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An Injection Pump is the device that pumps diesel (as the fuel) into the cylinders of a diesel engine. Traditionally, the injection pump is driven indirectly from the crankshaft by gears, chains or a toothed belt (often the timing belt) that also drives the camshaft. It rotates at half crankshaft speed in a conventional four-stroke diesel engine. Its timing is such that the fuel is injected only very slightly before top dead centre of that cylinder's compression stroke. It is also common for the pump belt on gasoline engines to be driven directly from the camshaft. In some systems injection pressures can be as high as 620 bar (8992 psi) .

System and method for visualization fracturing simulation experiment

The invention relates to a system and method for a visualization fracturing simulation experiment. According to the technical scheme, the system comprises a visualization fracturing simulation experiment device, a pressure control module and a data acquisition module, wherein the visualization fracturing simulation experiment device is a square container, the pressure control module comprises a servo control injection pump, a confining pressure pump and the like, and the data acquisition module comprises a pressure data recorder and a high-definition high-frequency vidicon. Through combination of the visualization fracturing simulation experiment device and transparent specimens, crack initiation characteristics and expanding dynamic states of hydraulic fractures in interiors of the experiment specimens can be clearly known by researchers, and study of crack initiation mechanisms and expanding rules of the hydraulic fractures are deepened. According to the experiment method, crack initiation and expanding dynamic state videos of the fractures can be obtained, crack initiation and the expanding rules of the fractures can be clearly showed, storage of video data is simple, spreading is convenient, and the method can help the researchers to exchange experiment achievements across regions.

Low-melting-point metal multi-dimensional structure liquid phase printing system and method

The invention provides a low-melting-point metal multi-dimensional structure liquid phase printing system. The low-melting-point metal multi-dimensional structure liquid phase printing system comprises an injection pump array, an injection needle array, a liquid metal tank, a thermostat, a thermostatic bath and a control unit. The injection pump array includes m*n of injection pumps and an inlet of every injection pump is connection with the liquid metal tank. Injection needles are perpendicular to the thermostatic bath and liquid inlets of the injection needles are connected to outlet ends of the injection pumps respectively. The control unit is connected to the injection pump array. A low-melting-point metal multi-dimensional structure liquid phase printing method uses the smart control mechanism of fluid for applying effective buffer, crushing and buoyancy actions to liquid metal injection droplets, and the liquid cooling treatment more efficient than a traditional gas cooling mode can be provided for enabling liquid metal injected into a liquid phase environment to be quickly solidified due to the large heat capacity, so that short-time forming of a multi-dimensional structure is achieved, and meanwhile the oxidation not easy to avoid in a traditional method is reduced.

Rotary grinder method and apparatus

An in-line grinder has been developed which can be configured to perform in a variety of applications through the use of an adjustable rotor/stator assembly, removable shear bar, and a variety of interchangeable stator-rotor configurations. A unique drive system utilizing a mechanical seal cartridge provides maximum sealing with a minimum of shaft deflection and run-out, thereby improving performance. These improvements collectively allow the grinder to be configured for optimum sizing of solids to a predetermined particle size for a broad range of materials. It has been demonstrated that a class of in-line grinders such as that described herein is applicable for sizing drill cuttings for injection into a subsurface formation by way of an annular space formed in a wellbore. The cuttings are removed from the drilling fluid, conveyed to a shearing and grinding system that converts the cuttings into a viscous slurry with the addition of water and viscosity enhancing polymers. The system in its simplest form comprises a slurry tank, a pump, and the instant in-line grinder. The pump circulates the mixture of cuttings, water including sea water and chemicals between the slurry tank and the in-line grinder. The ground mixture leaving the in-line grinder is then routed to an injection pump for high pressure injection into the formation.

Full-automatic nucleic acid extraction machine

The invention discloses a full-automatic nucleic acid extraction machine which comprises a machine body, a workbench, a swing mechanism, a suction-injection gun head, a pressurization gun, a transmission mechanism and a controller, wherein the machine body at least comprises a rack; a test tube placing hole position, a suction nozzle placing hole position, a filter hole position, a cracking hole position, a finished product collection hole position and a waste suction nozzle recycling slot are formed in the workbench; the swing mechanism is used for driving the workbench to reciprocate relative to the rack; an opening at the upper end part of the suction-injection gun head is connected with an injection pump, and the lower end part is matched with a suction nozzle; an opening at the upper end part of the pressurization gun is communicated with a pressurization device, and an air outlet is formed in the lower end part; the transmission mechanism is used for driving the suction-injection gun head and the pressurization gun to move along the length direction and height direction of the machine body; and the controller is used for controlling the transmission mechanism and the swing mechanism. The nucleic acid extraction machine disclosed by the invention can realize automatic suction and injection of samples and reagents, thus improving the working efficiency; and moreover, during filtration, positive pressure is applied to a filtering tubular column by the pressurization gun, the filtering time is shortened, and the nucleic acid extraction efficiency is further improved.

Mobile fertilizing and chemical spraying integrated device

The present invention relates to a movable single unit system of fertilizer injection and pesticide spraying; the present invention comprises a machine frame; land wheels equipped at the bottom of the machine frame; a fertilizer/pesticide bucket for containing fertilizer or pesticide; a pressure pump which is connected with the fertilizer/pesticide bucket by a first controllable valve; to pressurize the injected pesticide and is connected with a water inlet joint by a fourth controllable valve to pressurize the injected water and is connected with a nozzle to spray the pressurized pesticide; a fertilizer injection pump which is connected with the fertilizer/pesticide bucket by the first controllable valve and connected with a flow sensor and the pressure pump by a third controllable valve and also connected with a water outlet joint to mix the water injected from the pressure pump and fertilize injected from the fertilizer/pesticide bucket and to spray the mixture from the water outlet joint; a controller used for controlling the opening and closing of the controllable valves and the stop of the pressure pump. The device can be moved conveniently which solves the problem that the water pressure of drip irrigation is low; the efficiency is low and additional fertilizer can not be applied on the seedling stage; at the same time the device is characterized by the functions of fertilizer injection and pesticide spraying.

Rock core measuring system and method

The invention provides a rock core measuring system and method. The system comprises a core holder, an injection pump, a suction pump, a pressure difference sensor and a resistivity measuring unit, wherein the injection pump is connected with a fluid injection port of the core holder and used for displacing a non-wetting phase entering into a to-be-measured rock core fixed in the core holder at a constant speed; the suction pump is connected with a fluid output port of the core holder and used for collecting the original fluid which is in the to-be-measured rock core and is displaced out from the to-be-measured rock core; two ends of the pressure difference transducer are connected with the fluid injection port and the fluid output port respectively, and the pressure difference transducer is used for measuring the pressure difference of fluid at the two ends of the to-be-measured rock core in the displacement process of the to-be-measured rock core; the resistivity measuring unit is connected with the to-be-measured rock core and used for measuring the resistivity of the to-be-measured rock core in the displacement process of the to-be-measured rock core. The system and the method provided by the invention solve the technical problems that when a constant-pressure difference method is adopted for measuring a rock core, the resistivity of the rock core and the information of a pore connected with a throat can not be determined at the same time, and the number of obtained data points is small; meanwhile, the measurement period is shortened compared with that of the constant-pressure difference method.

Two-dimensional microcosmic visual thickened oil replacement simulation experiment system and use method thereof

ActiveCN104265255AMeet the needs of development researchReduce experiment costFluid removalFlat glassLine tubing
The invention provides a two-dimensional microcosmic visual thickened oil replacement simulation experiment system and a use method thereof. The two-dimensional microcosmic visual thickened oil replacement simulation experiment system comprises a microcosmic simulation experiment device, a visual data acquisition device, a support device, a multivariate thermal fluid injection device, a confining pressure tracking device and a metering device, wherein the microcosmic simulation experiment device comprises a heating jacket, a clamper and a plate glass microcosmic model; the visual data acquisition device comprises a microscopic shooting device and a computer; the multivariate thermal fluid injection device comprises an ISCO injection pump, an oven and a replacement medium intermediate container, a water intermediate container, a thickened oil intermediate container, a first heat traced pipeline and a bypass pipeline; the confining pressure tracking device comprises an annular pressure tracking pump, an annular pressure tracking pump pressure meter, a vacuum pump and a first vacuum valve. The two-dimensional microcosmic visual thickened oil replacement simulation experiment system give full consideration to characteristics of the thickened oil reservoirs, provides convenience for research on a thickened oil replacement mechanism through microcosmic experiments, has the advantages of low experiment cost, high work efficiency and the like, and can meet with demands on development and research of the thickened oil reservoirs.
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