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The cement slurry used in the drilling industry is a cement suspension with a high water content and a relatively low viscosity. A cement slurry is forced into the annulus between the outside of the casing that has been run in the well and the walls of the borehole. Cement slurry is a mixture of Portland cement, water, and additives.

Drifting sand layer and gravel stratum water-moving double-liquid high pressure slip-casting water-blocking construction method

The present invention discloses a running sand layer and sandy gravel layer dynamic-water double-liquid high-pressure slurry-injecting water-shutoff construction method which comprises the following construction steps: drilling a hole, flushing the hole, executing double-liquid high-pressure slurry-injecting operation and sealing the hole. The running sand layer and sandy gravel layer slurry-injecting liquid adopts an ordinary portland cement (P.O.42.5) and 40''Be sodium silicate as material for preparing the slurry, according to the weight proportion of water: cement, namely the cement slurry is prepared with the water cement ratio for 0.5-1.2:1. Then the slurry-injecting liquid is prepared with the volume ratio of cement slurry: sodium silicate for 1:0.08-0.15. The sodium silicate is taken as additive for regulating the initial setting time of the slurry-injecting liquid. The cement slurry can also be doped with fly-ash with cement consumption (weight proportion) for 10%-15%. The invention executes water-insulating construction aiming at the characteristics of large pressure of the underground dynamic water and high flowing velocity in the running sand layer and sandy gravel layer, and can obtain the maximal application sphere and optimum water-shutoff effect.

Deep well tunnel cable anchor rigid-flexible coupling support and surrounding rock overall reinforced support method

The invention discloses a deep well tunnel cable anchor rigid-flexible coupling support and surrounding rock overall reinforced support method which is characterized by firstly excavating a tunnel according to the shape of cross section of the tunnel, and spraying concrete on the surface of surrounding rocks of the cross section formed by excavation; adopting a steel bar mesh and a high-strength prestressed anchor for supporting the surrounding rocks of the tunnel in time; implementing high-strength prestressed anchor cables at the center and two spandrels at the top part of the tunnel; re-spraying the concrete on the surface of the surrounding rocks of the tunnel; mounting a grouting anchor pipe on a top plate and two side surrounding rocks of the tunnel after the tunnel is excavated for 15-20d, and injecting cement slurry into fracture regions of the surrounding rocks of the tunnel; excavating a baseplate of the tunnel after the tunnel is excavated for 25-30d, mounting the grouting anchor pipe, injecting cement slurry liquid into a rock layer of the baseplate; and finally using the concrete to backfill the baseplate of the tunnel flat. The method can solve the problems of large deformation of the deep well tunnel and serious floor heave, avoid the repair work of the tunnel and have significant economic benefits.

Drilling and sealing method and sealing device for ultra-high pressure fracturing holes in underground coal mines

The invention discloses a drilling-sealing method and a sealing device of a coal mine underground ultrahigh pressure fracturing hole. The drilling-sealing method comprises the following steps: drilling a plugging hole on coal rock body; going on drilling a fracturing hole forward in the plugging hole; transmitting the sealing device into the plugging hole, enabling a water outlet hole of a fracturing pipe to stretch into the fracturing hole and enabling a taper sleeve sleeved on the fracturing pipe and made of soft material to plug on a hole opening of the fracturing hole; sealing by using polyurethane and solidifying for 30 minutes for 1 m length section at the hole opening of the plugging hole; and grouting cement slurry greater than 425 into the plugging hole with pressure by a grouting pipe, and solidifying for 48 hours after finishing grouting. The device comprises a grouting pipe and a slurry returning pipe and a fracturing pipe. The grouting pipe and the slurry returning pipe are arranged in the plugging hole. The grouting pipe, the slurry returning pipe and the fracturing pipe are connected integrally. A soft taper sleeve is arranged on the fracturing pipe. The soft taper sleeve is plugged at the hole opening of the fracturing hole. The invention has the advantages that the sealing method has high sealing success rate, good effect and wide application range; and the sealing device has simple structure and convenient operation.
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Measuring device and measuring method for well-cementing annular weight loss of cement slurry

ActiveCN102392634AEasy to operateSolve the problem of downhole temperature changeSurveyConstructionsMeasurement deviceWell cementing
The invention relates to a measuring device and measuring method for well-cementing annular weight loss of cement slurry. The device is mainly composed of a base, a control panel, an upright strut, a slurry cylinder and a computer, wherein the upright strut is connected with the slurry cylinder through a support shaft and with the control panel through a rotating shaft; the slurry cylinder is provided with a pressurizing hole, an inner cylinder, an outer cylinder and an annular space between the inner and outer cylinders; the slurry cylinder is a segmented combination with each segment provided with a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor and a heating cooling jacket; the slurry cylinder controls the eccentricity of the inner cylinder through an eccentric cover, three pressure sensors arearranged at the lower part of the slurry cylinder; and the temperature sensors and the pressure sensors respectively transmit data to the computer. The invention can simulate different temperature differences of downhole temperature changing along with hole depth, and acquisition and regulation are controlled by the computer, so that the operation is simple and convenient; the eccentricity of thesleeve is controlled by the eccentric cover, so that the safety, stability and reliability are ensured; and the measuring device and the measuring method are suitable for operations such as petroleumand natural gas well cementation, cement extrusion, cement injection and the like.

Five-axis cement-soil mixing pile device and construction method

The invention relates to a five-axis cement-soil mixing pile device and a construction method. The device comprises a walking-type and crawler-type host machine, a winding machine, a guide rod, a steel wire rope, a slurry inlet, a power head, a speed change box, a speed reducer, drill stems, a middle support frame, a lower support frame, drill stems with wings, hoops, a multifunctional drill head, a slurry spraying opening and a background cement slurry mixing system, wherein the winding machine and the guide rod are fixed on the host machine; the power head is connected with a pulley on the top of the guide rod through the steel wire rope; the steel wire rope drives the power head to rise and fall in a vertical direction; the power head is connected with five drill stems sequentially through the speed change box and the speed reducer; the middle support frame is arranged on the middle parts of the five drill stems, and the lower support frame is arranged on the lower parts of the five drill stems; the drill stems with wings are connected to the lower ends of the drill stems; the hoops are arranged on the drill stems with the wings; the lower ends of the drill stems with the wings are connected with the multifunctional drill head; and the slurry spraying opening is formed in the multifunctional drill head. Compared with the prior art, the five-axis cement-soil mixing pile device has the advantages of guaranteeing the safety and the quality, reducing the cost, shortening the work period and the like along with no noise, no vibration and high efficiency.

Device and method for evaluating influence of pressure change on completeness of cement sheath

The invention provides a device and a method for real simulation of underground environments, completeness maintaining of experiment equipment, and accurate and omnibearing evaluation of completeness of a cement sheath. The device mainly comprises an upper end cap, a lower end cap, an outer pipe, a middle pipe, the cement sheath, a sleeve pipe, a long source distance sector cement bond logging instrument (SBT (segmented bond tool)) and a high-temperature and high-pressure kettle. The method comprises the following steps of utilizing the high-temperature and high-pressure kettle to simulate the stratum temperature pressure of the curing and forming of the cement sheath; loading and unloading an inner annulus and an outer annulus, so as to simulate the actions of change of well shaft pressure and stratum pressure on the cement sheath under the actual working condition; utilizing a transmitting probe and a receiving probe of the SBT to continuously transmit and receive acoustic wave signals, and performing the omnibearing and high-resolution compensation type attenuation rate measurement, so as to obtain the bonding qualities of a first interface and a second interface of the cement sheath of the well cementing cement sheath under the actual stratum environment, and the amounts, sizes and bearings of cracks and channeling in the cement sheath. The device and the method have the advantage that the underground environment can be really simulated in the omnibearing way, so as to accurately and efficiently evaluate the completeness of the well cementing cement sheath, provide the new method and basis for indoor cement slurry evaluation systems and sites to take the targeted measures, and improve the well cementing quality.

Rubber plug system used for drilling liner cementing of horizontal well

The invention provides a rubber plug system for drilling liner cementing of a horizontal well and relates to the technical field of drilling. The rubber plug system comprises a rubber plug assembly and a pressure-building base; the rubber plug assembly comprises a tail-tube closing rubber plug and a lower rubber plug which are connected with pins, and the tail-tube closing rubber plug is connected with a base pipe of a tail tube running tool by a joint and a connecting sleeve. A ball-tripping device is arranged in an inner hole of the lower rubber plug for capturing ant throwing the ball, building the pressure and carrying out base hanging of a hanger; then, the tail tube is separated, and the rubber plug is closed; an internal sleeve of a two-stage cementing device is adopted for reaching the pressure-building base in a casing collar above a sieve pipe, and locking and sealing are carried out, so as to seal the base and open the two-stage cementing device; the tail-tube closing rubber plug can be locked and sealed with the rubber plug of a drilling pipe, the pressure is built, the base pipe is separated, cement slurry in the tail tube is replaced, and a circulation hole of the two-stage cementing device is permanently closed. The rubber plug system can ensure that the tail tube can smoothly enter into and each set of tool can smoothly realize the functions, thus avoiding the problem that the two-stage cementing device is opened ahead of time or can not be closed and the like and improving the reliability and the efficiency of well cementing.
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