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Prestress high intensity concrete square pile and its production method and moulding die

The invention belongs to the architecture field, which relates to an improvement with the foundation pile shape and the structure and the manufacturing method of the foundation pile and the foundation pile shaper in the architecture field, in particular the invention is a prestressing force high strength concrete square pile and the manufacturing method thereof and the shaping device. In the invention a square terminal plate is disposed on the two ends of the square pile, and the four sides of the terminal plate is provided with a groove, while the center is equipped with a circular hole, and between the circular hole and the four sides, a strain hole and a threading hole are arranged symmetrically; a stirrp of a reinforcement cage in a twist is welded on the principal reinforcement continuously, wherein the principal reinforcement is the steel strand or the steel bar; the concrete square pile and the four-side corners of the terminal plate are in a stress elimination arc, and the pile core is a columnar mid level outlet having the same diameter with the terminal plate central circular hole. The manufacturing method is characterized in that, the principal reinforcement has the fix ed length and blanking, and the stirrp of the reinforcement cage is welded in the seam welder with the high degree of mechanisation; the principal reinforcement is stretched in a group of a whole pile fixed value, wherein the stretching performance is good and the balance is consistent; the disposable high pressure has short shaping time, low energy consumption, high product grade; the die design meets with the shaping requirement of the shape, which is convenient to use.

Guide device for production risers for petroleum production with a "dry tree semisubmersible" at large sea depths

A system for use in petroleum production at sea includes a guide frame for one or more riser pipes, on a semisubmersible production vessel. One or more main buoyancy member are arranged separately on at least one riser to carry the main part of the riser's weight. Each riser separately carries a Christmas tree on its top, near a main deck of the vessel. The guide frame comprises vertical main elements extending vertically downwards from the deck, through the splash zone and through the upper, more wave- and current-influenced zone of the sea. The guide frame also includes horizontal guide plates comprising vertically open cells formed of a horizontally arranged framework of beams. Lateral stabilization devices guide the risers' and the main buoyancy members' vertical movement relative to the vessel and restrict horizontal movement of the risers with respect to the guide frame. The guide plates are arranged in at least two levels on the guide frame. A lower guide plate is arranged at the lower ends of the vertical main elements', and a guide plate is arranged just below or near the splash zone. At least one main buoyancy member is held on the riser in level with, and guided by, lateral stabilization devices arranged in one or more guide plates below the upper, more wave- and current-influenced zone near the sea surface. The risers are without buoyancy elements through the splash zone, and thus are less exposed to the water forces in the upper zone of the sea.
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