer comprises a single emitting material at different aggregate state to obtain constant chromaticity white emission. Correspondingly, a novel configuration has been developed to get white emission and color change in the organic EL devices.

Storage controller for flash memory including a crossbar switch connecting a plurality of processors with a plurality of internal memories

A controller designed for use with a flash memory storage module, including a crossbar switch designed to connect a plurality of internal processors with various internal resources, including a plurality of internal memories. The memories contain work lists for the processors. In one embodiment, the processors communicate by using the crossbar switch to place tasks on the work lists of other processors.

Wireless multi-handset telephone system with integrated video monitoring accessories

A wireless multi-handset telephone system with integrated video monitoring. A speakerphone base unit, at least one camera module, at least one combination video / voice handset, and at least one voice handset operate together such that voice and data are transmitted (i) between the speakerphone base unit and the at least one camera module and (ii) between the speakerphone base unit and the at least one voice handset, and video images are transmitted from the at least one camera module to the at least one combination video / voice handset.

Flash memory controller garbage collection operations performed independently in multiple flash memory groups

A flash memory controller connected to multiple flash memory groups performs independent garbage collection operations in each group. For each group, the controller independently determines the amount of free space and performs garbage collection operations if the amount falls below a threshold.

Patrol function used in flash storage controller to detect data errors

A patrol function performed in a storage controller connected to a flash memory storage module. The function causes selected areas of the flash storage to be read for purposes of detecting and correcting errors.

Relief object image generator

A device for imaging a relief object without illuminating a platen is disclosed. The device includes a single electrode electroluminescent device, which may be inorganic or organic, and a current source. The current source is coupled to the single electrode of the electroluminescent device and to the relief object to be imaged. The valleys and ridges of the relief object couple current to the electroluminescent device at different magnitudes which causes the electroluminescent device to generate light at different intensities that correspond to the ridges and valleys of the relief object. The generated light forms an image of the relief object which may be focused by optical elements onto a sensor array for capture and image processing. In another embodiment of the invention, a one-to-one sensor array is located proximate the electroluminescent device to capture the image. In an embodiment of the invention which insulates the relief object from current, the electroluminescent device is covered with a variable resistance layer and the variable resistance layer is covered with a flexible electrode. One lead from the current source is coupled to the flexible electrode and another lead is coupled to the single electrode. When a relief object is brought in contact with the flexible electrode, a localized pressures generated by the ridges of the relief object form conductive paths through the variable resistance layer which are lower in electrical resistance than those formed by pressure in the areas adjacent the valleys of the relief object. The different magnitudes of current delivered through the conductive paths to the electroluminescent device cause the electroluminescent device to generate an image of the relief object without exposing the relief object to electrical current.
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