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Smooth surface. A surface which has a tangent plane at each point, and for which the direction of the normal to this plane is a continuous function of the point of tangency.

Method of depositing Ru films having high density

A ruthenium film deposition method is disclosed. In one embodiment of the method, a first ruthenium film is deposited by using a PEALD process until a substrate is substantially entirely covered with the first ruthenium film. Then, a second ruthenium film is deposited on the first ruthenium film by using a thermal ALD process having a higher deposition speed than that of the PEALD process. In the method, a ruthenium metal film having a high density is formed in a short time by combining a PEALD process of depositing a ruthenium film at a low deposition speed and a deposition process of depositing a ruthenium film at a higher deposition speed. Accordingly, it is possible to form a ruthenium film having high density, a smooth surface, good adhesiveness, and a short incubation period. Therefore, according to the embodiment, in comparison to cases of using only a PEALD process or an ALD process that has a long incubation period, it is possible to obtain a ruthenium film having a large thickness and a high density in the same time interval. As a result, the ruthenium film formed by the ruthenium film deposition method according to the embodiment is more suitable for electrode structures of semiconductor devices than the ruthenium films formed by using conventional methods.

Parallax optimization algorithm-based binocular stereo vision automatic measurement method

InactiveCN103868460AAccurate and automatic acquisitionComplete 3D point cloud informationImage analysisUsing optical meansBinocular stereoNon targeted
The invention discloses a parallax optimization algorithm-based binocular stereo vision automatic measurement method. The method comprises the steps of 1, obtaining a corrected binocular view; 2, matching by using a stereo matching algorithm and taking a left view as a base map to obtain a preliminary disparity map; 3, for the corrected left view, enabling a target object area to be a colorized master map and other non-target areas to be wholly black; 4, acquiring a complete disparity map of the target object area according to the target object area; 5, for the complete disparity map, obtaining a three-dimensional point cloud according to a projection model; 6, performing coordinate reprojection on the three-dimensional point cloud to compound a coordinate related pixel map; 7, using a morphology method to automatically measure the length and width of a target object. By adopting the method, a binocular measuring operation process is simplified, the influence of specular reflection, foreshortening, perspective distortion, low textures and repeated textures on a smooth surface is reduced, automatic and intelligent measuring is realized, the application range of binocular measuring is widened, and technical support is provided for subsequent robot binocular vision.
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