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Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision or customization of product, or other support services. Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Technical support may be delivered over by phone, e-mail, live support software on a website, or other tool where users can log an incident. Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer-related problems. The Internet can also be a good source for freely available tech support, where experienced users help users find solutions to their problems. In addition, some fee-based service companies charge for premium technical support services.

Stock right registration transaction system building method based on alliance chain

InactiveCN107038638AEnsure openness and transparencyGuaranteed to be authenticFinanceProtocol authorisationSystem buildingDatabase
The invention discloses a stock right registration transaction system building method based on an alliance chain, and the method takes the alliance chain as the technical support. Combined with the conventional laws and regulations, the method provides a brand new stock right digitalization unique certificate. Different from a centralized central registration settlement mechanism, the system employs a distributed technical configuration, and all participants jointly maintain a stock right registration and transaction account book, thereby guaranteeing the public transparent and real and reliable stock right registration and transaction, effectively reducing the credit risks of transaction, avoiding the maintenance of a paper stock transfer book, and greatly improving the stock right registration and transaction efficiency. In addition, the method enables the block chain technology to be used in the field of stock right transaction business for the first time, builds a unified and standard stock right transaction platform, achieves the digitalized management of the stock rights, can effectively prevent the credit risks of stock right transaction, improves the transaction and supervision efficiency, and reduces the transaction cost.

Parallax optimization algorithm-based binocular stereo vision automatic measurement method

InactiveCN103868460AAccurate and automatic acquisitionComplete 3D point cloud informationImage analysisUsing optical meansBinocular stereoNon targeted
The invention discloses a parallax optimization algorithm-based binocular stereo vision automatic measurement method. The method comprises the steps of 1, obtaining a corrected binocular view; 2, matching by using a stereo matching algorithm and taking a left view as a base map to obtain a preliminary disparity map; 3, for the corrected left view, enabling a target object area to be a colorized master map and other non-target areas to be wholly black; 4, acquiring a complete disparity map of the target object area according to the target object area; 5, for the complete disparity map, obtaining a three-dimensional point cloud according to a projection model; 6, performing coordinate reprojection on the three-dimensional point cloud to compound a coordinate related pixel map; 7, using a morphology method to automatically measure the length and width of a target object. By adopting the method, a binocular measuring operation process is simplified, the influence of specular reflection, foreshortening, perspective distortion, low textures and repeated textures on a smooth surface is reduced, automatic and intelligent measuring is realized, the application range of binocular measuring is widened, and technical support is provided for subsequent robot binocular vision.

BIMbased metro construction method

A BIM based metro constructiontechnique method comprises the implementing process that a metro construction site three-dimensional model is established, comprehensive pipeline collision checking is conducted, local complicated structures are visually analyzed, 4D dynamic simulation and analysis optimization are performed, model data information is extracted, and site layout and simulation are performed. By the adoption of the method, a metro engineering construction organization model in a complicated environment is established, the dynamic relation of progress, resources and site factors in the construction process is comprehensive considered, the complexity, uncertainty and randomness in construction can be well expressed, and the intuition,feasibility and scientificity of construction organization can be strengthened. The method is based on construction and endures in a whole metro construction life cycle. Due to the fact that the metro engineering BIM model used during implementation of the technique method provides accurate construction information for operation and maintenance of metro engineering, the management efficiency of the metro engineering is greatly improved by implementing the technique method, and a technical support is provided for achievement of scientific and technological metros and green metros.

An online help platform system and its realization method

The invention relates to an online assistance platform system and a realization method thereof, wherein the platform system comprises an online assistance platform, at least one seeking-for-help party device and at least one help party device; the online assistance platform, which at least comprises a status management device, a dispatching device, a supervision device, an instant communication device, a calling center device, a timing charging device and a safety management device, etc., realizes management based on status and the dispatching of the seeking-for-help request of a seeking-for-help party. Moreover, the online assistance platform, which is based on a peripheral device management device, is another realizing mode of an online assistance platform system and ensures that the dispatching device and the instant communication device, etc. are allocated and connected outside the platform in a plurality of modes. The invention, which provides a status-based online assistance platform system of unified access, unified dispatching and unified management, provides a plurality of help parties and seeking-for-help parties with information services and technical supports including remote screen operation, audio, video and files, etc. by means of a network in the mode of direct connection or forwarding connection.

Appearance-improving spraying-free aesthetic resin and its preparation method

The invention relates to an appearance-improving spraying-free aesthetic resin and its preparation method. The resin comprises the following components by weight part: 90 of matrix resin, 0.1-2.0 of a lubricant, 0.1-1.0 of an antioxidant, and 10-30 of a magnetic metallic pigment masterbatch, which consists of the following components by weight part: 100 of the matrix resin, 1.0-20 of a magnetic metallic pigment, 1.0-30 of a pearlescent pigment, 0.1-2.0 of the lubricant, 0.1-1.0 of the antioxidant. The preparation method includes: preparing the magnetic metallic pigment masterbatch; and mixingthe above raw materials, then conducting mixing, extrusion, bracing, cooling, and pelletizing, thus obtaining the aesthetic resin. The aesthetic resin of the invention can effectively improve the affinity of an aluminum powder pigment and a plastic substrate, mitigate flow marks and weld lines that appear during injection molding or extrusion of aluminum powder pigment-containing aesthetic resin,and simultaneously strengthens the metal effect a made piece, greatly reduces consumption of the aluminum powder pigment, and saves cost. The present invention is green and environmental aesthetics resin instead of traditional paint scheme provides technical support. The aesthetic resin and the preparation method provided in the invention provide technical support for green and environmentally friendly aesthetic resin to substitute traditional paint spraying schemes.

Comprehensive detecting and analyzing platform for performance of digital electric energy metering systems of intelligent transformer substations

ActiveCN102819004AImprove accuracyComprehensive and comprehensive test resultsElectrical measurementsEngineeringElectricity meter
A comprehensive detecting and analyzing platform for performance of digital electric energy metering systems of intelligent transformer substations is provided with a detecting system and a background expert system. The detecting system comprises an electronic transformer detecting system, a digital/digital-value-input electric energy meter detecting system and a digital electric energy metering comprehensive performance detecting system. By the background expert system, real-time monitoring and value tracing can be simultaneously carried out for electronic/optical current transformers, electronic voltage transformers, digital/digital-value-input electric energy meters and the like, and electric energy data of analog systems and multiple digital systems can be compared and analyzed so that the comprehensive performance of each digital electric energy metering system is detected. Detection results are comprehensive owing to multiple signal acquisition channels and comprehensive consideration on metering risk points of the systems, and the comprehensive detecting and analyzing platform is beneficial to improving metering accuracy for the intelligent transformer substations and digital transformer substations, and provides a good technical support for constructing the intelligent transformer substations and the digital transformer substations.
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