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Methods and systems for defining, applying and executing customer care relationship plans

A computer-implemented method for managing a plurality of customer relationship plans may include a step of collecting profile check values from a database of customer data, the collected profile check values including customer data corresponding to profile checks for each of the plurality of customer relationship plans. The collected profile check values may then be applied to predefined selection criteria in one or more of the plurality of customer relationship plans. The selection criteria determines whether a customer relationship plan of the plurality of customer relationship plans applies to a customer. One or more customer relationship plans may then be assigned or de-assigned to each of the selected customers, depending upon whether the applied profile check values satisfy or fail to satisfy the predefined selection criteria, respectively. The assigned customer relationship plan(s) may then be applied and one or more synchronous and/or an asynchronous actions may be carried out upon the occurrence of a selectable customer event, as called for by applied customer relationship plan(s). The profile checks may include one or more plan indicator, such as customer opportunity size, customer size, market segment or a user-definable business event, for example.

Self-learning and self-personalizing knowledge search engine that delivers holistic results

A search engine provides intelligent multi-dimensional searches, in which the search engine always presents a complete, holistic result, and in which the search engine presents knowledge (i.e. linked facts) and not just information (i.e. facts). The search engine is adaptive, such that the search results improve over time as the system learns about the user and develops a user profile. Thus, the search engine is self personalizing, i.e. it collects and analyzes the user history, and/or it has the user react to solutions and learns from such user reactions. The search engine generates profiles, e.g. it learns from all searches of all users and combines the user profiles and patterns of similar users. The search engine accepts direct user feedback to improve the next search iteration One feature of the invention is locking/unlocking, where a user may select specific attributes that are to remain locked while the search engine matches these locked attributes to all unlocked attributes. The user may also specify details about characteristics, provide and/or receive qualitative ratings of an overall result, and introduce additional criteria to the search strategy or select a search algorithm. Additionally, the system can be set up such that it does not require a keyboard and/or mouse interface, e.g. it can operate with a television remote control or other such human interface.

Generating audience analytics

The present invention is directed to generating audience analytics that includes providing a database containing a plurality of user input pattern profiles representing the group of users of terminal device, in which each user of the group is associated with one of the plurality of user input pattern profiles. A clickstream algorithm, tracking algorithm, neural network, Bayes classifier algorithm, or affinity-day part algorithm can be used to generate the user input pattern profiles. A user input pattern is detected based upon use of the terminal device by the current user and the user input pattern of the current user is dynamically matched with one of the user input pattern profiles contained in the database. The current user is identified based upon dynamic matching of the user input pattern generated by the current user with one of the user input pattern profiles. The present invention processes each user input pattern profile to identify a demographic type. A plurality of biometric behavior models are employed to identify a unique demographic type. Each user input pattern profile is compared against the plurality of biometric behavior models to match each user input pattern profile with one of the biometric behavior models such that each user input pattern profile is correlated with one demographic type. Audience analytics are then based upon the identified demographic types.

Method and apparatus for analyzing data and advertising optimization

The most preferred embodiment of the present invention is a computer-based decision support system that includes three main components: a database mining engine (DME); an advertising optimization mechanism; and a customized user interface that provides access to the various features of the invention. The user interface, in conjunction with the DME, provides a unique and innovative way to store, retrieve and manipulate data from existing databases containing media-related audience access data, which describe the access habits and preferences of the media audience. By using a database with a simplified storage and retrieval protocol, the data contained therein can be effectively manipulated in real time. This means that previously complex and lengthy information retrieval and analysis activities can be accomplished in very short periods of time (typically seconds instead of minutes or even hours). Further, by utilizing the advertising optimization mechanism of the present invention, businesses, networks, and advertising agencies can interactively create, score, rank and compare various proposed or actual advertising strategies in a simple and efficient manner. This allows the decision-makers to more effectively tailor their marketing efforts and successfully reach the desired target market while conserving scarce advertising capital. Finally, the user interface for the system provides access to both the DME and the optimization mechanism in a simple and straightforward manner, significantly reducing training time.
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