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Water surface garbage cleaning ship

The invention relates to a water surface garbage cleaning ship. In the invention, a ship body is of an dual-body design, and the water surface garbage cleaning ship is composed of a detection and navigation system, a collection system, a garbage treatment system, a garbage unloading system and a propulsion system; and the water surface garbage cleaning ship can have three working modes, namely a free navigation mode, a landing operation mode and a non-landing operation mode. The water surface garbage cleaning ship can realize autonomous navigation and work, unmanned operation, full automation, good cleaning effect, strong flexibility, smoothness in working, safety and reliability by using the detection and navigation system to detect a region with garbage on the water surface. A scraper bucket chain network type collection and transmission device designed in the water surface garbage cleaning ship can realize the combination of continuous and intermittent work of recovery, thereby being energy-saving and high-efficient. Simultaneously, the device can change the amplitude up and down by hydraulic drive and fish floating objects in different water depths faster and more effectively.A satellite ship is designed for collaborative collection, thereby having better flexibility and high efficiency. The shoreside water surface floating objects and semi-floating objects are recovered and taken onto the ship by using a hydraulic rotary water spray gun to spray water.

Filtration of hydrocarbon containing liquid

An apparatus for and method of filtering hydrocarbon contaminated water is disclosed herein. The present invention may be used in drainage openings, particularly in parking lots and containment areas for large sources of hydrocarbons such as oil tanks or electrical transformers, to remove hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon contaminated water. The apparatus has a filtration compartment which filters out debris and sediment which may clog the treatment compartment. A pre-filter attachable to the apparatus may be used to further aid in filtering out sediment. A means for melting snow and ice may be incorporated within the filtration compartment such that liquid flow is not hindered during extreme weather conditions. The treatment compartment contains a hydrocarbon absorption media which absorbs any hydrocarbons present in the water rendering such water substantially hydrocarbon-free for discharge directly into a stream or groundwater. In the event of a hydrocarbon spill, the hydrocarbon absorption media forms a plug which seals off the flow of contaminated water. A hydrocarbon solubilizing material capable of effectively removing sheen in a first pass may be disposed as a top layer over the hydrocarbon absorption media. Preferably, each compartment is manufactured as a cartridge which may be dropped into a housing inserted into a drain opening.
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