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Online lake water quality monitoring system based on internet of things

InactiveCN102890142AExpand the scope of the fieldComprehensive scopeTesting waterWater qualityThe Internet
The invention relates to the fields of applications of the internet of things technology, the wireless sensor network technology, the global positioning system (GPS) positioning technology and the GIS electronic map technology, and discloses an online lake water quality monitoring system based on internet of things. The online lake water quality monitoring system comprises a node monitoring device, a data video base station and a remote monitoring center; the node monitoring device is arranged in a lake to be monitored, and is used for monitoring the lake water quality and transmitting the monitoring data obtained from the monitoring to the data video base station through an ZigBee network; the data video data base is arranged in the lake to be monitored for transmitting the received monitoring data, and water quality information and video information which are collected by the data video base station are transmitted to the remote monitoring center through a mobile communicating network; the remote monitoring center comprises a GIS module, and is used for controlling navigation of the data video base station by remote means depending on water quality map information which is provided by the GIS module after receiving the monitoring data and all information, and for assisting to treat water quality of the lake to be monitored.

Unmanned-device-based water quality patrolling, contaminant originating system and method thereof

ActiveCN106405040AOptimize the inspection pathFlexible emergency startGeneral water supply conservationTransmission systemsVideo monitoringMarine engineering
The invention discloses an unmanned-device-based water quality patrolling, contaminant originating system and a method thereof, wherein the system comprises an unmanned plane, an unmanned ship and a shore-based monitoring system. The unmanned ship carrying a water quality detection device is capable of performing on-line detection of water quality across a water area at which the unmanned ship is located. The unmanned ship carries a small-sized unmanned plane, and a ship body thereof provides docking and charging device for the unmanned plane, thereby achieving a wide patrolling range of the unmanned plane. Both the unmanned ship and the unmanned plane are equipped with an HD (High-Definition) video monitoring system for separately achieving a water surface patrolling function. The invention provides a brand new water quality monitoring approaches by means of carrying theunmanned plane on the unmanned ship for patrolling a polluted water area in a space formula manner. A combination of the unmanned plane and the unmanned ship uses a characteristic of a wide view of the unmanned plane, to further achieve tracking of a pollution source, and also better compensates for defects of separate patrol of the unmanned ship or unmanned plane, thereby facilitating high efficiency and precision of water quality monitoring, and improving informationalized level of water quality monitoring.

Real-time multiparameter remote water quality monitoring system and method

The invention provides a real-time multiparameter remote water quality monitoring system and method. The system comprises an environmental monitoring control center and a plurality of field water quality monitoring devices arranged at a water source area in a distributed mode; each water quality monitoring device is used for sending real-time water quality data to the environmental monitoring control center, and comprises a plurality of sensor units, a signal modulation/amplification and AD (analog/digital) conversion unit, a data storage unit, a liquid crystal display unit, a keyboard input unit, a central control unit, a wireless communications unit, and a power supply module unit; each sensor unit is used for acquiring the parameters of the field water quality in real time; the signal modulation/amplification and AD conversion unit is used for carrying out modulation, amplification and AD conversion on the parameters (acquired in real time) of the field water quality so as to convert the parameters into digital signals, then sending the digital signals to the central control unit; and the central control unit is used for coordinating and controlling the operations of the other units of the field monitoring devices. The environmental monitoring control center is used for receiving, storing and then processing the real-time water quality monitoring data, and carrying out active remote control on the field water quality monitoring devices.

Apparatus, systems and methods for detecting and transmitting sensory data over a computer network

A vapor sensing device that is sufficiently small and lightweight to be handheld, and also modular so as to allow the device to be conveniently adapted for use in sensing the presence and concentration of a wide variety of specified vapors. The device provides these benefits using a sensor module that incorporates a sample chamber and a plurality of sensors located on a chip releasably carried within or adjacent to the sample chamber. Optionally, the sensor module can be configured to be releasably plugged into a receptacle formed in the device. Vapors are directed to pass through the sample chamber, whereupon the sensors provide a distinct combination of electrical signals in response to each. The sensors of the sensor module can take the form of chemically sensitive resistors having resistances that vary according to the identity and concentration of an adjacent vapor. These chemically sensitive resistors can each be connected in series with a reference resistor, between a reference voltage and ground, such that an analog signal is established for each chemically sensitive resistor. The resulting analog signals are supplied to an analog-to-digital converter, to produce corresponding digital signals. These digital signals are appropriately analyzed for vapor identification. The device can then subsequently transmit the digital signals over a computer network, such as the Internet, for analysis at a remote location.

River way multipoint water quality monitoring apparatus and monitoring method therefor

ActiveCN106596193AExpand the water inlet spaceIncrease the speed of water intakeWithdrawing sample devicesTesting waterWater storageAquatic animal
The invention mainly discloses a river way multipoint water quality monitoring apparatus and a monitoring method therefor. The monitoring apparatus includes a monitoring body, a power apparatus and water collectors. A solar cell panel, a storage battery and a protective cover are disposed on the top surface of the monitoring body. At least three water collectors are disposed under the monitoring body through telescopic rods. A water storage chamber is arranged in each water collector. A water collection port is arranged on the bottom of each water collector and is provided with a sealed cover. A sampling tube is disposed in each telescopic rod. A detection chamber provided with a detection head and a wireless communication module are arranged in the monitoring body. One end of the sampling tube is connected to the water storage chamber. The other end of the sampling tube is connected to a splitting pipe through an electromagnetic valve. The splitting pipes are connected to the detection chamber. The monitoring apparatus is used for performing multipoint auto-monitoring to a to-be-detected water area for a long time instead of manual work. The monitoring apparatus is environment-friendly and economical, has sufficient energy and has wide detection range, can detect multiple water points at the same time and can get many detection data. Water collection and detection are separated into two independent parts, so that damage on the detection head due to aquatic animals is avoided, quality and service life of the monitoring apparatus are improved, and detection accuracy is increased.

Biologic water quality monitoring system for perceiving fish behaviors based on vision

The invention relates to a biologic water quality monitoring system for perceiving fish behaviors based on vision, comprising a transparent aquarium for containing fishes, cameras for monitoring fish behaviors, video capture cards and a water quality monitoring center, wherein the aquarium is positioned in the visual ranges of the cameras; all cameras are in data communication link with the waterquality monitoring center by the video capture cards; and the water quality monitoring center comprises an image capture module, an image processing module, a target tracking module and a fish behavior data analysis module. The fish behavior data analysis module comprises a data modeling part and a data matching part, obtains data of image frame sequence of a water area to be analyzed and substitutes the data into model formals (6) and (7) for matching. If the difference between a present calculated value and a normal action value is in the range of a default threshold, the fact represents that the fish behaviors are normal and judges that water quality conditions are good. If the difference is beyond the range of the default threshold, the fact judges that the water is polluted. The biologic water quality monitoring system reduces cost, is suitable for large-scale application and has good practicality.

Experimental apparatus for simulation research on water quality and quantity of biotical retained elements under artificial rainfall condition

The invention provides an experimental apparatus for simulation research on water quality and quantity of biotical retained elements under an artificial rainfall condition. The experimental apparatus comprises a rainwater storage tank, a water pump, an aqueduct, a supporting frame, a water quantity regulation tank, a valve, a water outlet pipe, a spray head, rainfall holes, a porous water distribution plate, an experimental soil bin, a small sampling perforated pipe and a large sampling perforated pipe, wherein the lower outlet of the rainwater storage tank is connected with a water inlet of the water pump; a water outlet of the water pump is communicated with the water quantity regulation tank arranged on the supporting frame through the aqueduct; the outlet of the water quantity regulation tank is provided with the valve and connected with the spray head through the water outlet pipe; the porous water distribution plate which is provided with a plurality of rainfall holes is arranged under the spray head and above the experimental soil bin; and the small sampling perforated pipe is positioned on the central part of the experimental soil bin, while the large sampling perforated pipe is positioned on the lower part of the experimental soil bin. The experimental apparatus for the water quality and quantity simulation research on the biotical retained elements under the artificial rainfall condition has a simple structure, can regulate rainfall intensity and uniformity, and realize water sampling of soil in different time and different structural space, and has an application prospect in the field of environment engineering and ecological engineering.
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