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Intelligent controller accessed through addressable virtual space

File operations on files in a peripheral system are controlled by an intelligent controller with a file processor. The files are accessed as if the intelligent controller were an addressable virtual storage space. This is accomplished first by communicating controller commands for the intelligent controller through read/write commands addressed to a Command Region of a virtual storage device. The controller commands set up a Mapped Data Region in the virtual storage device for use in controlling data transfer operations to and from the peripheral system. With the Mapped Data Regions set up, blocks of data are transferred between the host and the intelligent controller in response to read/write commands addressed to the Mapped Data Region of the virtual storage device.In an additional feature of the invention file operations are communicated between host and controller through a device driver at the host and a device emulator at the intelligent controller. If the address in the device write/read command is pointing to the Command Region of the virtual storage device, a Command Region process interprets and implements the controller operation required by the controller command embedded in the device write/read command. One of these controller commands causes the Command Region processor to map a requested file to a Mapped Data Region in the virtual storage device. If the address detected by the detecting operation is in a Mapped Data Region, a Mapped Data Region process is called. The Mapped Data Region process reads or writes requested data of a file mapped to the Mapped Data Region addressed by the read/write command. This mapped file read or write is accomplished as a transfer of data over a data path separate from a control path. In an additional feature of the invention, the data transfer between host system and intelligent controller is accomplished by performing a direct memory access transfer of data.

Intelligent control apparatus and method for high-power energy saving electromagnetic stove

The invention relates to an intelligent control device of a high power energy saving electromagnetic stove, and the method thereof, The intelligent control device comprises a controllable rectifying and filtering module, a contravariant module and a microcomputer controlling module, which is characterized in that a three-phase alternating current power supply is rectified into an adjustable direct current power supply through the controllable rectifying and filtering module ; the direct current power supply is inverted into a high frequency alternating current power supply through the contravariant module, and then the electric energy is converted into electromagnetic energy to be radiated to the bottom of a cookware, and vortex flow is generated, and the cookware can be heated because of the thermal effect of the vortex flow; the microcomputer controlling module is the core of the entire system, which is used for collecting data and transmitting control information to each module; the device adopts a series of advanced control policies, such as the trigger control of the rectifier bridge of an PI regulator, the intelligent self-adaptive constant power control, the intelligent soft-start control, the intelligent cookware detection control, etc., and thereby the working stability and the security of the electromagnetic stove are enhanced. The harmonic pollution of the equipment to the electric network can be reduced to the utmost extent when the electric energy of the electromagnetic stove is saved, and the electromagnetic stove is suitable for various kitchens and dining rooms.

Intelligent pesticide applying system and control method of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention relates to an intelligent pesticide applying system and a control method of a plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle. The system is provided with a meteorological station used for measuring environment parameters and sending collected data to a ground station. The ground station sends the environment parameters, pesticide applying control parameters and control commands to an onboard pesticide applying controller on the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle through a wireless data transmission module. Meanwhile, a flight controller measures real-time geographic information parameters and flight parameters of the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle and sends collected data to the onboard pesticide applying controller in real time. The onboard pesticide applying controller conducts autonomous programmed decisions by combining the flight parameters, the environment parameters, the pesticide applying control parameters and the control commands, a miniature diaphragm pump and two centrifugal atomization disc sprayers are independently controlled, and therefore the pesticide liquid flow, the mist drop diameters and spraying width parameters of the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle are intelligently controlled. By means of the intelligent pesticide applying system and the control method, it is guaranteed that pesticide in an operation area is quantitative and evenly sprayed in a fully covering mode, the phenomena of repeated spraying and miss-spraying of the pesticide are avoided, the pesticide applying quality is improved, and effective prevention and treatment of farmland pest and disease damage are guaranteed.

Fuzzy-control-based internet of things intelligent irrigation and fertilization control method and system

The invention discloses a fuzzy-control-based internet of things intelligent irrigation and fertilization control method and system. The method comprises the first step of data collection and processing, wherein limiting values of the soil humidity, nutrients and pond water level and the irrigation and fertilization planning time are set and stored in a database according to the water demand regulation and a fertilization formula of crops, and collected soil temperature and humidity, soil nutrients, air temperature and humidity, air speed, rainfall, flow, pond water level and pipe network pressure data; the second step of intelligent control, wherein corresponding data are read from the database and an irrigation valve and a fertilization valve are intelligently controlled by the adoption of the fuzzy control algorithm and a water and fertilizer coupling mode, by comparing the current pond water level with the set limiting value of the pond water level, starting and stopping of a water pump are intelligently controlled, and the speed of the water pump is adjusted and controlled by a PID algorithm. The fuzzy-control-based internet of things intelligent irrigation and fertilization control method and system have the advantages of being good in performance, complete in function, high in expansibility, easy to operate and manage and the like, and intelligent management and control are achieved by the adoption of fuzzy control.
Owner:贵州省水利科学研究院 +1

Multi-plane dust removing device

InactiveCN102319627AIntelligent responseElectric supply techniquesControl signalPulse parameter
The invention relates to a multi-plane dust removing device comprising a plurality of parallel electrodes attached to each plane needing dust removal and dust monitoring controllers arranged on or near the planes needing dust removal, wherein the electrodes and the dust monitoring controllers corresponding to the multiple planes needing dust removal are respectively cascaded in sequence, the cascaded electrodes are connected with a pulse generator, the pulse generator is electrically connected to a power supply, the pulse generator is further electrically connected with an intelligent controller, the intelligent controller is electrically connected with the cascaded dust monitoring controllers, the dust monitoring controllers are used for feeding dust status signals of the planes needing dust removal back to the intelligent controller, and the intelligent controller is used for outputting a first control signal to the pulse generator. The intelligent controller is used for automatically calculating pulse parameters according to the feedback results of the dust monitoring controllers and further outputting the signal to the pulse generator, and the pulse generator is used for applying different pulse signals to the electrodes on all the planes to generate a varying electromagnetic field so that various types of dust on all the planes can be removed.

Mobile robot multi-behavior syncretizing automatic navigation method under unknown environment

InactiveCN101354587AReduce redundant rulesOmit the defuzzification processTarget-seeking controlAdaptive controlSupport vector machineSimulation
The invention discloses a multi-behavior combining auto-navigation method for a mobile robot in an unknown environment. The method is characterized in that the method comprises the following steps that (1) current azimuth angle is obtained in real time according to the relative positions of an object and the mobile robot, and a plurality of distance parameters are obtained in real time according to the status of obstacles around the mobile robot; (2) a multi-output support vector machine fuzzy controller outputs a corner value Theta i and a velocity value vi according to the obtained azimuth angle and distance parameters, wherein i is equal to 1, 2 or 3; (3) a multi-output support vector machine environmental-identification controller inputs signals and outputs weight parameters wi of three subbehaviors according to input signals of the azimuth angle and the distance parameters, wherein i is equal to 1, 2 or 3; and (4) current corner value Theta i and velocity value vi of the mobile robot used for navigation are calculated according to the formula. The multi-behavior combining auto-navigation method adopts intelligent control strategy, and has the advantages of strong self adaptation, high navigation reliability and excellent effect.

Self-service hotel reservation system and operating method thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional self-service hotel reservation system and an operating method thereof which are applied for hotels to provide quick services for users and are capable of saving labor cost for the hotels. The multifunctional self-service hotel reservation system comprises a reservation terminal, a cloud server, a plurality of hotel servers and a plurality of controlled terminals. The reservation terminal is used for sending hotel inquiry information, demand information, reservation information and control information; the cloud server is connected with the reservation terminal through the internet and receives the data information sent from the reservation terminal; and the hotel servers are connected with the cloud server and the controlled terminal through a data network, and send data information to or receive data information from the cloud server. By the multifunctional self-service hotel reservation system, the users can reserve in an online manner through portable internet devices such as smart mobile phones so as to complete self-service check-in, self-service check-out, optional hotel service selection and other related self-service items, and further, locks, lamps and electric appliances of reserved rooms can be controlled intelligently through the smart mobile phones of the users.
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