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Fully automatic mobile hydraulic lifting platform machine

The invention discloses a fully automatic mobile hydraulic lifting platform machine. The machine comprises a chassis, a travelling drive device, a lifting device, hydraulic and electrically controlled systems and a charging device, wherein the lower surface of the chassis is provided with wheels, the travelling drive device and a braking device, the lifting device, the hydraulic system, a steering system, a operation system, a control system, the charging device and a foot device are arranged on the chassis, the chassis and a platform are provided with a safety device and a measurement system, and the lifting device is provided with a floating platform device. The machine of the invention can bear the rated weight according to the demand; and the travelling mechanism thereof can realize forth-back travelling and left-right travelling, 90 degrees of translation and crab motion, and the lifting platform device can move longitudinally and transversely, rotates and go up and down freely. Owning to various movement choices, the degrees of mechanization and automation are high, and the machine can change according to different conditions and accurately and timely position the installation position of the chassis, thus increasing the efficiency, ensuring the satisfy and satisfying the demand of the railway vehicle manufacture and assembly production line.

A floating type wave power generation system

A floating type wave power generation system is characterized in that the system consists of eight sets of lever-type floating bodies and a hydraulic energy accumulation converter with the hydraulic pump function. On a floating workbench 7, eight sets of levers 2 and a floating body 1 are connected through supporting hinge bearers 10 and 11; in this way, the highly undulating displacement caused by waves can be converted to relatively lesser displacement of a piston rod 4, and the minor force that the floating body bears can be converted through the lever to the major force on the piston rod. The piston rod drives a hydraulic tank 3 to switch and transmit the hydraulic energy through a connecting oil pipe5, a high-pressure oil pipe6, a hydraulic oil tank and four no-return valves of each set to a hydraulic motor in a hydraulic power generation control chamber 9; in this way the generator is driven to work. The present system can absorb, convert and accumulate the intermittent unstable wave energy in a highly effective way and can buffer the destructive effect of waves. The floating platform can be suitable to different marine space by adjusting the length of an anchor chain 8. And in various sea conditions, kinetic energy and potential energy possessed by waves in the sea surface can be converted and accumulated as hydraulic mechanical energy by utilization of the wave drop; thus the generator is driven to unremittingly provide electric power.

Distributed spacecraft ground artificial system and implementing method thereof

The invention discloses a distributed spacecraft ground simulation system and a method for realizing same, belonging to the technical field of space flight and aviation. The invention aims at solving the problems that the configuration of the simulation platform of a prior distributed spacecraft is solidified and the expandability is bad. The invention adopts a one-dimensional rotational base air floated platform which is based on a plane two-dimensional parallel motion and is perpendicular to a parallel motion plane. By configuring a cooling air thrustor and a counteractive flywheel as an executing mechanism and configuring a high-precision optical fibre gyro, an x-axle accelerometer and a Y-axle accelerometer as a sensing component, the definition of a high-precision relative position and the standardization of an initiate posture can be realized by a high-precision local GPS positioning system, and other hardware systems can be configured according to different tasks, thereby forming a multi-spacecraft ground simulation system. The invention can realize the ground simulation multi-spacecraft system by configuring different practical hardwares or simulators according to the task of the spacecraft, thereby having strong expansion capability and applicability.

Sea observation platform for unmanned and automatic navigation

The invention discloses a sea observation platform for unmanned and automatic navigation. According to upward and downward movement of a water turbine which is arranged under sea and is pulled by a sea floating platform driven by wave, water flow entering into a water turbine casing is enabled to be guided by upper part guide blades and lower part guide blades to act on a one-way rotating rotor, the up and down movement is converted into one-way rotation of the rotor, by the adoption of the rotor, according to a transmission mechanism, and kinetic energy of rotation is transmitted into the rotor of a generation set which is accelerated by a speed shifting mechanism, so that sea wave energy is enabled to be converted into electrical energy; and a power supply system further comprises a solar photovoltaic system, the electrical energy generated by the solar photovoltaic system is taken as an auxiliary power supply for an observation platform, the electric energy converted from the sea wave energy is used as a main power supply for various systems, and a complemented method of the main power supply and the auxiliary power supply is used for providing power source for a propelling system and an intelligent control system. By providing adequate electric energy, the sea observation platform becomes the observation platform with functions of remote control, multi-method communication, visualized remote online monitoring and observing and the like, and the possibility of transparently supervising all sea observation stations in the country is realized.

Amphibian stable floating platform, sinking and floating method of house thereof and application thereof

The invention provides an amphibian stable floating platform or a house based on reliable independent stability of a floating platform with a lower opening floating vessel. Particularly, the lower opening floating vessel 7 of the stable floating platform has the depth of 0.4m at least, and at least comprises three or more circles of annular floating vessels from the inside to the outside; the annular floating vessels at each circle are actually independent with each other and are not staggered, wherein independence with each other means that the floating vessels are not communicated directly in a floating state; the middle annular floating vessels 48 and external annular floating vessels 49 are at least provided with 6 subsections and actually independent floating vessels 7; and the annular floating vessels are alternately distributed by equidistant or approximately equidistant annular pins 3. The application comprises that the disaster reducing capability of a conventional amphibian house can be expanded by the stable diving function of the floating body, and a conceptual disaster reduction house comprehensively relates to the blank disaster reduction field of physical natural disaster; the self-subside defect when a ground pillar is rammed for a house can be passingly solved; and the popularity of the amphibian variable house can be passingly fulfilled.

Integrated system of floating offshore wind generator and deepwater aquaculture net cage

The invention provides an integrated system of a floating offshore wind generator and a deepwater aquaculture net cage, and belongs to the technical field of marine renewable energy and aquaculture engineering. The integrated system comprises a wind generation system, a floating deepwater aquaculture system and an anchoring chain system, wherein the wind generation system comprises wind generators and a semi-submersible offshore floating platform; the semi-submersible offshore floating platform comprises an upper floating body, circular vertical columns and a lower floating body; the upper floating body and the lower floating body are of circular ring structures and are connected through three circular vertical columns; three wind generators are circumferentially uniformly distributed on the upper floating body; the floating deepwater aquaculture system comprises a closed circular net cage and pressing blocks; the upper part of the closed circular net cage is fixed to the bottom part of the lower floating body, and the lower part of the closed circular net cage is circumferentially uniformly provided with the pressing blocks; the wind generators of the wind generation system are used for supplying power to the floating deepwater aquaculture system; the anchoring chain system is an anchoring chain; one end of the anchoring chain is fixed to the lower floating body, and the other end of the anchoring chain is connected to a seabed, so that the lower floating body is connected to the seabed.
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