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Protective enclosure and watertight adapter for an interactive flat-panel controlled device

A protective enclosure is disclosed for an interactive flat-panel control device. The protective enclosure is watertight, crush-resistant, and impact-resistant. An electrical adapter may disposed within the protective enclosure and covered with an elastomeric covering that permits a connector of the adapter to flex with respect to the lower shell of the enclosure so that the connector may easily be inserted into an interface jack of the electronic device. The elastomeric covering also provides a watertight seal that enables the protective enclosure to be submersibly watertight. While providing protection, the protective enclosure simultaneously allows smooth and accurate interaction with the interactive flat-panel controlled device. The protective enclosure has a protective membrane that permits RF and touch screen stylus inputs, as well as capacitance, such as from a finger, to be transmitted accurately to the flat-panel control. The hardness and texture of the protective membrane allows a stylus or finger to glide smoothly along the surface of the membrane without catching or sticking. The protective enclosure is further adapted to allow infrared and other communication signals while the device is secured inside the case. Further, electrical connections can be made through the case without affecting the protection afforded the electronic device inside. The protective enclosure may have a removable cable management belt clip that has a flange that retains and prevents entangling of an accessory cable for the interactive flat-panel control device.
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