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System and method for home automation using wireless control rf remocon module based on network

A home automation system using an infrared (IR)/radio frequency (RF) integration remote control module based on a network. At least one IR/RF integration remote control module (100) is disposed at a predetermined location of a home automation region. The IR/RF integration remote control module (100) with a wireless interface function integrates an RF modulation/reception/transmission function and an IR modulation/reception/transmission. A set-top box (200) is appropriately disposed so that it can carry out an interface function for controlling the IR/RF integration remote control module (100) and a wired/wireless Internet access function. The set-top box (200) receives various control commands over an Internet network using transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and controls the IR/RF integration remote control module (100). Even though various pieces of equipment using the conventional IR reception/transmission scheme or a new electronic product equipped with an RF module is added to the home automation system using an RF modulation scheme, an automation operation and a bidirectional control operation based on the integrated IR and RF transmission scheme can be appropriately carried out. Thus, the home automation system and method can be cost-effectively and conveniently implemented.
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