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Prestress high intensity concrete square pile and its production method and moulding die

The invention belongs to the architecture field, which relates to an improvement with the foundation pile shape and the structure and the manufacturing method of the foundation pile and the foundation pile shaper in the architecture field, in particular the invention is a prestressing force high strength concrete square pile and the manufacturing method thereof and the shaping device. In the invention a square terminal plate is disposed on the two ends of the square pile, and the four sides of the terminal plate is provided with a groove, while the center is equipped with a circular hole, and between the circular hole and the four sides, a strain hole and a threading hole are arranged symmetrically; a stirrp of a reinforcement cage in a twist is welded on the principal reinforcement continuously, wherein the principal reinforcement is the steel strand or the steel bar; the concrete square pile and the four-side corners of the terminal plate are in a stress elimination arc, and the pile core is a columnar mid level outlet having the same diameter with the terminal plate central circular hole. The manufacturing method is characterized in that, the principal reinforcement has the fix ed length and blanking, and the stirrp of the reinforcement cage is welded in the seam welder with the high degree of mechanisation; the principal reinforcement is stretched in a group of a whole pile fixed value, wherein the stretching performance is good and the balance is consistent; the disposable high pressure has short shaping time, low energy consumption, high product grade; the die design meets with the shaping requirement of the shape, which is convenient to use.

Pier column prefabrication splicing building technology

The invention provides a pier column pre-casting splicing construction technique working method, which is characterized in that: on a land construction site, a pier body of the whole bridge pier is pre-cast by segments, pier body end heads of each segment are buried with outwardly-extending reinforcement bars, and all segments are transferred to the pier construction site for pier assembly. The working method has the advantages of having light bridge piers, reducing the number of projects, saving manpower, lowering construction costs, having good construction quality and quick construction, solving the problems of reliability, safety, anti-crack property and durability between pier columns pre-cast by segments and between the pier columns and a bearing platform connecting structure, reducing the influence of natural conditions on construction period, reducing construction cost and construction risk, reducing the number of cast-in-situ concrete and equipment such as a hoisting machine and the like and effectively saving cost. Due to the advantages of the splicing type bridge pier and the development of various high strength concrete materials in recent years, the working method is applied to water bridges with large scale, multiple bridge spans, adverse natural environment, and difficult construction due to the influence of wind, wave, current, rain and fog.

High efficiency aliphatic sulfonate water reducing agent and method for preparing same

InactiveCN1634794AExcellent water reducing rateImprove performanceHigh strength concreteSuperplasticizer
The present invention relates to a high efficiency water reducing agent for manufacturing high performance cement based material such as high-strength concrete, fluid state and/or pumping concrete, etc. and method for preparing same. The invention takes ketones compound and aldehydes as condensation monomer, and sulphite as sulphonating agent, and take condensation reaction in alkaline aqueous solution. Then a water-soluble high-polymer condensate containing hydrophilic group such as sulfonic group, carboxy, hydroxyl, etc. in molecule with molecular weight ranging from 3000 to 10000 is obtained. By changing the matching, charging sequence of raw material, the technological process is simplified, the reaction time is shortened, and burst boiling and geling phenomena are also avoided at the same time. By controlling charging rate and condensation temperature, the condensation product is made with required molecular weight and can meet application performance. The fatty group sulphonate condensation compound made by the invention can be served as high efficiency water reducing agent of cement concrete, the water reducing, dispersion and reinforcing effects are better than the traditional albocarbon group high efficiency water reducing agent. The water reducing agent provided by the invention has the advantages of wide raw material source, simple synthesizing process, clean and suitable for industrial production.
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High-temperature-resistant super retarder with favorable dispersibility and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103449749ASolve high temperature adaptabilityGood retarding effectHigh strength concreteRetention time
The invention relates to a high-temperature-resistant super retarder with favorable dispersibility and a preparation method thereof. The invention aims to provide a high-temperature-resistant super retarder with favorable dispersibility adaptable to high temperature in summer and a preparation method thereof. The high-temperature-resistant super retarder with favorable dispersibility comprises the following components in parts by weight: 300-450 parts of organophosphorous acid or organic phosphorus salt, 150-300 parts of dispersant and 15-25 parts of surfactant. The preparation method comprises the following steps: proportionally adding raw materials into a reaction kettle, uniformly mixing and stirring, adding 300-400 parts by weight of water, and dissolving by stirring to obtain the product. The high-temperature-resistant super retarder provided by the invention solves the problem of high temperature adaptability of the retarder, is convenient for construction in summer, can adapt to multiple water reducers, is applicable to C40 above high-strength concrete, can prolong the retention time of concrete flowability by more than 0.5 hour, is convenient for concrete transportation, and has the advantages of simple production technique and low cost.

Bridge erection method

The invention discloses a bridge erection method, which is a prefabricated pier-top beam method. The bridge erection method comprises the following steps of: casting at least two pier columns at intervals; prefabricating pier-top beams, and arranging transverse prestressing tendons in the prefabricated pier-top beams; after the setting of concrete, tensioning the transverse prestressing tendons; arranging supports at the tops of piers, hoisting the pier-top beams, arranging the pier-top beams at the tops of the piers, and temporarily fixedly connecting the pier-top beams and the pier columns by using steel plates and reinforcing steel bars; erecting prefabricated longitudinal deck beams on the pier-top beams; casting in-situ concrete joint surfaces on the end faces of the longitudinal deck beams and the lateral surfaces of the pier-top beams, and casting in-situ early-strength and high-strength concrete in the joint surfaces; after the setting of the concrete in the joint surfaces, tensioning longitudinal prestressing tendons of the longitudinal beams; and removing the steel plates and the reinforcing steel bars. The method greatly reduces the height of a structural building and reduces the deck elevation; and a freely supported structure is changed into a continuous structure by the cast-in-situ concrete so as to improve the integrity of a bridge, prolong the service life of the bridge, solve the problem of stress in construction stages and reduce the cost of engineering construction.

Bridge integrally-assembled pier and construction method

InactiveCN106049259ASimple connection processOvercoming the problem of difficult control of verticalityBridge structural detailsFoundation engineeringHigh strength concretePre stress
The invention discloses a bridge integrally-assembled pier and a construction method. The structural system of the bridge integrally-assembled pier is composed of integrally-assembled PHC pipe piles, assembled bearing platforms, an assembled tie beam, segment prefabricated pier bodies, an assembled cover beam and other components. The assembled bearing platforms, the assembled tie beam, the segment prefabricated pier bodies and the assembled cover beam are connected through steel pipes and a prestressing system. In the installation process, a prestressing tendon penetrates through all the components at first, positioning is completed through steel pipe sleeves under the self weight condition, the prestressing steel tendon is tensioned integrally, and a system is formed. According to the bridge integrally-assembled pier and the construction method, the components all adopt an industrialized production process and an assembly installation process, the construction period is shortened, and environment protecting is facilitated; a part of the components is made of high-strength concrete, so that materials are saved, and the construction cost is reduced; the detachable, replaceable and recycling effects are achieved, and energy saving and emission reducing are facilitated; and the seismic performance of the system is excellent.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete column and column splice joint with sleeves

The invention discloses a prefabricated reinforced concrete column and column splice joint adopting connection of embedded corrugated sleeves and high-strength reinforcement. The splice joint mainly comprises a prefabricated reinforced concrete upper column, a prefabricated reinforced concrete lower column, steel sleeves, the embedded corrugated sleeves and the high-strength reinforcement. An installation method of the splice joint comprises the following steps: in a factory, realizing the embedded high-strength reinforcement by a method of firstly pouring non-shrinkage self-compacting high-strength concrete into the embedded corrugated sleeves of the prefabricated reinforced concrete upper column and then inserting the high-strength reinforcement; and at the construction site, grouting the corrugated sleeves of the reinforced concrete lower column, inserting the embedded high-strength reinforcement of the upper column in the corrugated sleeves of the lower column and simultaneously welding the steel sleeve joint parts on the outer surfaces of the columns, thus realizing prefabricated reinforced concrete column and column splicing. The splice joint has the beneficial effects that all the used components are assembled and connected on the site, thus reducing reinforcement assembling and formwork supporting on the site, improving the building industrial assembly efficiency and reflecting the novel building concepts of environment friendliness and energy saving of building components.

Method for detecting test pile stress and strain of PHC (Prestressed High-Strength Concrete) pipe pile

The invention discloses a method for detecting a test pile stress and strain of a PHC (Prestressed High-Strength Concrete) pipe pile, and the method comprises the following specific steps of: 1) lofting: marking the positions of each detection point and routing on the surface of the PHC pipe pile; 2) grooving: grooving the PHC pipe pile along the lofting; 3) connecting line: connecting optical fiber grating sensors arranged according to the predetermined order by an optical fiber to form a detection line; 4) paying-off and testing: putting the detection line in the marked position in the groove and testing whether the optical fiber grating sensors work normally; 5) fixed routing: putting the detection line in the groove in a position which should be at least 5 mm lower than the surface of the PHC pipe pile; 6) glue preparation: pouring glue in the groove, and pasting the optical fiber grating sensors, thereby fixing the sensors; 7) detection: performing stress and strain detection by means of the optical fiber grating sensors and sending out the detection data through the optical fiber. According to the method, the advantages of the optical fiber grating sensors are utilized and combined with the characteristics of the armored optical fiber and a detection line is formed integrally, and the method has the advantages of simplicity, feasibility, high efficiency and the like.

High-strength concrete formula and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a high-strength concrete and a preparation method thereof. The high-strength concrete formula is characterized by comprising the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 10-40 percent of cement, 1-10 percent of mineral powder, 10-65 percent of fine aggregate, 0-50 percent of rough aggregate, 1-10 percent of water reducing agent and 1-10 percent of water. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: putting all dry materials into a stirrer by the proportion and dry-mixing for 5-10min; adding water accounts for 60 percent in the total water weight into the stirrer and mixing the materials for 5-10min; uniformly mixing the water reducing agent and water accounts for accounting 30 percent in the total water weight and adding an obtained mixture into the stirrer; washing a container used for preparing the water reducing agent by using water accounts for accounting 10 percent in the total water weight, and adding liquid after washing into the stirrer; and stirring the mixture until the mixture is in a viscous state. By adopting the formula and the preparation method, the high-strength concrete with the compression strength of 125-270MPa is prepared, and different compression strengths are achieved through changing the grain size of the fine and rough aggregates, the type and the proportion of the cement. The high-strength concrete can be widely applied to high-strength construction of modern requirements.

Self-resetting multidimensional damping pipe pile group foundation and construction method

ActiveCN106351217AImprove shock absorptionTo achieve the purpose of vertical shock absorptionBulkheads/pilesHigh strength concreteReciprocating motion
The invention discloses a self-resetting multidimensional damping pipe pile group foundation and a construction method, and belongs to the technical field of building seismic resistance. The foundation comprises a bearing platform, a PHC (prestressed high strength concrete) pipe pile, damping supports and a damping ground anchor, wherein the damping supports are connected between peripheral foundation piles and the bearing platform, and each damping support comprises an upper seal plate, a lower seal plate, a soft steel core rubber pad, radial reset springs, an outer sleeve and an inner sleeve and extends into a groove in the bottom of the bearing platform, and the bottom of each damping support is arranged at the top of the corresponding pile through the corresponding inner sleeve in a sleeving manner for fixing; the damping ground anchor below a central pipe pile comprises a shearing damper and anchor rods, the shearing damper comprises vertical reset springs, soft steel clamps and steel clamping grooves, the ground anchor is used for penetrating into the soil layer at a pile end of the central pipe pile, and the upper end of the ground anchor is anchored on the top surface of the bearing platform through a steel pulling cable. By means of the foundation and the construction method, vibration energy during reciprocating motion of seism is effectively absorbed, the multidimensional damping effect of the pile group foundation is realized, pile-bearing platform joints with ductile energy consumption capacity are formed, and the problem that pipe pile heads are prone to seismic damage under the action of strong seism is solved.
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