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Mobile terminal realizing hot plug of SIM card and SIM card hot plug method

The invention relates to a mobile terminal realizing hot plug of a SIM card and a SIM card hot plug method. The mobile terminal comprises a baseband processor, an antenna connected with the baseband processor through a radio frequency circuit, a memory connected with the baseband processor and a SIM card holder. The mobile terminal is characterized in that the SIM card holder is provided with an electronic switch; and in operation, the electronic switch can trigger low level or high level by drawing or plugging the SIM card, and further trigger software operating on the baseband processor to carry out the operation of drawing the SIM card or plugging the SIM card. The mobile terminal and the method mainly solve the technical problems that the prior mobile terminal software regular detecting method cannot find the operations of the drawing and the plugging of the SIM card in real time, and easily causes misoperation of a user; and the proposal realizes the hot plugging and drawing of the SIM card of the mobile terminal, ensures that the mobile terminal can correctly identify the operation of the drawing or the plugging of the SIM card under a startup state, and ensures normal operation of the mobile terminal.

Method for optimizing power-failure plan based on genetic algorithm

The invention discloses a method for optimizing a power-failure plan based on a genetic algorithm. The power-failure plan is optimized for a distribution network, and a multi-target and multi-constraint plan model is established. The multi-target and multi-constraint plan model mainly comprises a plurality of optimization targets and a plurality of constraints, wherein the optimization targets comprise (1) power supply reliability maximization, (2) safety risk minimization, (3) working capacity balance maximization and (4) power-failure time adjustment amount minimization; and the constraints comprise (1) a same-pole failure-accompanying constraint, (2) a double-power supply constraint, (3) a power supply guaranteeing constraint, (4) a load transfer-supply over-load constraint and (5) a working capacity non-exceeding constraint. On the basis of the multi-target and multi-constraint plan model, the method comprises the following steps of: solving by using a simulated annealing algorithm; coding a decision variable Bik into a character string of which the length is i*k; randomly generating N solutions which serve as initial groups, and evaluating the performance of each solution; and performing operation for G times, evaluating the performance of each solution in the group, and returning an optimal solution.
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