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Technical method for building self-insulating and energy-saving wall with Z-shaped energy-saving building blocks

In the invention, the same clad bricks are laid in the forward direction, and a positioning convex platform 2 and a longitudinal positioning convex platform 3 are used for realizing transverse and longitudinal self-locking positioning, thereby naturally ensuring the designed thickness and surface smoothness of the wall, forming a combined still air layer 12 which is 9mm to 10mm wide and vertical to the ground, and further blocking heat bridges in vertical bricklaying seams. The cavity of a 28-30mm-wide groove 4 in the horizontal bricklaying seam between two clad bricks is filled with a broken bridge insulation board 10 which is as wide as the groove and has a thickness of 15mm; the broken bridge insulation board 10 is used for sealing a long-strip groove still air layer 11 and the combined still air layer 12 and cutting off the heat bridges in the horizontal bricklaying seams; the exposed part of broken bridge insulation board with a height of 10mm, is used for controlling the coating thickness of anti-crack masonry mortar 13 to be even and uniform. When the self-insulating and energy-saving wall is built, Z-shaped energy-saving building blocks 1 of the upper clad bricks and the lower bricks are laid in a staggered manner so as to cut off heat bridges in vertical bricklaying seams. The structure of the invention, with a reasonable thickness, can satisfy the requirement of saving 50 percent of energy in various regions, or even higher requiremets without an internal or external insulating layer of walls. Simultaneously, the structure is easy to build and the formation of the block shape effectively ensures the thickness of walls and the smoothness of wall surfaces. The thermal insulation function of the still air layer with a thickness of 10mm to 12mm strengthens the heat insulation effect. The insulation boards (28-30mm wide and 15mm thick) between the two clad bricks is capable of cutting off the heat bridge effects.

Nano-material-containing high-strength high-heat insulation exterior wall inorganic heat-retaining face brick

The invention belongs to the field of building materials, relates to a use of a nano-material in a building exterior wall heat-retaining system and provides a nano-material-containing high-strength high-heat insulation exterior wall inorganic heat-retaining face brick. The nano-material-containing high-strength high-heat insulation exterior wall inorganic heat-retaining face brick is characterized in that nano-particles are used so that compressive strength, tensile strength and bonding strength are improved. The nano-material-containing high-strength high-heat insulation exterior wall inorganic heat-retaining face brick is prepared by adding a nano-material having a nanoscale particle size into a mixed system of cement, an auxiliary gel material, a polymer binder, an inorganic light heat-retaining material, fibers and water, uniformly mixing, carrying out pressing molding of the mixture, carrying out organic polymer crosslinking and cement hydration drying, and carrying out waterproof layer coating. The nano-material-containing high-strength high-heat insulation exterior wall inorganic heat-retaining face brick has the advantages of excellent flame resistance, high compressive strength, high tensile strength, high bonding strength and good insulation effects.

Method with functions of preheating and postheating for forming crack-free coating with high efficiency by three-light-beam laser-cladding technique

The invention discloses a method with functions of preheating and postheating for forming crack-free coating with high efficiency by a three-light-beam laser-cladding technique. The method comprises the following steps of: splitting a laser beam emitted by an Nd: YAG laser into two laser beams by using a laser beam splitter, namely a preheating laser beam for preheating the surface of a base material and a postheating laser beam for postheating the formed coating; then blowing alloy powder into a molten pool which is formed by focusing a laser beam emitted by a CO2 laser and acting the focused laser beam on the surface of the base material by using a powder nozzle, wherein after the CO2 laser beam moves away, a molten layer is cured and crystallized quickly to form the coating; and postheating the formed coating by adopting the postheating laser beam. The method has the advantages that: (1) the dilution rate of the coating is low and adjustable, and the coating is metallurgically combined with the base material, so the base material has a small thermal influence area and is deformation-free and crack-free; (2) residual inner stress in the coating can be eliminated effectively, a tissue can be improved, and the coating has high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance, high anti-cracking performance and high thermal shock resistance; and (3) relative to the processing efficiency in the conventional laser cladding technology, the processing efficiency in the method can be improved by 50 times to the maximum extent, so the processing cost is reduced greatly, and a large-scale industrialized application potential is realized.

Exterior wall composite insulation heat-proof plastering material

The invention relates to compound thermal insulation plastering material for external wall, which consists of a compound cementing material and a lightweight aggregate. The compound cementing material consists of cement, active admixture, lime powder, promoter, surfactant, anti-crack and waterproof agent, water retaining agent, flame retardant, re-dispersible emulsion powder, alkali-resistance fiber and coal flying ash cenosphere; the lightweight aggregate consists of EPS grain and expanded perlite. The invention has the advantages of low density, thermal performance, high strength, good impact resistance, bond strength and low shrinkage. The compound cementing material adopts a plurality of polymeric cementing materials, allows the insulation material to have good bond performance and simultaneously ensures falling and slipping resistance performance. The invention has good water resistance and high softening coefficient. By using cement-based cementing material as main material and organic reinforced material and waterproof component as auxiliary materials, the invention has a hydrophobic rate more than 98 percent and a softening coefficient more than 0.7. The invention can save energy and protect environment. A great deal of industrial waste residue is used in the materials, which can save a great number of energy, realize resource utilization of the waste residue and is in favor of environmental protection.

High-polymer modified pitch, its water-proof roll material and use thereof

The invention provides a polymer modified asphalt, and the weight of the components comprising as follows :45-55% matrix asphalt, 4 - 8% blend oil, 12 - 14% of SBS ,5-9 % APAO, 2-7% of High-temperature improvement and 15-20% filler. It also offers polymer modified asphalt, which made of waterproof membrane and the railway bridge, highway bridge deck waterproofing project applications. The invention of these waterproofing membrane have a high standard of waterproof function, it can withstand high intensity of railway bridge and particularly high stress dynamic load .It also have excellent performance on water-resistance, high and low temperature resistance, adhesion, crack resistance, fatigue resistance and other aspects .it can be used for railway bridge and the road deck waterproofing works.

Temperature-controlled crack prevention construction method for concrete structure

The invention discloses a temperature-controlled crack prevention construction method for a concrete structure. The method comprises the steps of (1) arranging temperature probes on the surface of a large-size concrete pouring block to measure the temperature difference between inside and outside, the cooling rate of the large-size concrete pouring block and the environment temperature; (2) establishing a calculation model for the temperature-controlled construction scheme based on the obtained measuring result; (3) collecting the construction site parameters, and inputting the parameters into the obtained calculation model for temperature-controlled simulation calculation; and (4) comparing the temperature-controlled simulation calculation result obtained in the step (3) with the preset auxiliary expert system, repeating the step (2) to adjust the corresponding parameters when the temperature-controlled simulation calculation result obtained in the step (3) and the preset auxiliary expert system mismatch, and optimizing the temperature-controlled crack prevention construction scheme for concrete preset based on experience until the optimal temperature-controlled crack prevention construction scheme for the concrete is obtained. The temperature-controlled crack prevention construction method for the concrete structure disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the concrete is not prone to crack, the crack prevention reliability is high, and the crack prevention commonality is good.

Process for welding 800MPa high-strength steel without preheating

ActiveCN1962151AStrong resistance to crack generation and propagationImprove crack resistanceArc welding apparatusFurnace typesWeld seamEngineering
The invention relates to a non-preheat welding method of high-strength steel whose tensile strength 800MPa, wherein it comprises (1), the connector has V-shape slope cut; (2), cleaning the slope before welding; (3), using impulse welding power source to weld in Ar+CO2 mixed gas or CO2 gas, while the welding voltage is 30-34V, the welding current is 200-240A, the welding speed is 0.4cm / s-0.6cm / s, the welding heat input is 10kJ / cm-20kJ / cm, and the protect gas flux is 15L / min-25L / min;(4), using 600MPa or 700MPa drug welding or solid welding wire to weld bottom, while other welding channels use 800MPa drug welding wire to multilayer weld, without intermission; (5), using alumina silicate plate to cover the welding head, to cool. The invention can avoid preheat and following thermal treatment, with low cost, while the welding seam has high flexibility.

Novel highway embankment widened structure and construction method

The invention relates to a novel highway embankment widened structure. The original roadbed slope of the structure is trimmed into a step shape, a high pressure jet grouting pile is disposed below an original roadbed slope cushion layer, pressurized continuous grouting is employed at an original roadbed cushion layer to form a slurry solid bearing plate, parts of pore cavities of the original roadbed are recharged with fine aggregate concrete or mortar; foundation treatment piles are employed to reinforce the foundation of a widened area, a drainage cushion layer is laid throughout the top of the foundation treatment piles; an earthwork cloth is laid on the drainage cushion layer, a cement soil plate is disposed on the earthwork cloth, high strength reinforcing mesh sheets are disposed in the cement soil plate; and the widened area embankment is formed by layered filling of excavation soil and light filler in a construction process. The structure provided by the invention can reinforce the bearing capacity of roadbed soil on both sides of the widened area and the original roadbed slope strength, and enhance the integrality of the embankment structure, reduce longitudinal cracks induced by differential settlement and the like at the juncture of new and old roadbeds, thus having good technical and economic benefits. The invention also discloses a construction method of the novel highway embankment widened structure.

Crack-resistant abrasion-resistant hydraulic concrete and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses crack-resistant abrasion-resistant hydraulic concrete and a preparation method thereof. The hydraulic concrete comprises materials of cement, sand, stones, a polypropylene fiber, a water reducing agent, an air entraining agent and water, and is characterized in that: an internal curing agent and silica fume powder are added; by adopting the internal curing agent as a super absorbent resin, internal maintenance of the concrete is enhanced, the concrete shrinkage is reduced, the abrasion resistance of the concrete is improved, and the crack resistance of the concrete is improved; by adopting the silica fume powder, the concrete mixture performance and abrasion resistance are improved, the comprehensive utilization of industrial wastes and resource and energy conservation are realized, and the environment is protected; and taking concrete at C40 strength grade as an example, the abrasion resistance is 23.52h/kg/m<2>, the early plastic shrinkage crack resistance reaches the first grade, cracks are not formed on the surface of the concrete, an air shrinkage value within 28 days is 162*10<-6>, and the autogenous volume deformation within 28 days is 20*10<-6>. The technical scheme is simple in technical operation, readily available in raw materials, lower in production cost and better in economic and social benefits.

Aerogel composite material with surface subjected to dust-free treatment and preparation method

The invention relates to an aerogel composite material with a surface subjected to dust-free treatment and a preparation method thereof, in particular to a method using an aerogel felt, an aerogel plate, an aerogel cylinder and an aerogel shaped piece as the base material and coating the substrate surface with compact coating so as to avoid shedding of aerogel surface dust. The method is simple and practicable, can effectively solve the problem of easy generation of dust on the aerogel surface, significantly improves the working environment, and can satisfy the use condition of aerogel in clean space. By adopting different ratios, a rigid coating and a flexible coating can be obtained, high temperature and low temperature application can also be achieved, compound proportioning of an inorganic film-forming agent and an organic film-forming agent also can give consideration to flexibility and fire resistance, and significantly improves the adaptability of the coating paste to different types of aerogel materials. The aerogel subjected to dust-free treatment can be applied to heat preservation of various industrial equipment and pipeline, and also can be applied to thermal insulation of high speed rail, vessels, electronics and pharmaceutical workshops and building field.

Built-in latticed steel frame exterior protected structural slab as well as building and production and construction method thereof

The invention discloses a built-in latticed steel frame exterior protected structural slab as well as a building and a production and construction method thereof. The built-in latticed steel frame exterior protected structural slab is of a solid core sandwich structure; the intermediate layer of the structural slab is a foamed cement filled layer; the two sides of the intermediate layer are combined with surface layers; the inner part of the foamed cement filled layer is provided with a built-in latticed steel frame; one side or two sides of the built-in latticed steel frame is or are covered with a steel wire mesh sheet or steel wire mesh sheets; the surface layer is a high-strength and anti-crack mortar strengthening surface layer internally doped with fiber silks and laid with fiber meshes; and a latticed steel frame net is formed by welding square steel tubes which are arranged vertically and horizontally at crossing intervals. The structural slab of the invention solves the problems that the existing building cover panel has low strength, is not convenient to be connected with a keel, is easy to fragment and has poor heat insulation property and the like, has the performances of energy conservation, environment protection, earthquake resistance, heat protection, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation and the like, and can be widely applied in house buildings with lightweight-steel-construction wall bodies, floors and roofs.

Quick-setting cement-based capillary crystalline self-repairing waterproofing material and preparation method therefor

ActiveCN106946518AAchieve waterproof effectImprove flexural and compressive capacityIon contentBULK ACTIVE INGREDIENT
The invention discloses a quick-setting cement-based capillary crystalline self-repairing waterproofing material and a preparation method therefor. The quick-setting cement-based capillary crystalline self-repairing waterproofing material is prepared from the following ingredients in parts by weight: 55-75 parts of silicate cement, 25-45 parts of quartz sand, 3-10 parts of buffering agent, 4-12 parts of active ingredient A, 4-15 parts of active ingredient B, 2-6 parts of expanding agent, 1-12 parts of calcium ion supplement and 1-4 parts of water reducing agent. The waterproofing material disclosed by the invention is prepared by a simple physical mixing method, is short in initial setting time and low in chloride ion content and can infiltrate into the interior of a cement-based material to form crystals so as to block up microcracks, thus, the folding and compressing resistance and secondary infiltrating resistance are improved, and meanwhile, the cement-based material is endowed with long-lasting self-repairing performance and good waterproof and durable performance. In addition, the preparation method for the quick-setting cement-based capillary crystalline self-repairing waterproofing material is simple, has low requirements on equipment and processes and has very high application power.
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